Every time the meta shifts we see big changes in every role, including support. And this year some champions didn’t receive any love while others got overly buffed. 

If your goal is to climb higher in the ranked ladder and double your LP, you absolutely want to avoid certain champions, even as a support. Your job is to enable your ADC to the best of your abilities. And you can’t do that with a weak champion in your hands.

Because of that, here I’ll give you the 6 worst support champions for season 13 in League of Legends so you’ll know what you shouldn’t play in solo queue if you want to stack wins.

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1. Miss Fortune, ~43% Win Rate

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune’s primary role is ADC. But she’s been an off-meta support pick for several years, especially in partnership with marksmen such as Ashe.

MF’s greatest attribution to the support role is her explosive damage mainly coming from her ultimate, Bullet Time. She can heavily influence teamfights with it, especially if she’s building full lethality.

However, when Miss Fortune isn’t paired with Ashe or another ADC that has utility, she’s practically useless. Enemies can easily walk away from her ultimate and collapse on her at any time.

Miss Fortune is one of the squishiest champions in League of Legends. She has no mobility and no defensive spells of any kind. She struggles to survive against all types of enemies which automatically puts her team at a disadvantage.

True, Miss Fortune can have immense pressure during the laning phase. By maxing E and building AP, MF can torture enemies early on. But even that proves useless once you get to the mid or late game.

Miss Fortune’s win rate as a support has been incredibly low for years. At one point it was 42% win rate across all servers and elos. 

And it really shows that this pick only works if you have a plan, play with an ADC partner that understands the win conditions and they’re willing to play Ashe for you.

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2. Pantheon, ~47% Win Rate


Pantheon is another lost cause support that I want you to avoid in season 13. He isn’t a bad champion at all but he doesn’t seem to be able to influence games like the rest of the support roster.

For starters, Pantheon’s power as a support narrows down to being aggressive from level 2 onward. His job is to jump-stun one of the opponents in the bot lane, dish out damage, and set up an easy kill for his ADCs.

However, there are far too many counters for Pantheon in the bot lane for this to work in practice. For example, Lulu can immediately polymorph him when he engages while Alistar can push him away. And all ADCs can poke him from range and not allow him to come near.

The other problem with Pantheon is that he doesn’t offer any defensive abilities for his partners. Sure, his E can block a spell or two from the enemy team. But once that’s on cooldown, his ADCs can’t depend on him for protection.

In other words, Pantheon forces the bot lane players to play self-sufficient marksmen which are already rare. And such a pick is especially important in the late game when Pantheon usually dives the enemy back line and forgets about his ADC.

In any case, if you still want to play Pantheon support, these are his best ADC partners.

3. Tahm Kench, ~47% Win Rate

Tahm Kench

I’ve never particularly liked playing Tahm Kench as a support but I won’t say I’m glad he’s out of the meta. He does bring useful utility to the table although it doesn’t really help him win games.

The first obstacle Tahm Kench meets in the bot lane is being too predictable. This is especially true in high elo games where players make it their priority to poke Tahm all the time and avoid getting knocked up by him.

What this does is that it puts Tahm Kench in a defensive mode, sitting back while always looking for a chance to do something but never finding one. Then, his ADC is left to struggle for every CS while slowly but surely losing the laning phase.

I’ll admit that Tahm’s ultimate is one of the best supportive spells in the entire League of Legends. But even that ability can be out of sync with so many ADC players in solo queue that it’s really tricky to even use it.

For example, a Tahm Kench can swallow his partner to protect him from harm but if the ADC was ready to Flash and outplay the enemies can lead to them being frustrated at Tahm Kench.

Tahm Kench can be a good support pick in Clash tournaments where you play with your friends and can coordinate together. But in solo queue, you have much better tanks to play. Just go for Leona or Nautilus instead.

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4. Karma, ~48% Win Rate


It’s weird talking about Karma as one of the worst supports in League while knowing all of her strengths. However, the champion has had a steady 48% win rate for a very long time and Riot Games has done nothing to correct that.

For starters, Karma is an aggressive champion you pick with ADCs like Caitlyn and Draven. This is because she has a lot of burst damage early on and can poke the enemy laners. But she’s also a good enchanter thanks to her E.

But the reason for Karma not being able to win games as much as other supports is that she isn’t really exceptional at anything. For example, both Janna and Lulu have better shields than Karma. And mage supports like Vel’Koz and Xerath can poke much better than her.

Karma is a really fun champion that offers flexibility in itemization. You can either play Karma full AP or with only supportive items. But neither build is particularly strong and lacks carry potential.

So, stay away from Karma if you’re looking to climb in solo queue. At least until Riot Games decides to buff her.

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5. Shaco, ~49% Win Rate


Shaco was never a phenomenal support champion in LoL. It’s definitely fun messing with your opponents with Shaco’s boxes, but that’s all there is to it really.

Honestly speaking, Shaco’s biggest strength in the bot lane is unpredictability. Bot lane players aren’t used to playing against him and they often make mistakes like walking into a bush only to encounter one of Shaco’s boxes.

But against experienced players, Shaco supports stand no chance. They can’t effectively fear them or gank them, so they end up being completely useless.

Moreover, Shaco isn’t a champion that’s a primary concern is to protect his ADC. In fact, he spends half of the game maneuvering his clone and tricking opposing players. 

And if you aren’t a really seasoned Shaco support player, you’ll only be putting your partner at a disadvantage.

Another thing that really sticks out about Shaco is that he’s a very squishy champion. As a support, his build path leans towards ability power items. But since his damage largely depends on his boxes, he can’t do much of anything in teamfights.

6. Swain, ~49% Win Rate


Swain is in a very funny situation. He’s had low win rates across all roles in League of Legends despite being a decent champion. And that’s why he’s also on my list of the worst mid laners too.

Swain’s difficulty to win games from the bot lane is largely connected to his low damage numbers. Seriously, this champion is a God-tier mage that could overtake the meta if Riot Games decided to give him a decent buff.

What Swain offers to his ADCs is crowd control, magic damage, and a bit of tankiness. He’s able to last a long time in a fight thanks to his R while absorbing damage so that his partner can remain safe.

In his current state, Swain struggles to have a big impact on the game outside of the laning phase. His dominating presence in the bot lane evaporates as the levels rise up and the opposing players start to build their core items.

All in all, I really believe that Swain is an excellent champion that could become a great support pick in time. But for now, avoid him if you want to double your LP.

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The support meta is inherently connected with the ADC meta. And in order to have the highest chances of victory, you need to play a support champion that fits your ADC partner.

My aim with this post was to make you aware of the potentially bad picks you can make as a support player in solo queue. So make sure to avoid these champions if your goal is to stack as much LP as possible.

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