Riot Games’ plan for Wild Rift has never been to make the game a 100% copy-paste version of the original League of Legends PC game. Instead, it was always meant to be for Wild Rift to be a unique experience for players. And it’s evident by the exclusive skins that aren’t present in the PC version of LoL.

With Wild Rift, the artists at Riot Games have the freedom to experiment with different ideas about many champions. 

For one reason or another, these ideas may not fit in the PC version of League, but they can be great spin-off skins we can all enjoy in Wild Rift.

However, it’s also possible for Riot to add these skins to League of Legends someday. We’d actually love to see that since some of these Wild Rift exclusive skins are better than the skins some of the champions have in PC LoL.

That said, here the 15 best skins I’ve seen so far in Wild Rift that aren’t currently including in League of Legends.

15. Battle Academia Akshan

Battle Academia Akshan Splash Art

Battle Academia is a well-known skin line in League of Legends. It features many different champions, including Katarina, Lux, and Ezreal. 

But Battle Academia Akshan is something you can only play with in Wild Rift. The skin is akin to the others in this line, with some of the same elements such as a cool school uniform, clean ability, and pleasing sounds.

All in all, a pretty cool skins every Akshan player should try.

14. Resistance Katarina

Resistance Katarina Splash Art

Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the Resistance Katarina skin, I can admit that the idea is pretty cool. My main problem is that the actual in-game skin doesn’t differ that much from the classic Katarina skin, so I can’t justify the money cost.

However, Resistance Katarina does have cool elements. She’s dressed as special forces agent and wears bright red daggers which appear matching with Kata’s hair. Her partner in crime is Miss Fortune who’s also on the splash art.

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13. Glorious Armada Twisted Fate

Glorious Armada Twisted Fate

Glorious Armada is a very fun take on Twisted Fate. This skin depicts him as a general by dressing him in a uniform with a long cape and a fitting hat.

TF’s cards here are mostly done in gold and blue, with the same colors being present in all of his abilities. The animations are done very well too, with the teleportation part of Destiny being the most satisfying one I’ve seen on any Twisted Fate skin, including the PC ones.

12. Glorious Crimson Nami

Glorious Crimson Nami

Glorious Crimson Nami comes from the same skin line as Glorious Armada Twisted Fate. And because of that, Nami is also dressed in a uniform here, ready to command the army of the deep.

Unlike most of Nami’s skins, her mermaid tail here is red. The red and gold coloring is in every one of Nami’s abilities nd it honestly looks super clean.

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11. Chromacrash Jinx

Chromacrash Jinx

Chromacrash is everything a Jinx player wants in a skin for this champion. This skin is all about crazy colors and having fun with them. You get a Jinx in a purple-green combination which is also present in all of her abilities.

But despite having a funky set of animations on all of her spells, Chromacrash Jinx also comes with a very pleasing set of sounds on all abilities too. It’s just a very fun skin to play Wild Rift with!

10. NOVA Lee Sin

Nova Lee Sin Splash Art

NOVA is an entirely new line of skins for Wild Rift and it’s the one I’m most sorry for not being included in the PC version of the game. Besides Lee Sin, some of the champions that also have NOVA skins are Nasus, Lucian, and Morgana.

But NOVA Lee Sin looks like the ultimate skin for this champion. The primary coloring is purple, and all of the abilities have purple and gold lines. The effects are super clean and the gameplay they offer is beyond enjoyable!

9. Warring Kingdoms Vi

Warring Kingdoms Vi Splash Art

On the other hand, Warring Kingdoms is an older skin line present in League of Legends. However, it does not feature Vi in the PC version, so the skin is only available on Wild Rift.

This skin shares a lot of similarities with the rest of the skins in this line. For instance, Vi’s weapon fists are green with gold plating on them. The skin doesn’t have the brightest animations, but it definitely feels powerful when you play it!

8. Superhero Vi

Superhero Vi Splash Art

Here we have another Vi skin, this one being a very exclusive Wild Rift skin. This skin depicts Vi as a Marvel superhero, with a suit and fists that match her personality.

There are two different color variations for this skin, but the effects are all accompanied by bright yellow-red flames. Honestly, this skin is worth every penny and the first time you see it in-game you know that those were money well spent.

7. Supervillain Jhin

Supervillain Jhin

On the opposite site of the same skin line, we have Supervillain Jhin. Personally, this is one of my favorite skins in Wild Rift and I can tell you that I bought it instantly after release.

Supervillain Jhin perfectly captures the feeling of playing as Jhin. Starting from the amazing coloring to the super-satisfying set of sounds all abilities have, Supervillain Jhin is the best Jhin skin I’ve ever played with, including all the PC skins for the champion.

6. Mythmaker Zoe

Mythmaker Zoe Splash Art

Although Zoe doesn’t have too many skins in either LoL or Wild Rift, her Mythmaker skins make up for all the missing ones!

Like the rest of the Mythmaker skins, Zoe’s abilities here all have bright red coloring, with clear edges that help you land your skill shots easier. Her long hair fades from bright to dark pink and her character is even more jolly than usual. What’s not to like here?

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5. Bewitching Vex

Bewitching Vex Splash Art

The fact that Vex still doesn’t own a Bewitching skin in the PC version of League is still an enigma to all Vex mains. Seriously, this champion was made to be a witch!

Thankfully, Wild Rift allows us to experience Vex in a full witch costume, with the hat and all that. All abilities are accompanied by pumpkins and Vex’s Shadow is actually a scary pumpkin too. All in all, it’s the ideal skin for the Halloween season.

4. Crystal Rose Jarvan IV

Crystal Rose Jarvan IV Splash Art

Crystal Rose is another popular skin line in League of Legends. However, only in Wild Rift, you’re able to play Jarvan IV with a Crystal Rose skin and experience the king of Demacia in an elegant suit.

The greatest thing about this skin is definitely the sounds. They’re so clean and pleasing that they’ll instantly make you play better!

3. Supreme Cells Sett

Supreme Cells Sett Splash Art

Supreme Cells Sett is honestly one of the best skins Riot Games has ever produced. And the day they decide to put in League of Legends is the day they’ll double their income since players will go crazy for purchasing it.

Supreme Cells Sett looks like a crossover of Ryu from Street Fighter and Heihachi from Tekken. All of his abilities are bright blue, extremely clean, pleasing, and accompanied by lightning. You can’t be a bad player with this skin so I can only recommend you to check it out.

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2. Hexplorer Teemo

Hexplorer Teemo Splash Art

If you aren’t a Teemo hater and you actually like playing this little devil, Hexplorer is a must-have skin for you. From the moment you see it in game you know how much it improves the champion’s gameplay.

For starters, all of his abilities are in the Hextech gold and blue coloring. And the way the crystalline sounds fit your attacks will instantly make you fall in love with this new look for Teemo!

1. Project: Zeri

Project Zeri Splash Art

Project is among the most popular and most beloved skin lines in League of Legends. And I can only ask why Project: Zeri is not adapted for PC!

Project: Zeri is everything you want for this champion – a high-tech suit with bright yellow/orange abilities and attacks. Everything you do on Project: Zeri looks clean and powerful, so it’s the go-to skin for whenever I play this champion on Wild Rift.

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