If there’s one word to describe Qiyana as a champion in League of Legends, it would be explosive. Seriously, Qiyana is such a good champion and she always has the potential to carry a game, no matter what.

Because of that, I always recommend Qiyana to anyone who’s looking to climb in LoL on mid/jungle position. Qiyana is a highly adaptable champion and she’s tons of fun to play.

But if you’re wondering whether Qiyana is any good in LoL, here’s what you need to know.

Qiyana is a super-strong assassin that can one-shot anyone in LoL. Her build includes only Lethality items which help her defeat most picks in 1v1 fights. As a mid laner, Qiyana doesn’t have too many bad matchups. And as a jungler, Qiyana can quickly clear jungle camps and gank effectively.

Like all champions in the game, Qiyana has a few weak points too. For example, she’s a squishy melee champion that can easily drop down if caught in a stun.

However, Qiyana has tons of ways to escape crowd control and trick her enemies. 

So here’s why you should consider maining her this season!

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Top 3 Reasons Why Qiyana is a Good Pick – Why You Should Main Her?

1. Qiyana Has the Highest Burst Damage in League of Legends

Qiyana one-shot meme

When I say that Qiyana has the best burst in LoL, believe me, it’s not an overstatement. On average, Qiyana kills her target in 0.5 seconds or less with her full combo. This includes her Q, W, E, R, and Prowler’s Claw, which is a deadly combination on Summoner’s Rift.

The beauty of Qiyana’s champion design is that all abilities can be activated nearly at the same time. There’s almost no delay to activating E, Q, W, R, except for the short animations between the abilities. 

But if you can comfortably activate all abilities in less than a second, even with the Prowler’s Claw active.

True, Qiyana may not have the highest AD ratios on her abilities. However, her physical damage is high enough to one-shot any champion in the game (except maybe Malphite, Ornn, or Rammus).

And the best part about playing Qiyana nowadays in League is the fact that you go for a full Lethality build. Because of it, you’ll negate a lot of your enemy’s armor. And this means that everyone will be squishy enough for you to one-shot them.

Let’s do an experiment here.

If you reach full build with Qiyana, you have around 60-70 Lethality. In other words, you ignore 60-70 armor from your targets. Most champions that aren’t tanks reach a maximum of 60-70 armor per game (they build offensive items). And so, Qiyana can slice through all of them with ease!

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2. Qiyana is Extremely Flexible and Mobile Champion in League

Qiyana's abilities are fun

One of the things that people like the most about Qiyana is her mobility and flexibility. These things go toe-to-toe in this champion design since Qiyana’s W is both a dash and a way to plan her next move.

Qiyana’s W – Terrashape allows her to jump a short distance towards a chosen element. This element can either be water (the river), earth (the terrain), and a brush. By choosing an element, Qiyana’s next Q – Edge of Ixtal gets empowered with Elemental Wrath and against a bonus effect.

For example, getting the terrain element causes Qiyana’s next Q to deal bonus physical damage. The brush element allows her Q to create an invisible terrain. And the river element adds a root effect to her Q.

Now, you can easily see how complex and flexible Qiyana can be in a given situation. At any given moment, she’s able to choose a specific element for a specific scenario. When running away, Qiyana can go invisible with the brush element. And when dealing damage, she can opt for the earth element to deal bonus damage.

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On top of that, Qiyana can jump all over the place. Aside from her W, her E allows her to dash directly to her target which also helps her hit the Q ability. And most players build Prowler’s Claw on Qiyana, which is another dash.

Combined together, and counting the low cooldown on Qiyana’s abilities overall, we can safely say that she’s one of the best mobility champions in League of Legends!

Qiyana’s mobility and flexibility are actually extremely helpful, especially in the current fast-paced meta of LoL.

3. Qiyana is One of the Most Fun Champions to Play in LoL


Because Qiyana has everything you might need – damage, crowd control, mobility, and flexibility for adapting in different situations, she’s one of the most fun champions to play in League of Legends.

When you play Qiyana, it feels like operating a super-powerful rocket that occasionally explodes and slays everyone. Her ability to deal massive amounts of single-target and AoE physical damage makes her a death machine.

Hopping around Summoner’s Rift and choosing between different elements is very engaging and immersive. It requires you to think ahead and execute plans according to what you’ve done previously. I can’t think of many champions that could make this list, so Qiyana is my go-to pick for focused gameplay in League.

But the biggest fun you can have while playing Qiyana is definitely one-shotting your enemies or stunning multiple enemies with your ultimate. Both of these things are super satisfying, so you always try to do them.

All in all, Qiyana is a very exciting champion to play in League. And if you feel burnout from League of Legends, playing Qiyana might cure it!

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You Should Also Know This About Qiyana

Qiyana isn’t a bad champion at all in League of Legends. Her win rate is over 53% in the mid lane. Qiyana deals a lot of damage and can one-shot most champions in the game. And Qiyana can adapt to any situation because of her brilliant design.

The reason why Qiyana may seem like a bad champion is that many people simply don’t know how to play her. This is especially apparent in the lower elos where players aren’t as mechanically skilled as they should be.

Qiyana is a bit more complex champion than most, so she requires a lot of mechanical skills. But if you practice her, Qiyana is a very good champion to main!

Remember, Qiyana is one of the weakest champions at level 1.

However, once you reach level 2 or 3, Qiyana becomes of one the strongest champions in League of Legends early on. She has tons of damage during the laning phase and she can one-shot most lane opponents.

Qiyana’s damage is good throughout the game. And because of the Lethality items, she can stay powerful in the late game too. 


Although Qiyana may not be the most recommended champion out there for climbing, she’s is one of the most fun picks you could play. My philosophy is that the more fun you have with a champion, the harder you’re going to practice them. And the harder you practice, the better you become at the champion and at the game.

Because of this and the other reasons, I explained above, I totally think that you should main Qiyana this season.

Good luck!

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