Both new and veteran League of Legends players wonder if Ashe is any good nowadays. The champion is so old that everybody knows her playstyle and weak points.

So, it’s no wonder that Ashe isn’t the most popular bot pick anymore.

For example, Ashe has no defensive spells and no mobility. This makes it easy for assassins or mages to one-shot her, so it’s more difficult playing Ashe than someone like Samira. 

But I’m a master elo Ashe player and I can tell you why she is such a good pick for climbing in LoL!

Ashe is a great beginner-friendly champion in LoL. Her abilities are simple and she doesn’t have complicated mechanics.

Ashe can deal fantastic damage with her basic attacks (plus Q) and apply a lot of crowd control (slows and stuns with W and R).

Carrying with Ashe is easy if you make good use of her ultimate.

In this post, I’ll talk about all of Ashe’s strong points and why she is so good in the bot lane, especially in the low elo. So if you’ve never given Ashe a proper try, here’s what you need to know.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Ashe is a Good Pick in LoL

1. Ashe is Easy to Play

Lethality Ashe

The first reason you might want to consider Ashe is that she’s damn easy to play. You’ll need to check her abilities before jumping into a game, of course. But after the first few matches, you’ll already be halfway to mastering Ashe.

Ashe has 4 simple abilities and a passive effect that never changes – applying slow on every basic attack (it scales with levels and critical strikes). 

Ashe’s Q is an auto-attack enhancer. It can only be activated after Ashe has attacked for 4 times. It transforms her basic attacks into a flurry of arrows that deal additional damage.

Ashe’s W allows her to fire multiple arrows in a large cone area in front of her. Each arrow deals damage and significantly slows its target.

And it’s great for keeping a target slow no matter if running toward it or away from it.

With her E, Ashe can reveal parts of the map and see it’s enemies. It has 2 charges, but a pretty long cooldown. It is very useful for tracking the enemy jungler and stopping all of his ganks.

You can also check if the enemy team is doing Dragon or Baron in the fog of war.

And Ashe’s R is one of the best global ultimates in League of Legends. Not only does it travel the entire map, but it also stuns the first enemy hit based on how long it has traveled.

It’s great for setting up kills around Summoner’s Rift.

So, Ashe has medium and long-range tools that are helpful in different situations.

But in a nutshell, Ashe is just a basic marksman that deals damage with auto-attacks and applies crowd control with her abilities.

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2. Ashe Fits All Team Compositions

Ashe's ultimate in-game

Unlike other ADC champions such as Jhin or Draven, Ashe doesn’t require specific team compositions or supports for lane. Yes, she has preferred synergy with some champions, but you can pick Ashe anytime and into any matchup.

The reason why Ashe fits so well into every team is because of her crowd control. Her ultimate is one of the best tools when it comes to creating plays around the map.

Each Enchanted Crystal Arrow is a potential champion takedown and Ashe has it on a fairly low cooldown.

Other than that, Ashe can keep a target slowed for the entire fight. Her W is almost impossible to miss if you’re in range. And Ashe’s basic attacks can always keep the enemy slowed, no matter what.

In theory, there is no champion in League that doesn’t benefit from having slowed or stunned enemies.

Regardless of whether Ashe’s teammates are mages, assassins, or fighters, she can always assist them with CC and damage.

Because of her tools, Ashe is effective in laning, roaming, and team fighting. She can team up with any support or jungler to gank the other lanes. And she can set up a perfect opportunity for kills in the bot lane for any ally.

This is why Ashe is so good and will always be a relevant pick in League of Legends. 

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3. Ashe Can Carry Only with Her Ultimate

Ashe R

I already mentioned how powerful Ashe’s R really is. But the truth is – you can carry games simply by hitting good ults with Ashe.

The stun is too much for any champion to survive. So, each Enchanted Crystal Arrow is an opportunity for a kill.

There are multiple ways of using Ashe’s ultimate in League of Legends. 

First of all, Enchanted Crystal Arrow can be a great defensive tool. Stunning an enemy champion that tries to take you down is always a good thing to do on Ashe.

For example, hitting Rengar with your R will stop him from jumping on you and give you enough time to run away to safety.

On the other hand, engaging team fights with Ashe’s R is always recommended. Instead of waiting for the enemy to be on low HP, stunning him first gives your team a huge advantage.

It means that you can attack first rather than wait on the enemy team. So, always be on the lookout for overextended or isolated enemy champions. Because stunning them means that the team fight will be 5v4 instead of 5v5.

Ashe’s ultimate is also good for assisting your teammates in the other lane. For example, launching an arrow and stunning the enemy mid laner gives your teammates a kill opportunity too.

With enough ability haste, you can lower the cooldown of Enchanted Crystal Arrow to be 30-60 seconds. So, don’t be afraid to sometimes waste it on other places than bot lane.

Ashe’s R is one of the best abilities in the entire game.

How Strong is Ashe as an ADC?

Over the years, Riot Games have added many marksman champions in League of Legends. Most of them have upgraded ability kits and complicated mechanics.

And while it seems like Samira and Aphelios can do way more than Ashe, she can still carry games in season 12 too.

To ensure that Ashe is a strong pick on any patch in LoL, you should play close to her strengths. Ashe is a powerful champion if you don’t misposititon and if you always aim her ult.

Kiting is a must on Ashe too since she doesn’t have defensive abilities or dashes. In terms of damage output, Ashe is a very strong ADC.

Ashe may not have the highest damaging numbers, the highest AD ratios, or the safest tools for a marksman. On so e patches she shines brighter and on some a bit less.

However, Ashe is a great champion to main in any season or meta in LoL.

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Ashe is a safe pick, she deals good damage, and she’s incredibly fun to play. She can slow her targets with abilities and attacks and stun enemies around the map with her ultimate.

You can learn to play Ashe in a day or two since she’s so simple.

There’s literally no reason for you not to play Ashe if you’re a beginner. If you enjoy the ranger/marksman playstyle from other games, Ashe should be your first choice in LoL.

Her playstyle is just classic fun.

But if you don’t know where to start when playing Ashe, I suggest you check her official League of Legends page. There you can see her abilities and know more about her character.

You should also check Ashe’s official fandom page if you want to know her damaging numbers and ratios. There you can figure out how much damage Ashe does at each stage of the game.

I hope this post helped you figure out if Ashe is any good in League of Legends!

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