Notes on Instagram are one of the interesting icebreakers introduced by Mark Zuckerberg lately. They let users post their thoughts in a maximum of 60 characters with a time limit of 24 hours on their IG chat profiles. You can also mention someone in the notes or add music to them to make them even more catchy. However, some users cannot leverage this amazing feature. Are you one of those? Are you oblivious about Why I don’t have Instagram notes or why I can’t see notes on Instagram? If yes, keep reading the article, as we are going to crack the code about how to turn on notes on Instagram. 

Instagram Notes

With every social media platform, various features are added from time to time, and Instagram notes are one of them. Instagram notes were added as a new feature to IG Chat profiles, which enables users to add quick notes with post-disappearing content. It resembles the Instagram stories feature, and the notes disappear after 24 hours. In addition to that, you can add a short message of up to 60 characters to the notes. Although it’s available for many reasons, not everybody knows about it and how to use it. Some IG users encounter the issue of being unable to post on Instagram.


IG users can share their ideas and thoughts in quick notes with their friend list or with the followers who they follow back on Instagram. It’s an enjoyable way to interact with others along with images to post on the Instagram account and also get their comments or thoughts on particular things. 

Why Doesn’t My Instagram Have Notes?

Unlike other features or DMs on Instagram, IG notes are quite the opposite. Although you receive notification when somebody messages you on IG, the Instagram notes stay hidden in your inbox. Still, if you are not able to see them for some reason, there are plenty of factors that could restrict Instagram notes updates. Some of them are given below:

  • Poor network connection
  • Issues with your device
  • Updates are not installed
  • You are not as a follower or friend by the other users
  • Instagram notes feature is not available in your region.
  • Your IG app is out of date.

How To Get Notes On Instagram?

One of the updated features to share things on Instagram is “Instagram Notes.” you can follow these steps to create your Instagram notes to connect and engage with your audience:

Step 1: Open the IG App on your device

Open the app and launch it on your mobile device. Then log in to your account and tap on the message profile icon displayed at the top-right corner.


Choose your profile pic icon at the top.


Step 2: Write Your IG Notes

Tap on the “share what’s on your mind” and enter your notes. You can ask questions here or share a promotional message, you can write something funny or silly to get comments or reactions, anything that attracts readers and compels them to interact and respond. For example, you can write, “Hit me with your best motivational quotes” or “Got any suggestions for aesthetic filters on IG?” 


If you are a beginner in the field of “how to add a collaborator on IG” for your business, you can always use IG notes to start conversations or spark interest around your collaboration posts.

Step 3: Share your thoughts

Tap share when you’re done. You can share your notes with your close friends or followers in your IG friend list. Your notes will be shown at the top of your chat profile photo icon. 


Your followers can see the notes and respond to them within 24 hours. Do you want to offer your services or promote your brand? You can use these notes, and the conversation will only be visible to you and the person who will respond to your notes. 

How To Mute Notes On Instagram?

You can mute notes from other IG users, like muting stories and posts for you. Navigate to the IG user profile you want to mute. Tap on the “Following” drop-down and choose Mute. Swipe on the notes, switch to mute, and you’re all set.


You can follow the same steps and switch off the unmute option if you want to see the notes from the muted users. A more straightforward way to mute IG notes is to tap and hold the notes on the message page or chat page and choose “Mute Notes.”


You can view other users’ muted notes by tapping the hamburger icon on their IG profile page and choosing Settings and Privacy. 

Tap on “Muted accounts,” and you’ll see a list of IG users that you have put on mute, including the muted options (stories, posts, and notes). 

How Did Instagram Remove Notes?

An IG user can post one IG note at a time, but you can change it within 24 hours. For example, you can replace your previously published IG note with a shorter version, such as “Need a digital marketer?” All you have to do is go back to the IG note, tap on it, and choose the “leave a note” or “delete note” option. All notes are automatically removed after 24 hours. 


How to turn on Notes on Instagram? Quick Fixes

The IG Notes feature is not available in all countries. Still, if you are in a country where the Instagram Notes feature is available but you can’t see it, do a bit of troubleshooting. Get started with these quick fixes if your Instagram notes are not showing up.

Uninstall the App and Reinstall it on your phone

Besides turning your phone off and on repeatedly, try uninstalling and reinstalling the mobile app. For IOS devices, you can offload your Instagram app, which deletes all previous data and refreshes the cache while keeping all your app-related documents. Offloading also forces the app to update itself to the latest version, which can help fix the problem. Although every device has a different interface, the basic steps to offload the Instagram app on an iPhone are similar. Use these steps:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and click on General.
  • Choose iPhone storage, where you’ll see all apps on the device and storage they are using.
  • Scroll and choose Instagram and tap on the Offload app. When the offloading is done, tap on Reinstall App. 

If you are an Android user, go to the App Settings or tap and hold the IG App on your home screen. Choose Uninstall. When the uninstallation procedure is completed, go to the Google Play Store and install the Instagram app. The IG app must be updated with the reinstall, and if it works, IG notes will be available for your IG chat profile.

Update the Instagram App

The IG Notes feature can go AWOL at times, but a quick fix like updating the app often works. Go to the Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS, look for Instagram, and tap update. When the app is updated, open it, and if all goes well, the IG notes feature should be ready to use on the app’s messages page. 

Switch on the “Activity Status”

You will not see notes on your IG account if the activity status is off. Check if your activity status is off or on by going to your IG profile page and tapping the hamburger icon at the top-right corner. Tap Settings and Privacy, scroll down, and choose “Messages and Story replies.”


Click on Show activity status and switch on the Show Activity Option Slider.

Check out the Messages to see if Instagram Notes are available and visible for your client. 

Use A Professional Account

If the fixes shared above don’t work, you can switch your profile from personal to professional and then go back to your personal IG account. Go to your IG profile and click on the hamburger icon located in the upper-right corner. Click on Settings and Privacy, and under “For professional”, choose Account Type and Tools.


Click on Switch to professional account and choose Continue.


Follow the prompts and click on “Done,” then OK.


Go to the messages and check if your IG notes are available. To switch back from a professional to a personal account, go back to Settings and Privacy. Scroll down, click on Creator/Business tools and controls, and choose Switch Account Type. Switch your account back to a personal account. With this troubleshooting hack, you will start seeing the Instagram notes option.


Before giving up completely on this problem, ensure that you have tried these easier and simplest hacks I discussed above. After going through all the reasons, you will most probably figure out and get the answer to your question, “Why doesn’t my Instagram have notes?” there’s a high possibility that not having this feature is because it might not be available in your region or that you have an outdated IG app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I get an alert when I upload Instagram Notes?

IG users don’t get alerts when they post their notes, but they can see when the Note is posted. 

2. Can you see who viewed your notes?

No, you cannot see the viewers of your notes. 

3. Can you delete it on IG note?

Yes, you can delete the IG note by using the following command:

Open Instagram and go to your messages, click on the note and long press delete notes; this way, your IG note will be deleted. 

4. How can you tell if a message is a response to your IG Notes?

IG will tell you if the message is a reply to your Note by showing “user (name) replied to your note. ” 

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Last Update: February 12, 2024