White Mage is the very first skin we received for Veigar. Many players don’t remember the good old days when this was one of the most popular skins in League of Legends.

But even today, White Mage has its own flavor and it gives Veigar a completely new look. It has a few cool characteristics you should know about before buying it, especially if you’re a Veigar main.

The White Mage skin has been through a couple of visual changes since its release. Riot Games has updated Veigar’s model 3 times in 10 years, so his skins have been altered too.

The last version of this skin dates from December 2019, when Riot gave Veigar a visual update. However, White Mage was officially released back in 2009.

Let’s check what exactly you can expect from the White Mage Veigar skin in LoL.

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White Mage Veigar: Complete Skin Overview

White Mage Veigar 3D Model
Outfit Animations
Splash Art✖ Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

As a White Mage, Veigar looks significantly less evil than in his normal form. 

Instead of the dark purple color scheme, Veigar here wears a red and white robe and hat. His gloves are massive and spiky, just like his boots.

And instead of a staff, White Mage Veigar wields a large axe with a red crystal on top of it.

This skin doesn’t have any new animations for the abilities and the movement. It uses all the sounds, voice lines, and animations from the basic Veigar’s skin.

White Mage is an old skin and it doesn’t have Chromas. There are no color variants or forms that you can unlock during the game. It’s a simple red-and-white colored Veigar.

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Passive – Phenomenal Evil Power

Like in the basic skin, Veigar’s passive doesn’t have any visual animation. And unlike the Final Boss Veigar skin, it doesn’t have audio effects either. It only counts Veigar’s stacks.

Q – Baleful Strike

Veigar launches a purple bolt of energy. Inside the bolt, you can see a tiny flame. A tiny explosion also appears next to Veigar when he uses Baleful Strike.

W – Dark Matter

Dark Matter strikes the ground with dark purple energy. It cracks the ground and creates a dome around the explosion.

E – Event Horizon

White Mage Veigar’s Event Horizon is a cage of void and fire. It has yellow flaming runes on its pillars.

R – Primordial Burst

Primordial Burst is a mix of dazzling lighting and black energy. It flickers as it travels to the target.

White Mage Veigar's abilities in game.
White Mage Veigar’s abilities in game.



Nothing happens when you use the joke command on White Mage Veigar. He doesn’t move, but he says this line:

“What’s black and blue and is about to show you the definition of pain?!”


When you use the taunt command, Veigar raises the gigantic glove on his right hand and says:

“You deny the darkness in your soul! You deny your power!”


Upon pressing CTRL+3, Veigar bursts into a dance by jumping in the air. Then he shakes left and right like a happy yordle.


White Mage Veigar’s laugh is the same high-pitched laugh that you hear with his basic skin.


While recalling, Veigar stands in place and doesn’t do anything else.

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White Mage Veigar – Lore

White Mage Veigar is a part of the Medieval Universe in League of Legends. This alternate universe has skins like Queen Ashe and Sorceress Lux.

It’s set in the Middle Age, where every champion occupies some fantasy trope.

And the lore of the White Mage Veigar states that Veigar is a cleric who heals people in this universe. He lives in a magical cathedral where he channels healing energies and doesn’t use dark powers.

An interesting fact to point out here is that White Mage Veigar large crystal on top of Veigar’s axe. We know that Taric uses the energy of the crystals found inside the earth to heal people.

So maybe this medieval Veigar does the same.

Despite that, White Mage Veigar still thinks that he is a master of evil. But instead of slaying people, he helps them…

This goes perfectly in line with Veigar’s regular lore, which is ironic itself.

White Mage Veigar in the store
White Mage Veigar in the store

Is White Mage Veigar Worth It?

You shouldn’t buy White Mage Veigar unless you really love the red and white outfit. The skin is way too simplistic and it doesn’t offer anything other than an appearance change.

If you’re a Veigar main, you might want the skin in your collection, but otherwise, you better save your money.

Why do I say this?

Because Veigar has tons of skins, and many of them are exceptionally cool. They have different animations, bonus voice lines, and otherworldly appearances.

So spending money on them is not a bad idea.

Take Final Boss Veigar, for example. Yes, the skin is significantly more expensive, but it gives you so much stuff! And using the Final Boss skin feels like playing a new champion.

In any way, I hope I helped you decide whether White Mage is the right skin for you!

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