Starfield has grabbed attention with more than 90,000 reviews on Steam. Bethesda Game Studios, also known for their work on the Elder Scrolls series, has achieved this success partly due to the game’s stunning graphics. They continue their tradition of crafting beautiful worlds full of picturesque scenery.

The beautiful scenes in the game make you feel like you’re in a new place. You might want to save these views to use as a background for your phone or laptop. Or you might want to show them to your friends who play games too. But once you’ve used the in-game photo mode, how do you get these pictures?

In this blog, we’ll show you how to take screenshots in Starfield and where are Starfield photos stored on your Xbox, PC, or Steam.

How to Take Screenshots in Starfield

If you’re going to explore a galaxy with no loading screen to interrupt your adventures, you have to take pictures. Especially when the art is as stunning as in Starfield. 

Thankfully, Bethesda installed a feature that lets you move the camera free from your character so you can take pictures of the game. You’ll find the starfield photo mode location in:

  • In-Game Menu: On a PC, you can access this feature by pressing the escape key. Meanwhile, you’ll find this menu when you push the ‘Start’ button on your Xbox.
  • Hand Scanner: As you equip this tool to take pictures, you should press ‘V’ on your keyboard. Alternatively, you’ll take pictures by using the ‘RS’ button on your controller.

Where Are Starfield Screenshots Saved on Windows PC?

Where Are Starfield Screenshots Saved on Windows PC
Source: Photo by Bethesda Game Studios on Steam

After you’ve taken pictures of Starfield’s mesmerizing sceneries, you’ll want to find them on your computer. To do so, you’ll need to navigate through your ‘This PC’ folder. Then, follow these steps:

1. Go to the local disk

Inside your PC folder, you’ll find the different disks on your computer. You need to pick the ‘local’ disk.

2. Click on Users

After you’ve arrived at the correct disk, you’ll find program files and users – go to users.

3. Select Your User Name

Within the ‘Users’ folder, there’ll be all the accounts available on your PC. To find your pictures, you’ll need to click on the user you chose to play with. This is not about your game account, but the login you used when you first signed into your PC.

4. Go to One Drive

Now that you’ve selected the correct user, you need to go to ‘One Drive’. This is where you’ll find all your user files.

5. Open Documents

After clicking on One Drive, you need to go to your ‘Documents’. 

6. Choose My Games

You’ll find all your games in the ‘Documents’ file. They’ll be in a folder called ‘My Games’; click on it.

7. Pick Starfield

Search through your games until you find ‘Starfield’. If you have many games, you should look for them in the top right text bar. Alternatively, you can click on ‘name’ at the top of the list. This will order your games by name. Therefore, you’ll find ‘Starfield’ among the folders that start with the letter ‘S’.

8. Click on Data 

Once you’re inside the game’s folder, you’ll access Starfield’s information in the ‘Data’ folder.

9. Select Textures

Now that you’re in Starfield’s files, you should click on ‘Textures’.

 10. Find Photos

Finally, you’ll find the game’s photos in the ‘Textures’ folder.

Alternatively, you can copy the following into your file explorer or a browser and replace [YOU] with your computer account user name:
C:\Users\[YOU]\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Textures\Photos

Where Does Starfield Save Photos on Xbox?

Where Does Starfield Save Photos on Xbox
Source: Photo by Bethesda Game Studios on Steam

Though there are two ways to get your game pictures with Xbox, they’re much easier than the Windows steps. Plus, if you’ve played the game on a PC with the Xbox App or the Microsoft Store, you can use the same steps. 

Now, let’s discover how you can find your Starfield pictures!

Photo Location on Xbox app or Microsoft Store

First, you’ll need to open your file explorer. There, you’ll find your ‘Local Disk C’. Once you’re in disk C, you should click on the ‘Xbox Games’ folder. Here, you’ll see all your Xbox games. Look for ‘Starfield’ and open its folder. Inside, you’ll find all the screenshots you took during the game.

Photo Location on Xbox Console

Finding your pictures from the console takes nearly as many steps as through the app. All you need to do to find your Starfield screenshots is:

  • Go to My Games & Apps: Using your controller, you should access this screen. When you select it, there will be options related to your Xbox games.
  • Press See All: You’ll have to choose this menu section to gain access to the apps. 
  • Select Apps: After you’ve found your way into ‘See All’, you need to go into ‘Apps’.
  • Starfield Captures: Lastly, you should browse ‘Apps’ until you find this folder. You’ll find all your in-game photos in ‘Starfield Captures’.

Where Are Starfield Photos Stored on Steam?

Where Are Starfield Photos Stored on Steam
Source: Photo by Bethesda Game Studios on Steam

If you’re using Steam to play this game, you can access your pictures through this platform. Just like the Xbox platform, finding your Starfield pictures on Stem only takes a few steps:

  1. Go to Steam Client: This is where you’ll find your data.
  2. Click on ‘View’: After you’ve entered ‘Steam Client’, you’ll find this button in the top menu.
  3. Toggle Drop-Down Menu: Once you’ve chosen ‘View’, you’ll have the option to trigger the menu. Inside ‘View’, there are ‘Screenshots’. That’s where you’ll find your Starfield Pictures.


Knowing how to take photos and where are Starfield photos stored is simple whether you’re using a PC, an Xbox console, or Steam. All you need to do is use the photo mode in Starfield to take your pictures. Then, when you’re ready to view or use them, here’s where to look:

  • On your PC, navigate to C:\Users[YOU]\Documents\My Games\Starfield\Textures\Photos to find your photos.
  • On your Xbox Console, look for the ‘Starfield Captures’ folder within ‘Apps.’
  • If you’re playing through Steam, go to ‘View’ and then ‘Screenshots’ to access your pictures.
  • For those on a PC using the Xbox App or Microsoft Store, your images will be in the ‘Starfield’ folder under ‘Xbox Games’.

With these easy-to-follow steps, your stunning Starfield screenshots are just a few clicks away!

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Last Update: February 16, 2024

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