There are thousands of podcasts you can choose to listen to in nearly endless amounts of different categories. Most listeners typically know the topic they want to search for, but you can just as easily search for podcasts that match your current mood and vibe. But it is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and indecisive when confronted with an ocean of different options. With this in mind, how do you decide which podcast to listen to?

When choosing to listen to a podcast, you can choose from some of the most popular options in the field or, you can search for a specific topic on a platform. There are numerous podcasts available to choose from, but news, comedy, true crime, and inspirational categories are the most popular. 

Are you trying to decide which podcast to listen to? Are you indecisive when confronted with an endless amount of podcast options? If so, this comprehensive guide will help you better understand some of the most popular podcasts as well as some brief info about each. Additionally, we will also explore some of the most popular podcast categories to provide you the gist of what to expect. 

What Podcast Should I Listen To?

Like with most media forms, there are typically two types of consumers–those that immediately know what they want to listen to or watch, and those who just want to be surprised. 

Today, the podcast realm is so saturated with podcasters that it is not hyperbolic to say that there is literally a podcast about anything and everything. You could search for a podcast as obscure as bigfoot sightings and chances are there is a podcast for it. 

To make things easier for the undecided, many popular podcast platforms also feature the most popular podcasts on the home screen. This will allow you to dive right into the podcasts that listeners consume the most. 

Additionally, the home screen will also usually feature popular podcast categories such as news or true crime, and this allows listeners to see the most popular podcast in a specific category. 

To determine the podcast you should listen to, ask yourself what your primary interests are? If you want to learn or be informed, type in the specific topic in the search bar. If you want to be entertained, look through the comedy or variety entertainment podcast section. If you want to be thrilled or experience suspense, the true-crime or paranormal categories are probably a good fit for you. 

If you just want to become better acquainted with the podcast format, I would recommend picking one of the most popular podcasts on the home screen and giving it a try. 

I know this is easier said than done, and I can sympathize with being indecisive when so many options are presented to you. Therefore, let’s explore some of the most popular and random podcasts out there to give you a better idea of what is found in the format. 

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Can He Do That Podcast

In the last decade or so, American politics has become an incredibly divided and tribalist institution where the left and right political spectrum has fractured and pushed back upon the other with drastic results. 

The “Can He Do That” podcast was created by the Washington Post to explore presidential power in the face of weakened institutions, a divided electorate, and changing political norms. 

Led by host Allison Michaels, each episode asks a new question about this extraordinary moment in American history and answers with insight into how our government works, how to understand ongoing events, and the implications when so much about the current state of American life and the country’s politics is unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

What is great about this podcast is that even though it began under the presidency of Donald Trump, the debates and insights explored are not strictly partisan, as evidenced by the podcast continuing under the presidency of Joe Biden. 

Michaels and frequent guests seek to probe executive and Congressional decisions to provide listeners with a well-rounded insight into how our government works when everything is so clearly divided.

Do Go On Podcast

The “Do Go On” podcast is a fact-based comedy podcast hosted by Australian comedians Matt Stewart, Jess Perkins, and Dave Warneke.

Each week they take turns to research a topic and then report back to the “class” which is the context of the program as a sort of high school comedy session of current events. Listed as one of iTunes Australia’s comedy favorites,  you can learn about stuff like the Mona Lisa, the Bermuda Triangle, Disneyland, the Moon Landing, Queen Elizabeth II, and even serial killers.

All of these random topics and more are presented in a satirical and unfiltered context, so be sure you like this brand of comedy before listening. 

With millions of downloads worldwide, Do Go On has become one of Australia’s most popular comedy podcasts, and even regularly tours the country as a live show.

Do You Need A Ride Podcast

Another stellar comedy podcast that has become a phenomenon in the podcasting sphere is the “Do You Need a Ride?” podcast. 

This podcast started in 2014 when comedians Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff decided to create a comedy show through the audio-only format. The premise is basic and simply consists of the two comedians transporting guests to and from the airport. 

Humor is injected in a wide range of conversational topics between the three participants, some of them about common issues, most of it about opinions on the state of the world and society. This is a great podcast to start with if you want to laugh out loud, and also hear a wide range of opinions filtered through a comedic tone. 

You Can Sit With Us Podcast

There are many popular podcasts out there that choose to keep things simple and to the point. Just a single podcaster or a group of friends all talking and sharing their points of view about anything and everything. 

The “You Can Sit With Us” podcast is lighthearted, funny, and engaging about best friends and how each friend navigates the modern world from a female perspective.  Maggie, Becky, and Ariel are the hosts of the series and real-life best friends. In their weekly podcast, they dive into female friendships, current events, and what’s going on in their lives, in what can best be described as a less confrontational and more poignant and intimate version of a talk show. 

Podcasts like this can be very inviting and engaging with listeners because the stories told and shared are always from the heart and relatable to everyday people. 

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Will You Accept This Rose Podcast

The Bachelor is one of the most popular reality television programs of all time, and there are superfans of the show in practically every type of media, including podcasting. 

The “Will You Accept This Rose?” podcast is presented by comedian Arden Myrin, and her witty humor and dynamic enthusiasm are truly what make this podcast an engaging and hilarious listen, even if you do not watch the show. 

In each episode, Myrin does a brief recap of the previous night’s episode airing before launching into her breakdown and analysis in a comedic tone with other celebrity guests who are equally addicted to The Bachelor

If you like this reality show, then this podcast is a must-listen. Even if you do not care for The Bachelor, chances are you will get plenty of laughs out of this podcast. 

Can I Pet Your Dog Podcast

If you love pets, you will find that there are an endless number of podcasts that talk about nothing more than dogs, cats, even fish or hamsters. If you are looking for a good podcast about dogs in general, the “Can I Pet Your Dog?” podcast is a great place to start. 

This podcast is presented in a weekly episode format where every Tuesday, dog owner Renee Colvert and puppy owner Alexis Preston talk to guests about their dogs, discuss dogs they met this week, and brief you on dog news. 

The hosts go on assignment to dog events and report back with what you need to know in the world of canines. A great feature of this podcast is that the hosts talk about what it’s like owning a dog, complete with tips and important details that many dog owners may not know regarding what dogs can and cannot eat, how to care for senior dogs, in addition to the exercise needs of dogs based on their breed and age. 

I personally listen to this podcast every week and trust me when I say, it is very helpful for dog owners. Feel free to listen with your pooch sitting next to you. 

Will And Woody Podcast

Some of the most popular podcasts available are centered around the personalities and hosting capabilities of the presenter(s), and the “Will and Woody” podcast is an example of this format.

The podcast features Australian comedians Will McMahon and Woody Whitelaw as a duo that bring their own unique humor to a wide range of topics. In their very essence, Will & Woody are driven by a desire to present opinions about news and culture in a way that is both educational and humorous.

The hosts discuss everything from current events, celebrity gossip, and occasional celebrity interviews, and political news from Australia and around the world. Both presenters banter with one another in a quest to make daily news a more infectiously funny affair in a world that frequently features bad news on a daily basis. 

The humor can be bawdy, but both hosts favor wit and sarcasm over outright hostility or offensive humor. 

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Do It For The Gram Podcast

Life coaching and inspirational podcasts that seek to teach listeners about success, happiness, and how to navigate daily responsibilities are also incredibly popular. One of the more popular podcasts in this field is the “Do It For the Gram” podcast. 

This podcast is presented by Milton Stewart, an Enneagram and career coach who works to transform people and organizations. The presenter facilitates workshops, conferences, and groups around topics that include inner and outer work through the Enneagram lens. 

Milton is also passionate about creating transformation using diversity,e, and inclusion tools, which makes this podcast truly beneficial if you feel like you are hitting roadblocks due to these external factors. 

What I like about this podcast is that the presenter seeks to help individuals overcome obstacles in practically every sphere in life–both personally and professionally. This is a great podcast to listen to if you are seeking motivational advice and tips. 

What Podcast To Listen To After Serial

“Serial” is an award-winning and critically acclaimed podcast that presents an investigative journalist approach to several non-fiction stories revolving around true crime, personal stories of overcoming pain and adversity, and learning to survive in intolerable conditions. 

If you have binged through all of the Serial episodes, you will be pleased to learn that there are many other podcasts similar to this iconic show. 

Serial is for all intents and purposes a mystery series, but it also explores real-world cases in that genre. If you are looking for similar podcasts, the best genre to start in would be the True Crime field. 

Two podcasts to consider would be “In the Dark” and “Tenfold More Wicked.” Both of these podcasts feature investigative journalism at its finest, and just like Serial, both podcasts are a blend of both narrative nonfiction and research. 

There are many true crime podcasts out there that do not feature unique storytelling and real investigative journalism, so try and pick a similar podcast that is much more than just a presented reading of facts about a case. 

Are Ted Talks On Podcast?

Ted Talks is a popular video podcast that is largely featured on YouTube, but you will be pleased to learn that Ted Talks also has its very own audio-only podcast series as well. 

TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. The initiative believes passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives, and, ultimately, the world. In each podcast episode, TED is building a comprehensive framework of free knowledge from the world’s most inspired thinkers. 

If you have regularly watched TED Talks video episodes, consider giving the audio-only podcast episodes a chance as well.  

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All Lawyers Are Bad Podcast

There are also many podcasts that are not afraid to point out injustices and hypocrisies within many of America’s oldest institutions, and the “All Lawyers Are Bad” podcast is both insightful and bitingly funny at the same time. 

This infrequent podcast series (episodes are random and not on a set time frame) is about the American legal system and is presented by Andy, Michael, Tarik, Tim, and Nestor. The podcast aims to tell engaging stories about lawyers, legal cases, legal issues, or the legal profession more generally, with a focus on the outrageous, excessive, and/or absurd. The presenters feel that there are many instances of attorney malpractice and dereliction of duty. 

This podcast is highly popular largely because it presents unique insights that may not be easy to accept, but need to be told all the same. If you are looking for a unique take on the American legal system, this is a worthy podcast to consider listening to. 

You Are A Badass Podcast

In the life coaching and inspirational sphere of podcasting, it is sometimes necessary to find a blunt and honest presenter that provides honest and motivating help. 

The “You are a Badass” podcast is hosted by bestselling author Jen Sincero, and is known for its direct and to-the-point brand of motivation. 

Every week, the presenter shares inspirational, intimate, and disarmingly unfiltered conversations about living a fully engaged, fiercely connected, and purpose-drenched life. Cicero’s style and fierce dedication to helping people save and invest better in finances, take control of their lives and live the best version of themselves is both useful and addicting.  

We Can Change The World Podcast

If you are looking for an inspirational podcast that focuses on today’s youth and the passion they bring to their humanitarian work, the “We Can Change the World” podcast is a great place to start. 

In this weekly series, BBC journalist Isy Suttie talks to amazing young people whose actions have changed the world around them. In each podcast, Isy interviews a new, inspiring young person who has not just enhanced their life with their actions, but those in their immediate community and even worldwide.

The series predominantly takes place in the UK, but the inspiring stories presented are universal in their outreach. 

You Can Eat With Us Podcast

There are also many podcasts that explore food and food culture in both the United States and around the world. Have you ever felt like your diet or food choices left you isolated or alone? Diet culture creates community but it also has a tendency to separate us. These are the defining themes of the “You Can Eat With Us” podcast.  

Each episode of this series explores how food influences every facet of a person’s life. From our favorite foods, from connection to our bodies, from friends, family, or social gatherings. This podcast showcases the stories of people who have embraced intuitive eating and a non-diet approach.

The series is hosted by Cara Harbstreet, founder of Libre Connections, who format the show through conversations with experts and everyday people. She’s a registered dietitian who loves to blend food science and nutrition knowledge with practical, real-world advice. The presenter uses a Health at Every Size (HAES) perspective in both her practice and this podcast to create a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can set aside their differences and reconnect over food. 

I have always enjoyed this podcast since it is so important in how it opens up the concept of food, nutrition, and weight as a communal and easily discussed theme that we should all learn to embrace more. 

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All You Can Eat Podcast

Apart from many podcasts that explore food and diet, there are also numerous others that celebrate food and the famous chefs and personalities that make it. 

Rob Rosenthal’s “All You Can Eat”  podcast interviews interesting people, like authors, journalists, restaurateurs, and chefs for lively and interesting conversations about world cuisine, chef cooking styles, and some of the best eateries across the globe. 

The presenter also makes recommendations on delicious things to eat, cook, try and buy.

Can You Help Me Find My Mom Podcast

Podcasting does not have to always be nonfiction, in fact, there are many podcasts that simply tell a long-running story or that feature new stories with each new episode. 

This format is similar to an audiobook experience except the stories are typically original and non-published. This is a brilliant way for authors to share their work with potentially millions of listeners when publishing deals are not possible. 

One of the most popular podcasts like this is the “Can You Help Me Find My Mom?” podcast presented by the channel called “The Truth.”  

In this podcast, a little girl is lost and cannot find her mother. She frequently speaks to other people asking for help, but nobody is willing to help her. 

This story struck an emotional chord with many listeners and is certainly worth a listen if you want to experience some of the best examples of podcasting storytelling. 

Can We Help You Podcast

If you are noticing so far, humor and comedy are truly the most popular types of podcasts by a wide margin. Since there are so many different types of humor, this means there are numerous podcasts all representative of each niche within comedy. 

The “Can We Help You?” podcast is presented by Sach and Jax, and the entire series is composed of sketches that showcase the clueless and unintentionally funny antics of the two presenters across a wide variety of common, daily issues. 

The humor of this show is irreverent and not immediately attainable, but this is the entire point since the humor of the host’s words and responses sneaks up on you later. 

Do The Right Thing Comedy Podcast

Situational comedy is also a popular style of humor in podcasts since listeners can immediately relate to the absurd and often hilarious moments that can only be reconciled by laughing.

The “Do the Right Thing” podcast is a popular British award-winning comedy panel show hosted by Danielle Ward, with team captains Margaret Cabourn-Smith and Michael Legge and amazing special guests. In it, two teams work out the right thing to do in strange scenarios and scary situations which range from every day to the weird and extreme.

This is a perfect podcast to consider if you like your comedy light and unsuspecting. 

What’s Blood Got To Do With It Podcast

If you like horror, and you also enjoy true crime tales, it is sometimes helpful to find a podcast that features a mixture of both genres for an overall thrilling experience. 

You can find an equal representation of both with the “What’s Blood Got to Do With It?” podcast. This series is hosted by two Californian sisters who maintain a chilling storytelling atmosphere throughout each episode. The podcast is not graphic, but it is spine-tinglingly creepy, and you can find episodes that feature topics such as true crime cases and stories involving the paranormal. 

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Do It For A Living Podcast

If you enjoy motorsports or racing in general, you will find that there are many podcasts to choose from as this is a popular topic in the podcasting world. 

A good place to start would be with the “Do It For A Living” podcast. This series is an opportunity for everyone to hear from the best minds in the performance industry talking about business and tech. Various presenters talk about new products and services and the best resources used by the top performers in the industry. 

This podcast is perfect for those who wish to learn more about trending topics in the motorsports industry, in addition to being welcoming for those who are just discovering the field as a new hobby or interest. 

What Is A Good Podcast To Listen To

Since there is a podcast out there for practically any taste or preference, the best podcast to listen to if you are undecided is something in the general category. 

There is no better general category to consider than that of news and current events. In this field, “The Daily” is one of the most popular and critically-acclaimed general news and commentary podcasts available. 

The popular tagline for the show reads as “The biggest stories of our time, told by the best journalists in the world.” The Daily is hosted by Michael Barbaro, and runs a brisk twenty minutes a day, five days a week,  and is ready every weekday morning by 6 a.m ET.

Another great option to consider would be “The Big One”, which is centered around what scientists call an inevitable catastrophic earthquake that will strike California sometime in the future. 

It sounds grim, but that’s exactly what the series aims to do, putting you in the shoes of someone in downtown Los Angeles experiencing the earthquake as it happens. The podcast isn’t entirely fiction since the host and KPCC science reporter Jacob Margolis interviews earthquake survivors, scientists, and even LA’s mayor about the inevitable disaster and its consequences. 

Helpfully, the podcast also offers tips to California residents about how best to make it through the crisis. If you enjoy science topics, this is a great podcast to start with. 

If you are a parent or an expectant mother, there are numerous parenting podcasts to consider, but one that sticks out is “The Birth Hour.” In this podcast, presenter Bryn Huntpalmer does the important work of interviewing women about the most intimate moment of their lives. Each episode presents a new birth story, told in painstaking detail, from morning sickness to the medical lingo overheard in the delivery room. 

This is helpful listening for mothers but should be required listening for anyone considering parenthood, any partner who wants to support their pregnant spouse, and any boss setting parental leave policies.

Give one of these varied podcasts a try if you want to sample what is popular and what is best about the podcasting format. 

What Podcast Has The Most Listeners?

In the world of podcasting, just like in all other forms of media platforms, there is that one show that consistently manages to attract the most listeners on both a daily and weekly basis. 

For podcasting, that honor goes to “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Spotify. Joe Rogan is a former television host and mixed martial arts fighter who attained superstardom in the late-2000s when he became one of the most prominent celebrities to first launch and achieve success with a podcast. 

Rogan does not stick to just one topic with his show but chooses to explore practically anything and everything depending on what random topics his guests bring up during their conversation. The podcast is both funny and serious, playful and intriguing all within one single episode. 

Rogan has a blunt and honest speaking style but does not resort to offending his guests or listeners. His range of topics, humor, engaging conversational style, and openness to discuss practically anything are some of the hallmarks of his show.  

Joe Rogan podcast
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What Crime Podcast Is Best?

Crime podcasts (popularly known as true crime), are some of the most addictive and thrilling podcast experiences available. You can’t help but immerse yourself in these twisted stories and won’t stop until you know all of the gory details. Podcasts have become the perfect way to get your true crime fix, allowing you to listen to extremely in-depth accounts and investigations without having to take in any haunting visuals. 

Podcasts are even able to keep up with some of these tales in real-time so that you never miss a thing. Whether you’re interested in murder, fraud, unsolved mysteries, or infamous cases, there are enough true crime podcasts out there to shock, inform, and keep you on your toes for years to come.

Let’s take a look at some of the best crime podcasts to listen to above all others if you are undecided on where to start. 


Criminal is a podcast about crime from the standpoint of inadequacies within the criminal justice system, which is something a little more complex than just standard crime mysteries. The series features stories of people who’ve done wrong, been wronged, and/or gotten caught somewhere in the middle. This is a true­ crime podcast that understands crime as something sociological, historical, even anthropological – that crime is a function of people, time, and place.

This is a perfect podcast to listen to if you frequently become amazed at the lack of professionalism or accuracy in criminal investigations. 

Park Predators

Before we say anything more, it has to be said that Park Predators is a creepy and downright chilling podcast experience. Park Predators is a horrifying story of murders that have taken place within the National Parks in America. Some of the deeper questions the podcast seeks to uncover are how can such peaceful and beautiful places be hiding dark secrets? 

That is primarily what the series is looking to uncover. Each episode of Park Predators is an isolated story from within a National Park, meaning that this series is filled with constant surprises, twists, and turns. If you are a fan of the outdoors, a hiker, or an adventurist, you need to listen to this series of mind-boggling murders, if for any other reason, to become more aware of the dangers of isolated areas. 

Podcasts When You Feel Sad

One of the inescapable facts of life is sadness. We will all get the blues at some point in time, and one of the most beneficial remedies for feeling sad is to seek out helpful forms of media that speak about sadness to make you feel less alone in your pain. 

Rather you are depressed, have lost a loved one or a dear pet, or you are going through the emotions following a breakup or a divorce, consider sampling one of the following podcasts to help you through the process. 


Death and grief are two inevitable subjects that are still largely concealed in topics of conversation. Humans have a tendency to avoid talking about death and grief at all costs, but this podcast does exactly that, and so much more. 

Winner of three Gold prizes at the British Podcast Awards, host Cariad Lloyd speaks to comedians and celebrities about their experiences with grief, which often results in surprisingly cheerful conversations that will leave you feeling more positive than you might expect.

Grief is something that can only get better with time, companionship, and embracing the pain and confronting it, which is one reason why I enjoy this podcast for its honesty and compassion. 


Braincare is a series dedicated to helping you care for your most important organ. You’ll learn about how to optimize your brain health and mental well-being through a series of bitesize interviews with the world’s leading scientists and experts. 

The podcast is presented by the host, Dan Murray-Serter,  the co-founder of brain care company, Heights, who interviews guests ranging from celebrities like Stephen Fry and Jay Shetty to neuroscientists Dr. Tara Swart and Professor Sophie Scott, and brilliant doctors like Rangan Chatterjee and Daniel Amen, and many more. 

You’ll leave each episode feeling inspired, empowered, and armed with tools to help you take care of your brain and reach your goals, whatever they might be.

braincare podcast
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Which Podcasts Make You Smarter?

As mentioned, there are podcasts that are purely entertainment or personal opinion, and there are also podcasts that do seek to offer knowledge to a listener. 

You are the ultimate decider when it comes to how you gain knowledge or how well you apply critical thinking to the content you hear. 

For example, if you consistently listen to a podcast that presents political opinion from only one ideology within the political spectrum, this may either reinforce what you believe or cause you to view politics and society in a certain way based on your engagement with the podcast.

With this in mind, some of the best podcasts out there can help to make you smarter in certain areas by largely sticking to facts and using fewer opinions. Let’s take a look at a few worth considering. 

The Productivity Show

The Productivity Show is a weekly podcast dedicated to building better habits, fighting procrastination, and improving efficiency. Episodes are generally 45-ish minutes in length and often feature guests with inspiring stories about overcoming adversity and offer advice about which methods, routines, and motivational tactics work best for them.

This podcast can help you make better decisions in life by allowing you to hear stories from those with similar problems and how they successfully overcame obstacles. 

Start With This

If you like to write and frequently suffer from writer’s block or, if you want to learn how to write better or even how to write at all, the Start With This podcast is one of the best series you can dive into for both motivation and useful tips to expand your imagination and creativity. 

Delivered bi-weekly, this half-hour podcast gives you something to think about and something to write about. You’ll learn to just write, which is half the battle, but you’ll also learn how to come up with new ideas, finesse and edit your output, and how to deal with all the mental challenges and roadblocks that writing has to offer. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in the craft.

A great thing about this podcast is that it is tailored towards writers, but the steps and tips offered by the presenters are also good to help expand critical thinking skills and learn to think both abstractly and pragmatically. 

Philosophize This!

One of the most easily confusing branches of knowledge is definitely philosophy. Whereas math and science are largely problem-oriented with solvable solutions, philosophy is a field that requires deep and analytical thinking to fully grasp the broad concepts that philosophers throughout history have written about. 

This podcast, presented by Stephen West, is all about the presenter making the influential thoughts of philosophers easier to digest and grasp for listeners unfamiliar with philosophy. In each episode, the presenter covers different thinkers and ideas from philosophy history in an approachable and informative way. The show proceeds in chronological order, starting with the pre-Socratic era and leading up most recently to Jacques Derrida.

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What Humor Podcast Is Best?

This guide has already featured a large selection of comedy podcasts, and this is because humor is one of the most sought-after types of podcasts next to true crime. Everybody wants to laugh and everybody needs to laugh to maintain both mental and even physical health overall. 

It is impossible to name just one humor podcast as the best, so here are a couple of recommendations. Both of these podcasts feature humor that is agreeable to almost everybody, so you do not have to worry about a certain brand of humor not being for you. 

Dear Me

Presenter Katy Wix and co-host Adam Drake put a new spin on the guest-plus-two-hosts format by venturing out of the studio and joining their interviewees for a wander around their old stamping grounds while chatting about what message they’d give to their younger selves.

What is great about this podcast is that we can all relate to what it is like to gain experience and wisdom in life, and then reflect on how we wish we had those traits during our teens and 20s. 

The humor presented here is relatable and deeply ironic and irreverent, with just the right touch of cringe recollections and absurdist then and now maturity comparisons. 

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Conan O’Brien is instantly recognizable due to his years of hosting late-night television programs, but his brand of humor is also on a great display in the podcasting format. 

Bolder, unboundedly playful, and free from network television regulations, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is a weekly opportunity for Conan to hang out with the people he enjoys most and perhaps find some real friendship along the way. Conan’s style is largely exaggerated humor in that he creates stories and situations based on who he is speaking to, but the format works well and makes for some incredible comedy. 

conan podcast
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What Celebrities Have A Podcast?

There are many celebrities that have podcasts and some of the highest-rated podcasts are presented by celebrities. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular choices. 

Sibling Revelry

Presented by actress Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver, this popular podcast explores the sibling bond, family dynamics, the human mind, and so much more all according to a famous brother and sister and their engaging dynamic with one another. 

The presenters dive deep into the things that interest them and talk to other siblings in a free-formed, wide open, relaxed conversation to not only have some laughs but to maybe inspire some people along the way with universal tales of what it’s like to grow up with brothers and sisters.

Archewell Audio

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, popularly known as ‘Harry and Meghan,’ made headlines in 2020 when they decided to leave the British Royal Family and settle for working life in California. 

The royal couple decided to create a podcast to highlight some of the passion projects that mean the most to them, largely mental health and stigmas associated with it, parenting, adjusting to normal, working life, and sharing stories with guests related to coping mechanisms as society learns to adjust to Covid-19.

The podcast is highly popular but is only updated randomly. 

Super Soul Oprah 

Media icon Oprah Winfrey’s personal podcast combines spirituality, motivation, and health and wellness in order to connect listeners to their best selves and the world around them. She features a handpicked selection of celebrity special guests, including best-selling authors, forces of social and political change, and philosophical leaders.

Much like Winfrey’s long-running television program, the podcast jumps from topic to topic to offer a well-rounded overview of current events and personal struggles by a wide range of people. 

oprah podcast
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Which YouTubers Have A Podcast?

Many successful YouTubers are indeed already podcasters in video form. But once a YouTube personality reaches a certain level of success, it is only natural to also offer their unique insights or creativity to podcasters as well. 

Many YouTuber podcasts are simply expanded representations of an already popular show on YouTube, but there are instances where the presenters will seek to make their podcast much different from what can be found on their YouTube channel. 

Let’s take a look at a couple of popular podcasts hosted by YouTubers. 

Ear Biscuits

Ear Biscuits mixes humor, fandom, and situational comedy in each and every episode. The series is hosted by Rhett and Link, hosts of the popular daily YouTube show “Good Mythical Morning” and authors of the New York Times bestseller “Book of Mythicality”.

The presenters largely cover topics related to their own personal experiences as well as an offering of their thoughts and analysis of popular entertainment and culture. This podcast is easy to enjoy and relate to based on the engaging and dynamic presentational styles of both presenters. 

Dear Hank and John

The Dear Hank and John podcast is a type of podcast that manages to cover anything and everything all at once across each weekly episode. Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news and also offer insights into their own lives, no matter how intimate or hilarious the situations are. 

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