In League of Legends, crowd control abilities are the scariest thing ever.

Stuns, silences, and slows often make it impossible for you to react to a play, rendering your champion useless. Tenacity shortens the duration of the crowd control in LoL, and it’s the best way to combat CC in the game.

The items that give Tenacity in LoL, such as Mercury’s Treads, are valuable purchases against a team with many crowd control abilities.

They reduce the time your champion will spend in a stun or a silence, so they’re quite useful.

Without Tenacity items, your champion will receive the full duration of a crowd control ability. 

For example, Morgana’s Q can last up to 3 seconds. So if she lands this ability on you, you’ll be incapable of moving for 3 whole seconds.

However, if you have Mercury’s Treads (which give 30% Tenacity), Morgana’s Q will only last 2.1 seconds.

Needless to say, Tenacity is a very important stat in League of Legends. Now let’s check the items that give Tenacity in LoL!

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The Best Tenacity Items

There are 4 items in LoL that give the Tenacity stat.

1. Mercury’s Treads

Mercruy's Treads vs. Morgana's Q

When we think of Tenacity in League of Legends, we first think of Mercury’s Treads. Ever since the early days of League, Merc Treads have provided us with a bit of Tenacity to compensate for those long stuns and snares.

How much Tenacity do Merc Treads give?

Mercury’s Treads grant 30% Tenacity. This means that every crowd control ability that hits your champion after purchasing Merc Treads will last 30% less. They only last 1100 gold.

Additionally, Mercury’s Treads grant 25 Magic Resist, making them a very effective purchase against mage champions.

Even if you’re an ADC, you should definitely purchase Merc Treads against champions like Morgana, Syndra, or Vex.

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2. Silvermere Dawn

Silvermare Dawn item

Silvermere Dawn isn’t the most popular item in LoL, but it does increase your Tenacity. It’s a niche purchase that only works for AD champions in certain scenarios.

You can use Silvermere Dawn to remove a crowd control effect from your champion. The active has 90 seconds cooldown, and it even removes suppression effects.

And upon using it, the item gives you 40% Tenacity and slow resist for 3 seconds.

Keep in mind that after the 3 seconds have passed, the 40% Tenacity is gone too. And unlike Mercury’s Treads and Sunfire Aegis, this Tenacity isn’t permanent but temporary.

However, Silvermere Dawn is a super useful item, especially against champions such as Mordekaiser and Malzahar. It is built with Quicksilver Sash (QSS), which only removes the CC effect.

But if you want to get Tenacity as well, then you should complete the Silvermere Dawn item.

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3. Elixir of Iron

Elixir of Iron grants Tenacity in LoL upon consuming

Elixir of Iron is the fourth item in League that increases your Tenacity. It’s different from the other 3 items on this list because it is a consumable, and you can purchase it even if your inventory slots are full.

But you must be level 9 to buy any elixir in LoL.

When you consume Elixir of Iron, you instantly gain 300 bonus Health, 15% Size, and 25% Tenacity. This effect lasts for 3 minutes or 180 seconds.

After 3 minutes, your bonus HP size and Tenacity are gone. And you must purchase and consume Elixir of Iron again if you want the same benefits.

Also, Elixir of Iron doesn’t stack, so you shouldn’t purchase more than one either.

4. Anathema’s Chains

Anathema's Chains item

Anathema’s Chains is a weird item to say the least. It’s a tank item designed to increase your damage against a single enemy champion.

You use it on the enemy carry before a fight to deal bonus damage to them later on.

However, at maximum stacks with Anathema’s Chains, you also get 20% reduced Tenacity from while your marked Nemesis is nearby.

This is a useful effect to have especially against ADCs like Ashe who has tons of CC in her kit.

How Do I Get More Tenacity in LoL?

If you want to increase your Tenacity in League of Legends even more, here’s what you can get.

  • Legend: Tenacity (rune) – grants 5% Tenacity plus 2.5% Tenacity per stack. Stacks are gained from slaying champions, monsters, or minions. You can have up to 10 stacks, which equals to 30% total Tenacity from this rune.
  • Unflinching (rune) – grants anywhere from 10% to 30% Tenacity based on your missing Health. So, the lower your HP is, the more Tenacity this rune gives.
  • Cleanse (summoner spell) – works similarly to Silvermere Dawn and grants 65% Tenacity for 3 seconds after using it.

There are abilities in the game that also increase your Tenacity, but they’re tied to a specific champion.

For example, Garen’s W – Courage grants 60% Tenacity for 0.75. But these abilities and champions are rare.

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Unfortunately, League has only 4 items that could increase your Tenacity. Riot Games haven’t experimented too much with items in this category.

Maybe if the game had more items such as Mercury’s Treads, the players would abuse them and make crowd control abilities obsolete.

In any way, I hope I helped you figure out which items in LoL give Tenacity!

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