Yasuo’s W: Wind Wall has the reputation of being one of the most hated abilities in League of Legends. And rightfully so. It blocks your attacks and makes Yasuo immune to your damage.

But what exactly can Yasuo’s W block? And which abilities can actually pass through?

To answer this question, we must first take a look at the official ability tooltip Riot Games has provided us.

We must understand what was their intention for creating Wind Wall first and then we’ll talk about whether their idea works properly in-game.

In this post, I’ll explain everything there is to know about Yasuo’s W and how it interacts with other champions’ abilities in LoL.

First I’ll talk generally, but then I’ll go into specifics and clear some of the confusion about this spell.

So, let’s begin!

What Can Yasuo’s W Block?

Yasuo’s W: Wind Wall blocks only projectiles in League of Legends. Projectiles, or missiles, are attacks that travel at distance and have velocity. And this includes some auto-attacks and abilities.

So, Yasuo’s W can block champions’ auto-attacks, abilities, the Dragon’s and the Baron’s auto-attacks.

The difficult part of understanding how Yasuo’s Wind Wall works is that players don’t usually think about whether their abilities are categorized as projectiles or not. 

However, it’s helpful to think about it this way. 

If your ability travels forward at distance and has a traveling speed, then Yasuo’s W will probably block it.

But if your ability hits instantly or travels from the air downward, Wind Wall probably won’t block it.

For example, Yasuo’s W always blocks Ezreal’s R: Trueshot Barrage. But it can’t block Ziggs’ R: Mega Inferno Bomb because this ability travels over the wall.

Another example would be Lux’s Q and R. Lux’s Q: Binding Light can easily be stopped and completely destroyed if Yasuo casts W.

However, Wind Wall can’t protect Yasuo because Lux’s R: Final Spark isn’t a projectile and goes right through, dealing full damage regardless of whether the wall is up or not.

So if you’re Yasuo and you want to block a certain spell, make sure it travels towards with defined speed and from range.

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How Long Does Yasuo’s W Last?

Once cast, Yasuo’s W: Wind Wall lasts for 4 seconds. During this time, Yasuo blocks ALL incoming projectiles/missiles regardless of how many actually hit the wall.

Nothing can change Wind Wall’s duration, so it’s always 4 seconds, no matter the situation.

The duration of the Wind Wall also doesn’t scale with levels. And all subsequent ranks only increase its width and decrease its cooldown. 

So, in the late game, Yasuo’s W only becomes wider but it doesn’t last longer.

Attacks That Cannot Be Blocked by Yasuo’s Wind Wall

Take a look at this table to know what Yasuo’s W can’t block. It will help you understand how this ability works in-game. This table includes everything!

Alistar’s E: Triumphant RoarTurretBlade of the Ruined KingSummon Aery
Annie’s W: IncinerateNexus Obelisk (The Fountain)EverfrostGlacial Augment
Aurelion Sol’s passive: Center of the Universe; W: Celestial Expansion; R: Voice of LightAzirRanduin’s Omen
Bard’s R: Tempered FateLiliaTitanic Hydra
Cassiopeia’s R: Petrifying GazeRakan
Cho’Gath’s W: Feral ScreamSenna
Corki’s E: Gatling GunThresh
Ekko’s W: Parallel ConvergenceVel’Koz
Fiddlesticks’ Q: TerrifyZeri
Irelia’s W: Defiant DanceAphelios (with Sverum only)
Lux’s R: Final SparkFiddlesticks
Jarvan IV’s Q: Dragon StrikeKayle (after level 6)
Kassadin’s E: Force PulseSamira (melee only)
Kennen’s W: Electrical SurgeNeeko’s W: Shapesplitter
Lucian’s Q: Piercing LightVex’s passive: Doom n’ Gloom
Malzahar’s E: Malefic VisionsViktor’s Q: Discharge
Mordekaiser’s E: Deth GraspYuumi’s Bop ‘n’ Block
Nunu’s W: Biggest Snowball Ever!Zoe’s passive: More Sparkles!
Ornn’s W: Bellows Breath
Pantheon’s R: Grand Starfall
Qiyana’s Q: Edge of Ixtal (no element only)
Rell’s Q: Shattering Strike
Rumble’s Q: Flamespitter
Sejuani’s W: Winter’s Wrath
Senna’s Q: Piercing Darkness
Sett’s W: Haymaker
Singed’s W: Mega Adhesive
Swain’s ravens; Q: Death’s Hand
Syndra’s W: Force of Will
Taliyah’s R: Unraveled Earth
Twitch’s E: Contaminate
Trundle’s R: Subjugate
Udyr’s R: Phoenix Stance
Vel’Koz’s R: Life Form Disintegration Ray
Vi’s E: Relentless Force
Volibear’s passive
Wukong’s E: Nimbus Cloak
Xerath’s Q: Arcanopulse; R: Rite of the Arcane
Xin Zhao’s W: Wind Becomes Lightning
Zeri’s W: Ultrashock Laser; R: Lightning Crash
Ziggs’ R: Mega Inferno Bomb

Yasuo’s W can also block one Summoner’s Spell – Mark which is only available on ARAM.

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Attacks That Yasuo’s W Can Only Intercept

In some cases, Yasuo’s W blocks the enemy’s ability but it doesn’t destroy it like it normally does to a projectile. It intercepts them and limits their range, but it doesn’t nullify their effect.

For example, Yasuo’s Wind Wall stops Orianna’s ball from passing through. But Orianna can still continue to cast her other abilities from the position of the ball (near Yasuo’s wall).

A similar case is Irelia’s E: Flawless Duet. Yasuo’s Wind Wall only puts a limit to the position of Irelia’s E but her stun will still apply to the targets in its range.

There aren’t too many abilities that work like this in League of Legends, but you should definitely be aware that they exist.

And if you want to learn more about projectiles and missiles in LoL, I’ll provide a link below where you can read more.

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Yasuo’s W: Wind Wall and Specific Abilities from Champions

Can Yasuo’s W Block Cassiopeia’s Ulti?

Yasuo’s W: Wind Wall cannot block Cassiopeia’s R: Petrifying Gaze. This is because Cassiopeia’s ultimate is not a projectile.

And when this ability is cast against Yasuo’s wall, it passes right through, dealing damage and stunning/slowing all enemies in its range.

So, Yasuo can’t counter Petrifying Gaze.

Does Yasuo’s W Block Sett’s W?

Sett’s W: Haymaker is one of the abilities in League of Legends that can’t be blocked by Yasuo’s W. Sett can always damage Yasuo behind his wall with W even if he doesn’t hit him with the middle part.

And Yasuo can’t do anything about it.

Can Yasuo’s W Block Fizz’s Ultimate?

Yasuo can only stop Fizz’s ulti: Chum the Waters from reaching him but it doesn’t destroy it. When Fizz’s ultimate meets the Wind Wall, it stops in place and it doesn’t disappear.

And if Yasuo walks near the shark, Fizz’s ulti would still do damage to him. 

However, if Yasuo casts his W on time, he will stop Fizz’s ultimate and remain safe.

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Does Yasuo’s W Block Irelia’s E?

Irelia’s E: Flawless Duet is one of the spells that Yasuo can only limit in position and not completely block. In other words, if Yasuo casts W against Irelia’s E, he will limit the position of Irelia’s stun.

However, the stun will apply outside of Yasuo’s wall and between its two points.

Can Yasuo’s W Block Yone’s Q and Ult?

Yasuo’s W: Wind Wall can block Yone’s Q: Mortal Steel partly. This is because Yone’s Q has two aspects – dash and damage.

Yasuo’s Wind Wall only blocks the damage part (projectile, wind) of Yone’s Q but it doesn’t stop him from dashing.

What about Yone’s R?

Yasuo can’t block Yone’s ultimate: Fate Sealed with Wind Wall. Yone can always pass through the wall with this ability.

Does Yasuo’s W Block Vel’Koz’s Ult?

Vel’Koz’s R: Life Form Disintegration Ray is not a projectile ability and that’s why Yasuo’s W doesn’t block it.

Whenever Vel’Koz casts his ultimate, the ray instantly goes through Yasuo’s wall. And there’s nothing Yasuo can do about it except run away.

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Can Yasuo’s W Block Renata’s Ulti?

Yasuo’s Wind Wall will successfully block Renata’s R: Hostile Takeover if cast on time. Renata’s ultimate is a standard projectile spell and can be completely destroyed by Yasuo’s Wind Wall. 

But Yasuo can’t cast W if he’s under the effects of Renata’s ult.

Does Yasuo’s W Block Xerath’s Q?

Xerath’s Q: Arcanopulse works similarly to Lux’s R and Zeri’s W so it also passes through Yasuo’s Wind Wall. Yasuo can’t block Xerath’s Q with his W, so he needs to dodge it somehow. 

Can Yasuo’s W Block Lux’s Ult?

Lux’s R: Final Spark is not a projectile/missile ability in League of Legends and that’s why Yasuo’s W doesn’t block it.

When Final Spark is cast against Yasuo’s wall, it passes right through and deals damage as if there was no wall.

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Does Yasuo’s W Block Zeri’s W?

Similar to Lux’s R, Zeri’s W: Ultrashock Laser can pass through Yasuo’s wall so his W doesn’t block it. This is another non-projectile spell in League of Legends, so Yasuo can’t counter it.

Can Yasuo’s W Block Azir’s Q?

Yasuo’s W can only stop Azir’s Q: Conquering Sands in place. This means that Azir’s soldiers won’t disappear when they hit the Wind Wall. Instead, their traveling will stop as soon as they hit Yasuo’s W.

But Azir can still use them afterward and even reposition them later.

Does Yasuo’s W Block Nunu’s Snowball?

Yasuo’s W cannot block Nunu’s W: Biggest Snowball Ever! This ability goes right through the Wind Wall as if there’s nothing there to stop it. 

Can Yasuo’s W Block Annie’s W?

Annie’s W: Incinerate is an ability that’s not categorized as a projectile. And because of that, Yasuo’s W can’t block it. Annie players can always stun and damage

Yasuo if they use their W when Yasuo casts his Wind Wall.

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Can Yasuo’s W Block Ekko’s W?

Ekko’s W: Parallel Convergence is one of those abilities in LoL that travel from the air downward and not directly towards the target location.

And because of this, Yasuo’s W: Wind Wall can’t block Ekko’s W.

Does Yasuo’s W Block Katarina’s Ult?

When Katarina activates her ultimate, she starts spinning and throwing daggers in each direction. The flying daggers are treated as projectiles, so Yasuo’s Wind Wall can block them.

However, Katarina’s ult will still do damage to enemies that aren’t hiding behind Yasuo’s W.

Can Yasuo’s W Block Everfrost?

Everfrost works similarly to Sett’s W. Both of these abilities are not projectiles so Yasuo’s W can’t block them. Everfrost can damage and freeze Yasuo even if he is behind his Wind Wall.

What Does Yasuo Say When He Casts W: Wind Wall?

When Yasuo’s cast his W: Wind Wall, he always says “Face the Wind.” 

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Ever since Yasuo was added to League of Legends, his Wind Wall has been a confusing ability for many players.

This is also because Riot Games sometimes add new types of abilities in the game with their new champions, so the interaction between them and Yasuo’s W isn’t always clear.

However, I hope this guide helped you understand how Yasuo’s Wind Wall works in League of Legends.

Here’s the official fandom page about projectiles so you can read more about Riot Games’ decision on the matter.

Good luck!

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