What abilities can damage turrets in LoL? And which champions are the best when it comes to destroying turrets?

Turrets are one of the most important objectives in League of Legends, and it’s crucial to take them down efficiently. Certain types of champions, such as AD fighters and marksmen, are great at this task.

At the same time, mages don’t usually do well in the demolishing department.

This is mainly because mages do magic damage and empower their abilities, not their auto-attacks. Turrets can usually be destroyed by basic attacks only, which is, of course, physical damage. 

Now, there are certain abilities in LoL that empower the basic attack, which means dealing more damage to turrets as well.

But, that’s not all! There are a couple of special skill shot abilities that affect turrets too. And for some of them, you don’t even have to be in basic attack range.

These are the top abilities that can damage turrets in League of Legends!

Top 10 Abilities That Can Damage Turrets in LoL

10. Twitch’s R – Spray and Pray

Twitch’s fearsome ultimate increases his range and replaces his basic attack with darts that fly in a straight line. These poisonous darts deal increased damage to all enemy targets, including turrets.  

The best part about Twitch’s Spray and Pray is that during the ability’s duration, Twitch’s range is bigger than the turrets’ range. This helps him safely hit the turret without it returning fire.

Also, as the darts fly in a straight line and go through enemy targets, Twitch’s ultimate can hit turrets without even targeting them.

The only downside of this ability is that as an ultimate, it naturally has a longer cooldown and lasts for only 6 seconds at a time. This is why it’s rarely used to take down turrets.

9. Volibear’s R – Stormbringer

Volibear's Stormbringer

Another ultimate ability that also deals damage to turrets is Volibear’s Stormbringer.

However, Stormbringer is an AoE ability that, besides dealing damage, disables the turret for a short amount of time, as long as no enemy champion is being attacked.

Attacking an enemy champion will still draw aggro, even while the turret is disabled.

Stormbringer scales with both AP and AD, dealing a significant amount of damage to turrets in late game. Combined with Volibear’s Q – Thundering Smash, it can turn Volibear into a true turret demolisher. 

Thundering Smash is yet another ability that deals bonus damage to turrets as it empowers Volibear’s basic attack, and it scales with physical damage.

8. Garen’s Q – Decisive Strike

Decisive Strike empowers Garen’s basic attack and deals bonus physical damage to enemies and turrets. The ability also refreshes Garen’s basic attack timer, making his next basic attack arrive even faster.

Also, as an ability with a relatively short cooldown, it can be used very effectively when trying to destroy the enemy’s turret. 

Garen also benefits from being an AD fighter/tank, making him the perfect weapon against the enemy structures.

Just like most top laners, he has enormous split pushing potential and tankiness to withstand multiple enemies at a time.

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7. Twisted Fate’s W – Pick A Card

Twisted Fate's Pick a Card

Twisted Fate’s Pick A Card enhances his next basic attack with one of three effects corresponding to the card he chooses. The blue card deals the highest amount of damage and returns mana.

This is the main card you’d be using if your main intention is to take down the enemy’s turret. 

The ability needs to be cast twice and might come off as tricky when playing Twisted Fate for the first time. With the first cast, the three cards start shuffling, and with the recast, you choose the card you want.

Afterward, your next basic attack will deal bonus magic damage and apply one of the special effects. 

The other two deal slightly less damage, with the gold card dealing almost three times less damage than the blue one.

But, when used against enemy targets other than turrets, they have other special effects that can turn the fight around in your favor.

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6. Camille’s Q – Precision Protocol

Camille is another fighter/tank with an ability that works on turrets. This ability not only enhances Camille’s basic attack but can also be recast at no extra cost.

The recast can occur after only 0.25 seconds, but waiting at least 1.5 seconds will cause the ability to double the damage from the previous cast and deal a percentage of bonus true damage.

Precision Protocol also resets Camille’s basic attack timer, so you can melt down turrets even faster.

Naturally, this is the first ability you’d want to max, which makes the ability have only 6 seconds cooldown on the highest rank. 

5. Ezreal’s W – Essence Flux

Ezreal's Essence Flux

Ezreal’s Essence Flux is different from the rest of the abilities in this list because the ability itself deals no damage.

Instead, once the ability marks an enemy turret, it can be detonated with a basic attack. This makes the mark explode and deal bonus magic damage. 

Although this is a skill shot ability, it only latches onto enemy champions and turrets, so you can be sure that no minion will get in your way.

As Ezreal scales over time, Essence Flux becomes even more deadly to turrets because of the growing physical damage of his basic attacks.

Essence Flux is a powerful ability that can also be used to empower Ezreal’s other abilities, including his ultimate.

These, however, can not target enemy structures, which means W + AA are your best friends when dealing with turrets.

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4. Nasus’ Q – Siphoning Strike

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ultimate ability of the Shuriman God-Warrior that increases its permanent damage if it kills the target.

Nasus’ Siphoning Strike damage is proportional to the number of stacks that he has gained and can be used against turrets, of course. 

With a 3.5 cooldown at the highest rank, this ability easily beats every other ability on this list. This is the case, especially if your Nasus was a busy bee throughout the early game and has earned as many stacks as possible.

And, just as the rest of the basic attack enhancing abilities on this list, Siphoning Strike also resets the timer of Nasus’ basic attack. 

3. Tristana’s E – Explosive Charge

Tristana's Explosive Charge

Tristana’s Explosive Charge is a direct point-click ability that can also target turrets.

While the bomb is attached, its detonating damage can be increased by basic attacks, which can further be enhanced with Tristana’s Q Rapid Fire. 

The combination of these two abilities creates a perfect synergy against which no turret can stand tall for too long.

Moreover, Explosive Charge’s radius is doubled when the bomb is placed on an enemy’s turret.

2. Sion’s R – Unstoppable Onslaught

Sion is a tanky top laner with many tricks up his sleeve when dealing with the enemy’s structures.

His ultimate ramps up his movement speed, making him almost impossible to catch up to once he decides to charge to an enemy target. 

Unstoppable Onslaught deals damage to turrets if Sion slams into them, thus ending the ultimate’s duration.

This damage scales with physical damage, which also increases the damage of his basic attack. The combination of both results in many destroyed turrets and exposed inhibitors. 

The reason why Sion is so high up on this list is because of the many ways he can destroy the enemies’ structures, even without activating Unstoppable Onslaught.

The best (or worst) part is that if you do manage to kill him, he will only turn into an even bigger turret-destroying machine with the help of his passive, Glory In Death.

If there ever is a Sion player on the enemy team, and your Nexus is exposed, the game is pretty much over for you. Even more so if they are playing with the “Inting Sion” build.

1. Ziggs’ W – Satchel Charge

Ziggs' Satchel Charge

Ziggs’ Satchel Charge is possibly the most unique and most powerful ability when it comes to destroying turrets in League of Legends.

Once the turret’s health is low enough, a Ziggs player will get the indicator above the turret that it can be destroyed with his W. 

In this situation, the turret needs to be within the area of Satchel Charge to be executed with it.

Depending on the ability’s rank, Satchel Charge can demolish the turret from 25% to 35% of its maximum health, thus making the ability just as viable early as in the late game. 

But, Ziggs passive Short Fuse also plays a very important role when taking down turrets. With it, his basic attack deals bonus magic damage every 12 seconds, which is 150% increased against turrets.

In addition, the timer of Short Fuse is decreased with each ability Ziggs casts. So, it’s no wonder why Ziggs can compete with both fighters and marksmen when it comes to dealing turret damage.

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All the Abilities That Can Deal Damage to Turrets

Here’s a complete list of all abilities that can damage turrets in League of Legends.

AkshanR – ComeuppanceSingle Target
BlitzcrankE – Power FistOn-hit Effect
CamilleQ – Precision ProtocolOn-hit Effect
DariusW – Crippling StrikeOn-hit Effect
DianaPassive – Moonsilver BladeOn-hit Effect
EkkoE – Phase DiveOn-hit Effect
EzrealW – Essence FluxOn-hit Effect
FioraQ – Lunge,  E – Bladework (second attack)On-hit Effect
GangplankPassive – Trial By FireOn-hit Effect
GarenQ – Decisive StrikeOn-hit Effect
HecarimE – Devastating ChargeOn-hit Effect
IllaoiW – Harsh LessonOn-hit Effect
JayceR – Transform Mercury Hammer, W – Hyper ChargeOn-hit Effect
JhinPassive – Whisper (fourth shot)On-hit Effect
KledW – Violent Tendencies (fourth hit)On-hit Effect
LeonaQ – Shield of DaybreakOn-hit Effect
LucianPassive – LightslingerOn-hit Effect
Master YiPassive – Double StrikeOn-hit Effect
Miss FortunePassive – Love TapOn-hit Effect
NasusQ – Siphoning StrikeOn-hit Effect
NidaleeQ – TakedownOn-hit Effect
PoppyPassive – Iron AmbassadorOn-hit Effect
RammusR – Soaring SlamArea of Effect
Rek’SaiQ – Queen’s WrathOn-hit Effect
SennaW – Piercing DarknessOn-hit Effect
SionR – Unstoppable OnslaughtArea of Effect
ShyvanaQ – Twin BiteOn-hit Effect
SonaPassive – Power ChordOn-hit Effect
TristanaE – Explosive ChargeTurret-targeted
TrundleQ – ChompOn-hit Effect
Twisted FateW – Pick a CardOn-hit Effect
TwitchR – Spray and PrayArea of Effect
VayneQ – TumbleOn-hit Effect
ViE- Relentless ForceOn-hit Effect
VolibearQ – Thundering Smash, R – StormbringerOn-hit Effect, Area of Effect
WukongQ – Crushing BlowOn-hit Effect
Xin ZhaoQ – Three Talon StrikeOn-hit Effect
Ziggs Passive – Short Fuse, W – Satchel ChargeOn-hit Effect, Area of Effect

What Champion Destroys Turrets the Fastest?

Who is the best turret destroyer in League of Legends?

Ziggs is the best champion for destroying turrets in LoL. His passive empowers his basic attacks to deal huge damage to turrets.

Ziggs can also execute turrets with his W – Satchel Charge, making him the fastest pushing champion in the game.

Satchel Charge can demolish a turret from 35% maximum health on the highest rank.

No other champion comes even close to this, so Ziggs is your best choice for demolishing turrets the fastest way possible.

Other champions that are also good at destroying turrets are Nasus, Tristana, and Sion. They all have one or more abilities that work against structures, making them very effective when pushing lanes. 

Of course, having an ability that works against structures is helpful but isn’t a must for pushing turrets faster. Tryndamere is the best example of this.

His attack speed and damage are more than enough for winning games just by split pushing.

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