Out of all the yordles in the wide world of Runeterra, we can all agree that Veigar is the most peculiar one.

First of all, he is a character who’s the complete opposite of your typical everyday yordle.

Second, his story is pretty sad rather than jolly.

And third, we’ve never ever peeked under Veigar’s hat to see what he looks like without it!

And it’s a fact – Riot Games has never fully revealed Veigar’s true face! And they probably never will!

But you know what? 

We do know what Veigar looks like without his hat! And the skin designers at Riot’s headquarters have confirmed what we already knew years and years ago – Veigar is a twisted yordle!

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How Does Veigar Look Without A Hat?

Vegiar without a hat model

Without his hat, Veigar looks like a yordle that’s a little bit too angry. His furry face is a darker shade of brown. He’s got a set of big pointy ears that flap around as he moves.

And his eyes are of the orange/yellow color!

How do we know this?

Well, with the introduction of the Omega Squad skin line back in 2017, Riot Games took the opportunity to give Veigar a new look. This “new look” consisted of a military outfit, a rifle, a detonating device, and goggles.

But no hat…

As a result, we can clearly see the top part of Veigar’s head. His mouth and his jaw remain hidden, covered with a high-tech gas mask that probably helps him in his “evil” endeavors.

However, we’ve seen enough of the other yordles to imagine what the rest of his face may look like.

I’ll even give you a hint – Veigar’s true face looks similar to Teemo’s face or Kennen’s. If you take a look at the Omega Squad splash art, you’ll notice that Veigar has whiskers (or a beard) coming out of his mask.

Combined with his ears, it confirms that he is at least furry.

And if you’ve been following the yordles for a while, you know that they usually come in two forms – furry and human-like.

While the furry ones look something like Gnar or Rumble, and the human-like are more like Tristana or Lulu. 

It can also be the case that the male yordles are typically hairier and the female ones have smoother skins. But since Veigar is a male, the fact remains accurate.

And if Riot ever reveals Veigar’s true face, without a hat, mask, or otherwise, you’ll see an evil smile on an adorable furry face!

Omega squad Veigar
The Omega Squad Veigar skin

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Is The Omega Squad Skin How Veigar Really Looks Like?

The Omega Squad Skin

The way the skin lines work in League of Legends is by existing in new universes.

Each skin line, like Star Guardian or Mecha Kingdoms, is actually an alternate universe, a place separated from our basic League of Legends universe in which the lore happens.

What does this mean?

Well, it means that Veigar, for example, exists in more than one realities at the same time.

But that’s not the same one and only Veigar. In fact, there are at least 5 different Veigars in LoL, each existing in the universe from which the skin line comes. 

We have Final Boss Veigar (Arcade), Omega Squad Veigar (Omega Squad), Astronaut Veigar (Astronauts), Elderwood Veigar (Elderwood)… You get the idea.

So how do we know that our Veigar looks exactly like the Omega Squad skin?

The Real Veigar

The truth is – we don’t know for sure whether the Omega Squad skin is how Veigar really looks like. Since we’re talking about two different Veigars, we’re also talking about two different storylines.

The Veigar that’s part of the Omega Squad is said to be an artillery specialist who loves explosives. He works together with the other yordles to protect Bandle City and serve as a man of the military.

But this doesn’t sound much like the Veigar from our universe, does it?

In fact, the original Veigar would never side with anyone, not even yordles! His whole purpose is to take over the world and spread evil.

And this indicates that our Veigar may have an entirely different look than the Omega Squad Veigar, without a hat or not.

In the lore, Veigar is captured by Mordekaiser and tortured for centuries. And when he finally escapes, he isn’t a yordle anymore but a little dark wizard. 

However, we assume that the black shadows we see on Veigar’s face (in the basic appearance and many of the earlier skins) is some kind of a spell that he has cast on himself to look a bit scarier than he actually is.

This would perfectly fit his entire story because many people don’t actually believe he is evil nor scary, despite the fact that Veigar is trying so hard to prove them wrong.

True, Mordekaiser’s torment may have transformed Veigar both physically and mentally. And maybe he really is just a black shadow underneath his purple robes.

But it’s just very hard to believe so after the release of the Omega Squad skin line.

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You may completely discard the idea that Veigar is just another yordle and that’s all fine.

After all, it’s a fact that Riot Games often create skins and skin lines to give us alternative looks of some champions.

These skins may not be how the champions really look, but they’re fun additions to the game.

However, Riot also creates skins and skin lines to further develop the characters of some champions. Take the Spirit Blossom Yasuo, for example. 

While the original Yasuo is a bandit who slew his own brother, the Spirit Blossom skin is all about Yasuo accepting his reality and getting redemption.

So even if we’re following a Yasuo from an alternate universe in the cinematics, we still see him as our own Yasuo.

And that’s what people believe is the case with Omega Squad skin too. Veigar without a hat is a yordle who lost his way but still looks like his former self. At least partially!

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