Veigar is a very unique character in League of Legends. He is one of the few champions that can scale indefinitely and have unlimited power growth.

This means that the longer the game goes on, the stronger and stronger he becomes, no matter his items.

But that’s only possible if Veigar gets stacks from his passive – Phenomenal Evil Power!

Now, Phenomenal Evil Power is the center of Veigar’s ability kit.

It’s really what distinguishes him as a champion in the world of Runeterra and allows him to become the hardest-hitting mid laner in the game. 

However, not too many people understand this ability to its core. And frankly, not too many players know how to take advantage of it properly either.

But in this post, I’ll go over everything you need to know about Veigar’s stacks – what they are, how Veigar gets them, and how to build massive AP numbers as early as possible in the match.

So, let’s begin!

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How Do You Get Stacks on Veigar?

Veigar stacking with Q

Here’s how Veigar gets stacks in League of Legends:

  1. Killing a minion or small monster with Q grants 1 stack – you can get up to 2 stacks with your Q if you slay two minions at the same time.
  2. Hitting a champion with an ability grants 1 stack – Veigar’s E also grants 1 stack, but only if it actually stuns the enemy.
  3. Slaying a large monster with Q grants 2 stacks – this includes the large Wolf, the big Raptor, the Gromp, the Scuttle Crab, and the Blue and Red Buffs.
  4. Killing a champion (or assisting a kill) grants 5 stacks – Veigar gets these 5 stacks as a bonus on top of the 1 stack he gets for hitting the enemy with an ability. 

And those are all the ways you can gain Phenomenal Evil stacks as Veigar. 

However, one of the questions that beginner players have is: 

Can you stack with Veigar’s W?

And the answer is yes, but only from hitting and slaying champions. Dark Matter can’t be used for stacking AP from minions and monsters. Unfortunately, only Veigar’s Q works that way.

Now let’s see how you can accelerate the stacking!

What’s the Fastest Way to Gain Stacks on Veigar?

Veigar getting stacks from champions

In theory, the fastest way to gain stacks on Veigar is by fighting and slaying enemy champions.

Veigar gets up to 5 or 6 bonus AP for each champion takedown, which makes it the best way to double your stacks gains.

But in reality, you’ll need to slay both minions and champions!

And why shouldn’t you only focus on fighting champions for getting stacks?

Well, first of all, you can’t even if you wanted to. Some games are more passive than others. And you can’t always force fights where there aren’t any.

Your lane opponent may only want to farm, so he won’t give you too many opportunities for a takedown.

And this is precisely why playing Veigar jungle actually makes a lot of sense. As a jungler, Veigar can continually gank enemies and set up kills.

But he can also collect more stacks by farming the large monsters in his own jungle. And he can maximize the stacks gains!

So what should you do in an average game to gain stacks fast as Veigar?

You should primarily focus on stacking with your Q at least until level 6. Of course, invades, jungle skirmishes, and trading in the lane will boost your numbers. But you don’t have to depend on them.

Once the mid game starts, Veigar stacks much faster than in the early game because he fights champions more often.

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What Are the Veigar Stacks Exactly?

Veigar’s passive – Phenomenal Evil Power grants him stacks of Ability Power. And each Phenomenal Evil stack is equal to one AP.

Veigar has different ways of acquiring these stacks, either by hitting champions or slaying minions and monsters.

Veigar’s stacks are important because they increase his damage.

The Phenomenal Evil stacks have two significant impacts on Veigar’s power in any given game.

  1. Veigar’s Ability Power is permanently increased for the same number of Phenomenal Evil stacks.

It’s simple – every time you acquire a stack of your passive, your AP is permanently increased by 1. And in an average game, you get around 200 or 300 stacks as Veigar.

You can never lose these stacks or consume them in any way. They’re yours until the end of the match.

Now, that’s 200 to 300 bonus AP on top of your items, and it’s a massive damage booster. It’s actually equal to having two or more items in your inventory than your opponent!

Because of this, Veigar can one shot his enemies and deal an insane amount of damage even with his basic abilities!

  1. The cooldown of Veigar’s W – Dark Matter is reduced by 10% for every 50 stacks of Phenomenal Evil.

Veigar’s W does massive damage. It actually scales for 100% of his AP on top of its regular damage. This means that if Veigar’s has 500 AP, his W will do 500 bonus magic damage.

And its total damage will be around 700! 

But the best part is that if Veigar has 300 stacks, then his W’s cooldown will be lowered by 6 times by 10%.

In late game, this mechanic gets really crazy because it makes Dark Matter an ability with 1.5 seconds cooldown!

Veigar stacks with Q

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How Many Stacks Should You Have As Veigar?

As Veigar, your goal should always be at least 10 stacks per minute. However, you can’t achieve this right away. In some games, you’ll need more time to reach this ideal.

And in other games, you’ll even exceed it.

How many stacks should Veigar have at the 10th minute?

Anywhere between around 60-80 stacks is fine. If you’ve underperformed in the early game, then you’ll have around 40 or 50.

But if you played well or had luck, you may even have 100 bonus AP.

And how many stacks should Veigar have at the 20th minute?

At the 20th minute mark, you should have around 200 stacks, no matter what. In fact, 200 stacks are often considered a low score because you should’ve been fighting more in the mid game.

Anyway, you can easily keep the 10 stacks per minute rule from this point on.

What happens when Veigar gets 1000 stacks?

Other than the fact that his damage gets extra beefy, nothing in particular. His Ability Power continues to scale with his stacks. You can gain Phenomenal Evil stacks infinitely, no matter the number.

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I hoped this post cleared some of the confusion around Veigar’s stacking. Many people draw wrong conclusions about Phenomenal Evil Power, so it’s good to be in the clear.

If you’re a Veigar main, these methods of stacking should be your second nature. And if you’re still practicing Veigar, you can use this knowledge to accelerate your own stacking.

Remember to focus on the minions in the early game and the champions in the late game. 

And that’s all!

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