Veigar and Lulu have been a fan-favorite couple in League of Legends since the early days. These two yordles are unique enough on their own. But together, they make a magical pair that everybody loves.

Make no mistake, the Veigar and Lulu couple isn’t just a fan theory. Riot Games have given us confirmation on a few lore points that bring Lulu and Veigar closer together. 

And even though we don’t have hard proof of these yordles being in a romantic relationship, we can safely assume a thing or two about how close they actually are.

Who knows, maybe Riot will please the fans by exploring more of the story surrounding the Lulu and Veigar pair in the future.

For now, let me tell you 5 things you probably didn’t know about Veigar and Lulu in LoL!

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5 Facts About Veigar and Lulu in League of Legends!

5. Lulu and Veigar Have Similar Aesthetics

One look at Lulu and Veigar is enough to notice one thing – they’re both fans of the purple color! This may be just a coincidence, of course.

But let me tell you why it is still a relevant fact that could influence the relationship between these two yordles. 

You could argue that Veigar is blue, but he appears purple as much as blue. His abilities are purple and parts of his outfit are purple too. And if there’s one champion in LoL that loves or understands purple it’s Lulu!

Nearly all of Lulu’s hair and abilities are purple too, especially the ones with Pixie. And one of her favorite quotes in LoL is:

“Yup, that tasted purple!”

All I’m saying is – if Veigar has no motivation to like Lulu, Lulu has tons of motivation to like Veigar.

She can be the initiator in their relationship and Veigar would only need to accept. And because of their similar aesthetics, they seem like a natural love pair in League of Legends!

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4. Many Players Want Veigar and Lulu to be Lovers

Like I stated above, fan theories and a couple of conspiracies about Veigar and Lulu have been circling since the start of League of Legends.

Thousands and thousands of players find the idea of Veigar and Lulu quite fitting, so they expect them to end up as lovers.

And you know what else? 

Riot Games have a history of pleasing their fans base. Just take a look at Arcane and you’ll quickly see how much love Riot put into the show.

And when Riot Games want to show appreciation and respect for their players, they really do what the players want.

Of course, this doesn’t prove that Lulu and Veigar will be confirmed lovers any time soon. Not too mention that Riot Games haven’t explored their origins in a very long time.

However, if enough players want Veigar and Lulu to be in a romantic relationship, Riot Games would be willing to satisfy them.

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3. Veigar and Lulu are Friends in the Lore

Credits: LoL Stats

The only confirmed fact we have about the relationship of Veigar and Lulu is that they’re real friends in the lore.

A League of Legends developer did say this many years ago when the idea of these two characters being together was still new. However, he didn’t add anything else.

So, what does it mean if Veigar and Lulu are friends in the League of Legends lore?

Well, it confirms that Lulu and Veigar know each other and have at least positive feelings about each other.

To be a true friend to someone demands of you to like them and they to like you back. And I believe that’s the case here.

However, we aren’t sure when Lulu and Veigar became friends. Was it before Veigar left Bundle City or after? 

I admit that the answer to this question could explain much of the mystery around this pair, but we’ll just have to wait for it.

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2. Lulu and Veigar Have Many Similarities in Their Storylines

Diving deep into the lore of Veigar and Lulu results in finding out that these two champions have a lot in common.

First of all, both Veigar and Lulu are yordle outcasts. They’re significantly different than any other yordle character or champion we have in League of Legends.

They don’t really fit into the society of Bundle City as Tristana or Teemo do. And most of the time, they’re alone.

Veigar lives alone in a tower, trying to be “evil”. Lulu roams the world, getting fascinated by everything she sees. None of them have other friends with whom they can talk to.

And no one can understand them for being different.

We know that Veigar has crossed to the dark side and considers himself evil. On the other hand, Lulu is still a good-natured character.

And Lulu could be the only redemption option that Veigar has in the future of the lore.

Of course, Riot Games can take their story in any way they please. But if they ever plan to redeem Veigar, it could very well be through Lulu.

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1. Veigar and Lulu is Actually a Strong Bot Lane Combo

Credits: Mocah

Aside from the lore hints and the fan theories, one of the biggest reasons why players want Veigar and Lulu to be a thing is because of their bot lane synergy.

This is actually a pretty strong combo to play, especially if you know how to combine these champions.

For starters, Lulu can slow enemies with both her Q and W abilities.

This makes it easy for Veigar to reach his enemies and set up his cage. And while their enemies are trapped inside, both Veigar and Lulu can deal damage freely and slay them.

On the other hand, Lulu has tons of defensiveness through her E and R.

She can shield Veigar whenever he is in trouble and grant him increased health with her Wild Growth. This is especially handy since Veigar doesn’t have defensive abilities in his kit.

And lastly, Lulu can speed Veigar up with her W and allow him to either reach their enemies. or run away from them. Veigar also doesn’t have any mobility spells, so being around Lulu is definitely helpful.

All in all, this is a great bot lane combo to have fun with in League of Legends.

I’ve played a lot of Veigar and Lulu together with my girlfriend on normal games, so I totally recommend it. It’s definitely as strong as the Veigar and Yuumi combo

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As you can see, Lulu and Veigar have tons of things in common. We could safely assume that they’re in a friendly relationship and that they like each other.

But we’ll have to wait on more news and confirmation by Riot Games on the status of their romantic relationship.

And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see it officially: Veigar and Lulu – the cutest League of Legends couple ever!

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