Utility isn’t an aspect most people consider when it comes to playing ADC. In the bot lane, the support is usually the one bringing all the utility so that the ADC can focus on damage.

However, most people are wrong in believing that utility isn’t important on a bot lane carry. In fact, Challenger players often preach about the importance of slows, stuns, shields, and heals in a team comp, especially in the chaotic environment of solo queue.

In my personal experience, I’ve climbed up to Master by spamming only Sivir and Ziggs bot, two champions who are almost never in the meta but they bring such good utility that the whole team benefits from having them.

And so, here I’ll give you 5 such picks so you can see how easy it is to win games with utility ADCs.

1. Ashe


Ashe is the very idea of a utility marksman. She was specifically designed to provide as much utility as possible in the form of crowd control.

More specifically, Ashe specializes in slows and stuns. Her basic attacks automatically apply slow effect to her targets that scales with her level. And when Ashe critically strikes, she doubles the slow percentage instead of dealing extra damage.

On top of this, Ashe’s W, Volley, is an AoE ability that slows and damages enemies in a wide cone in front of Ashe. It has a pretty long range and it can always be used to slow down enemy champions so they can’t run away or get near Ashe.

With her E, Hawkshot, Ashe can temporarily uncover parts of the map. The spell has a global range and can reveal the position of enemy champions which can help your entire team. 

For example, you can send Ashe’s E at the enemy red buff to check whether the jungler is there so you and your team can play accordingly.

And finally, Ashe’s R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a global ultimate that’s one of the most impactful cooldowns in the entire game. It stuns the first enemy hit while slowing everyone around them. And the stun duration is based on how long the arrow has traveled.

Besides this, Ashe isn’t an ADC that can’t deal damage. In fact, she’s one of the best carries when she gets ahead. But she doesn’t always need to win the laning phase in order to win a game because her utility is very useful all around.

Ashe can also be played as a support, especially with these ADCs.

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2. Senna


Senna isn’t the most popular ADC pick since she’s mostly played as a support nowadays. However, her utility is a key factor to her success and she has no problem flexing on the carry role as well.

Senna’s first utility comes from her Q, Piercing Darkness. It’s a long-range ability that deals damage to enemies and heals allies, including Senna. It’s one of the few heals in the game that doesn’t scale with AP, making Senna a great support-type of ADC.

Next is Senna’s W, Last Embrace, which is another long-range spell. But this one roots the primary target as well as enemies around them so that Senna and her teammates can catch up to them or run away.

I specifically love Senna’s E, Curse of the Black Mist, because it’s a unique form of utility that only she has. When activated, it hides all allied champions around her and the enemy team can’t recognize them nor auto-attack them under the disguise.

And Senna’s R, Dawning Shadow, is another global ultimate ability that also provides utility. Again, it deals damage to enemy champions while shielding allies. It allows Senna to impact a fight on the opposite side of the map and help her teammates wherever they are.

When you combine all of this, you get a really useful ADC, a champion that has all sorts of tools for setting up your team for success besides damage. So I truly recommend you try Senna! 

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3. Varus


Every ADC main knows that Varus doesn’t thrive in every meta despite him being a really useful pick all around. I personally love playing AP Varus and lethality Varus, but his utility is present regardless of your preferred item build.

First of all, Varus’ E, Hail of Arrows, is a fantastic AoE slow ability that has decent range. It can be used for poking in lane and establishing control early on.

However, many low elo players forget that Hail of Aarrows also applies Grevious Wounds, the stat that directly lowers the effectiveness of your enemy’s healing. This isn’t only used in the bot lane against champions like Sona, but also all around since there’s way too much healing in League of Legends as a whole.

Varus’ second form of utility is AoE snare and it comes from his R, Chain of Corruption. When used on an enemy champion, it roots them for several seconds while also spreading to surrounding enemies. And if they don’t run away, they get rooted as well.

Depending on how well you aim and use Chain of Corruption, you can completely imprison the entire enemy team. It’s a really helpful ability for isolating one target as well because you can quickly eliminate them (especially the builds above) and turn the fight into 5v4.

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4. Ziggs


Ziggs is one of the best AP bot lane carries, a champion that often destroys ADCs as though it’s a joke. His strengths are completely different than that of a marksman and experienced players often use him to climb up to high elo.

Ziggs’ utility comes in a form of wave clear and push power. As a Ziggs main of many years, I can tell you that this champion is unmatched when it comes to clearing minion waves fast and destroying turrets extremely quickly.

The tools that Ziggs have for this are Q, a spammable bomb that has a long range and deals AoE damage, and E which allows him to cover a small patch of area in mines that deal lots of damage and slow enemies when they pass through.

Ziggs’ W, Satchel Charge, is one of the few abilities in LoL that can damage turrets. In fact, this spell can actually execute turrets below a certain percentage of HP, so it’s easy for Ziggs to secure the first turret and collect the gold for his team.

With his ultimate, Ziggs can impact fights even if they spark up in another lane. It’s another AoE spell that deals huge amounts of damage and pressures opponents regardless of where they are.

So, if you like the supportive type of playstyle as a bot laner, I really recommend Ziggs!

5. Sivir


Many players don’t think of Sivir as a utility AD carry but she offers something that no other marksman can – bonus movement speed to her entire team.

This is thanks to Sivir’s ultimate ability, On the Hunt. When activated, it grants a burst of MS to all allies around her and it lasts for a pretty long time. And even if an ally isn’t initially next to Sivir, they gain the bonus movement speed when they get in range.

This may not sound like much, but it’s really a useful tool for setting up teamfight. It allows Sivir’s team to quickly reposition and catch up to enemies even if they are far away.

For example, let’s say that Sivir has Hecarim and Nautilus in her team. Well, On the Hunt can allow them to quickly close the gap between them and their targets so they can apply CC and set up the teamfight.

On the other hand, you can always use Sivir’s R to help a teammate out and speed them up so they can escape a sticky situation.

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Even though you aren’t always required to play a utility ADC in League of Legends, there’s no harm if you do so. Sometimes your team will need more damage and in those games it’s okay to go for a hyper-carry in the bot lane. 

But even ADCs like Ashe and Sivir are still great picks for carrying besides having amazing utility.

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