Twisted Fate is one of the most unique champions in League of Legends. And even though he has a simple set of abilities, most players think of TF as a difficult champion to play. Low elo players often find it tough to carry games as TF, so they ask what are some useful Twisted Fate tips for improving and climbing in LoL?

Don’t worry! In this post, I’ll go over the most essential tips for carrying as Twisted Fate in League of Legends. I’ll give you practical knowledge about how this champion functions and how you should approach each situation. 

As for me, I’m a Master elo Twisted Fate player. I’ve climbed in the solo queue with this champion numerous times since season 3. 

And here’s what I’ve learned. This is how you get better at Twisted Fate.

14 Best Tips for Playing Twisted Fate in LoL

1. Know Each Card of Twisted Fate’s W – Pick a Card Well.

This isn’t the first tip on the list by a coincidence. Twisted Fate’s W – Pick a card is often seen as the central ability in his kit, right beside his ultimate.

Simply put, you must know what each card does before you even play Twisted Fate. This will allow you to know which card you should choose in every situation. 

Here’s a quick rundown of TF’s cards.

  • Blue card – high damage and mana regeneration.
  • Red card – medium damage and AoE slow.
  • Gold card – low damage and stun effect.

As you can see, each of Twisted Fate’s cards has a bonus effect besides the raw damage. Sometimes, you’ll need to pick a gold card to secure a kill. But sometimes you’ll need extra damage, so selecting the blue card will be a better choice.

Here’s a complete guide on how Twisted Fate’s cards work if you want more Pick a Card tips. Make sure to check the info out before you jump into a game.

2. Use Twisted Fate’s W to Zone Enemies

Twisted Fate’s W is a powerful tool that can be used in many different ways. And zoning your lane opponent is one of the best ways to gain advantages early on in lane.

How do you zone enemies with Twisted Fate’s W?

It’s simple – activate W and start walking towards your opponent.

Once you activate Pick a Card, Twisted Fate starts shuffling between his three cards. And most players react cowardly in this situation. This is because you force them to choose A) Get stunned and damaged, or B) Keep your health up but lose the minions.

Depending on how well you do this, you can successfully keep enemies away from you for good. This is especially useful against dangerous champions and counter-picks for TF.

For example, if you play aggressively and bluff with Pick a Card, you can stop champions like Zed and Irelia from attacking you. This will give you free time to farm and scale for the late game.

3. Switch to Quick Cast with Indicator for Twisted Fate’s Q.

TF’s Q – Wild Cards is one of the hardest abilities to hit in the game. It’s a weird spell that travels a long distance and damages enemies in three thin lines. The animation of the ability is also very slow, so it’s tough to poke and damage enemies with it.

By switching to the Quick Cast with Indicator setting, you make it much easier to aim TF’s Q – Wild Cards. 

This setting allows you to hold down your Q button as long as you need and see where the Wild Cards will pass through. When you release the Q button, the ability will go off immediately. And this is great because you can check whether your Q will hit the enemy champion or not before you even cast the spell.

To find the Quick Cast with Indicator setting, open the Hotkeys options and scroll down. Then check the box that says “Replace Quick Cast with Quick Cast with Indicator in quickbind UI” and you’re done.

This is how you can actually hit Q with Twisted Fate.

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4. Utilize Twisted Fate’s E – Stacked Deck to the Fullest.

Twisted Fate’s E is a simple ability that everybody understands. However, not all players know how to take advantage of it, especially in the early game.

If you’ve ever seen Dopa playing Twisted Fate, I’m sure you’ve noticed that he often starts the game with E. Let me explain why.

Stacked Deck increases TF’s attack speed permanently with each rank. This means that Dopa can squeeze out more auto-attacks on level one than his opponent. It gives him an advantage because he can push the lane early and assert dominance. Later, he can roam up or down to set wards for his jungler while the enemy mid laner is pushed on the turret.

But Stacked Deck also gives Twisted Fate a bonus on-hit magic damage on every third basic attack. You should always count “1, 2, 3” in your head when playing TF. This will help you always set up your Stacked Deck when ganking with your ultimate.

Sometimes the damage from Stacked Deck will be necessary for you to score a kill. 

5. Be Careful When and Where You’re Using TF’s R – Destiny.

Since Twisted Fate’s ultimate is a unique ability in League of Legends, many players use it wrong. And even though it’s a simple teleport spell, there are a lot of things to be aware of when using it.

The first thing to make sure of is that you aren’t using TF’s ulti while the enemy mid or jungle is watching you on a ward. Most players will try to intercept your teleport and they might have the range to do so. TF’s ult can be interrupted with any snare, stun, knock-up, knockback, and silence effect.

So, the obvious solution is to not teleport while you’re farming minions in the mid lane. Always check for enemy wards in your brushes and use R – Destiny on a red ward. This will also increase the chances of your gank because the enemy team won’t know where you’re coming from.

Here are some great spots that are generally safe to use Twisted Fate’s ultimate:

  • Your own jungle.
  • The brush above the red buff.
  • The small brush next to the river.
  • Behind the terrains in the mid lane.
  • Your base. 

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6. Choose the Spot for Landing with Your Ultimate Carefully.

As much as you need to be careful about when and where you’re using the first cast of Destiny, you should also be careful about where exactly you’re teleporting to. 

You should have in mind that most players expect Twisted Fate to land near them. They understand that TF needs an auto-attack range to use the gold card, so they might be prepared for a counterattack.

For example, if you’re playing Twisted Fate and you’re ganking Jinx and Lux in the bot lane, they could root you as soon as you land. And if they do, the gank will fail and you’ll have to wait another 2 minutes to gank again.

So what you need to do here is choose an unusual spot for landing. This may include a brush or an angle that your opponent might not expect.

However, you should also choose a spot that’s safe for landing. You don’t want to get one shot as soon you teleport.

And lastly, you can teleport right next to the enemy champion. So even if you get rooted or slowed, you’ll still have enough range to stun them with your gold card.

7. Select a Card Before You Teleport with R – Destiny.

This may sound like a generic tip, but it’s one of the most important rules for playing Twisted Fate at an advanced level. 

Simply put, you can choose the card before you gank anywhere with TF. Twisted Fate can hold a selected card for up to 6 seconds, so you have enough time to teleport and throw it at your enemy.

Moreover, always try to select a card while you’re teleporting with R – Destiny. You can activate your W while you’re deciding where to land. Twisted Fate continues to shuffles his cards even while he’s teleporting, so you can always lock the right card before landing.

In most situations, the gold card will the best choice. It provides a bit of damage and up to 2 seconds of stun. The red card can help you in certain scenarios too, especially if you want AoE damage. But if your target can’t run away, the blue card will give you the highest burst damage.

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8. Know Who Will Be Your Target Before You Even Teleport.

As much as it’s important for you to select the right card at the right time, it’s also key to know who you’re going to attack. 

For example, if you’re ganking the bot lane with TF, the enemy ADC should always be your primary target. So, makes sure to teleport in a spot where even if the ADC uses Flash, you can still have enough range for your gold card.

However, things won’t be so easy all the time. Sometimes you’ll play against Morgana and her Black Shield. And sometimes the enemy players will use Cleanse to get away from stuns.

So, it’s important to keep track of the enemy’s cooldowns. You can also fake the throwing of the gold card by standing in place (S button) for a split second. Sometimes the enemy players will panic and waste their cooldowns. Then you can stun and slay them.

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9. Play the Laning Phase Respectfully.

Twisted Fate is one of the weakest dueling champions in League of Legends. And frankly put, you can rarely win a 1v1 fight with Twisted Fate against a decent mid lane player.

When I say “play the laning phase respectfully”, I really want to put an emphasis on Twisted Fate’s weaknesses. TF is a medium-ranged mage with two active damaging abilities and no defensiveness.

The mindset that you need to adopt when playing Twisted Fate is that your winning condition is ganking and playing around your team. If you try to be the carry by dueling enemy champions 1v1, you might throw away your chances at winning. 

And if we’re being completely honest, even a 0/5/0 Yone can beat 5/0/0 Twisted fate in a duel. So, be respectful of your enemy and know your strengths.

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10. Invest in Movement Speed Early On.

When you see players like Dopa and Faker rushing Mercury’s Treads or Plated Steelcaps on Twisted Fate, they have a clear reason for that. Twisted Fate needs as much movement speed as possible to dodge the enemy’s attacks and to get in range for his gold card.

Like I explained above, Twisted Fate is a weak champion at his core. If he doesn’t have enough MS, he can’t block or dodge the enemy’s stuns. And one stun is enough for TF to drop down because he doesn’t have a shield or a heal.

And so, getting as much movement speed as possible on TF is key. Upgrade your boots as early as you can and grab runes like Relentless Hunter, Timewarp Tonic, and Celerity.

With more movement speed, you can travel around the map much more quickly. This will give you more opportunity to use TF’s ultimate and gank more often. That’s why this is one of the best Twisted Fate tips. 

11. Have a Good Positioning in Team Fights.

Twisted Fate isn’t like the rest of the mage champions in League of Legends. His most important ability W – Pick a Card is an auto-attack enhancer and not a long-range skill shot. 

Because of this, Twisted Fate must always be close enough to be in the range of his basic attacks but far enough from potential danger. What does this really mean in a practical scenario?

In a team fight, you should stay close to your team. Your goal is to stun one target, preferably the ADC or the mid laner, and eliminate them. Your team will always help you out with damage when you use your gold card, so think of TF as half-support.

Never extend too much in order to use your gold card. The enemy team can punish you easily, so don’t be the most aggressive player in the game.

Some of Twisted Fate’s most recommended items are Rapidfire Cannon and Zhonya’s Hourglass. The first increases TF’s auto-attack range and the second shields him from damage. But both items can correct your positioning in a team fight.

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12. Work on Your Map Awareness.

Simply put, map awareness is EVERYTHING for Twisted Fate. 

This champion is designed around controlling the entire Summoner’s Rift and exploiting other people’s mispositioning. You win with Twisted Fate by punishing the opposing players when they overextend, no matter if it’s in the mid, top, and bot lane or the jungle.

This means that more map awareness equals better Twisted Fate. You constantly need to check the minimap when you’re plying TF. But you also need to shift your camera to the other lanes to check how they’re doing and whether there’s a potential for a gank.

There are many tips for increasing map awareness in LoL. One of them is to play a YouTube video in the background that reminds you to check your minimap every 5 seconds or so. But I also recommend using the F2, F3, F4, and F5 buttons to quickly switch to an ally player and check their perspective.

13. Split Push to Pressure Opponents and Take Objectives.

Twisted Fate is one of the few mages in League of Legends that excel at split pushing. Split pushing is a powerful technique that allows you to take objectives around the map and win more games overall. And you must take advantage of it when you’re playing TF.

If you watch Dopa’s games of Twisted Fate, you’ll see a player that does this very well. He often splits from his team and goes to a side lane just to pressure the enemy team. Dopa sometimes takes turrets, but he’s mostly there to draw the enemy team towards him.

When you split push with Twisted Fate, you give the enemy team a difficult choice. They can either come to you and abandon the gold in their lanes, the dragon, or the baron. Or, they can leave you alone to farm, scale, and take turrets. Both choices are difficult and TF can always teleport away to safety.

Another advantage that Twisted Fate has is building Lich Bane and Rapidfire Cannon. These two items allow him to take down turrets much faster than other mages, so split pushing is always a smart decision with this champion.

14. Use the Right Skins on Twisted Fate.

This is a bit unconventional tip but even players like Dopa admit that some skins really give you an advantage when playing Twisted Fate. 

For example, Dopa always plays with High Noon Twisted Fate because the cards are stunning and more difficult to dodge.

Another skin that helps you hit Q on TF is Underworld Twisted Fate. The cards you throw are always green with a similar color tone to the ground in Summoner’s Rift. They’re harder to spot, which means harder to dodge too.

And lastly, the DWG Twisted Fate skin is great for the clarity of the W ability. When you shuffle the cards with this skin, each color is stronger and easier for you to monitor. 

Those are the best skins for Twisted Fate.


I hope you followed along until the very end of this enormous guide. I wanted to give you a full list of practical Twisted Fate tips that actually work. These are the knowledge points that I’ve gathered from years and years of playing this champion at a high level and from studying other more successful TF players.

That said, I recommend you start implementing these tips the next time you play Twisted Fate in League of Legends. I promise that you’ll start improving!

If you want to see how the two best Twisted Fate players pilot this champion, check these links:

Good luck & have fun!

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