If you ask a high elo player to give you honest advice on climbing solo queue in League of Legends, they’ll probably tell you to play champions without skillshots or with a lot of CC.

And it’s true – champions like Annie, Amumu, or Galio, Ashe are one of the easiest picks to get some free LP in LoL. However, some champions in League are without any CC, yet they’re always recommended for climbing!

The truth is – champions without CC are some of the most powerful picks in League of Legends. Because these champions lack CC, they’re overloaded in other aspects such as damage and mobility.

Master Yi, for example, has no CC, but he’s able to chase enemies, dodge attacks, and deal massive damage.

And so, all champions that don’t have a single crowd control ability in their kits have other means to outplay and defeat their enemies. They don’t necessarily depend on their teammates to provide stuns and slows.

Instead, they have tools to create plays on their own or chase down enemies if they need to.

That said, these are the top 8 best champions without CC in LoL!

Top 8 Best Champions Without CC Abilities in LoL

7. Sivir

Sivir Splash Art

Sivir is my number 1 recommendation to anyone looking to climb out of Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold as an ADC. This champion is extremely powerful and always has a dominant laning phase.

All abilities in Sivir’s kit contribute to her being strong, but her best tools are Q – Boomerang Blade and E – Spell Shield. 

Boomerang Blade is a ranged ability that allows Sivir to deal massive damage with her weapon. Once she activates it, her boomerang flies in a targeted direction, slashing everything in its path.

With Lethality, Sivir’s Q can literally one-shot an enemy ADC.

Spell Shield is one of the most useful abilities in the entire game. When activated, it blocks the next enemy’s ability no matter if it’s damage, crowd control, or both.

It allows Sivir to move freely around the map, unafraid of getting one-shotted by champions like Syndra or Fizz.

Other than that, Sivir has her W that increases her Attack Speed, and helps her clear waves faster. And her R is a fantastic tool for engaging in fights or running away from them.

It grants Movement Speed to all your teammates around you, so it’s always valuable.

As you can see, Sivir is a complete champion. Yes, she doesn’t have any CC. But she does so much damage and is more defensive than most ADC champions in the game that have crowd control abilities.

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6. Lucian

Lucian Splash Art

Lucian isn’t the simplest champion without CC in LoL, but he is one of the best. Both as a bot laner and as a mid laner, he’s able to carry games on his own.

The reason why Lucian doesn’t need crowd control in LoL is that he has high bursts and has a lot of mobility.

In other words, he’s able to outplay his opponents by simply dealing damage and dashing after them.

Lucian’s passive – Lightslinger is a double-shot effect that allows Lucian to auto-attack twice after using an ability. This doubles the value of his basic attacks throughout the game.

Lucian can take advantage of Lightslinger by always auto-attacking between his other abilities.

But if there’s one reason why Lucian does need CC is his ultimate – The Culling. 

Once activated this Lucian’s R bullets in a targeted direction. The more Crit chance Lucian has, the more bullets he’ll fire.

The Culling does a lot of damage and can certainly bring someone from 100% HP to 0%. And even though it’s good on its own, it definitely helps to have someone stun your target first.

Other than that, Lucian is a great champion for climbing in League of Legends. 

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5. Kindred

Kindred Splash Art

Kindred was one of the first marksmen that entered the jungle role. The pick was never too strong, and there was never a patch where Kindred was completely broken.

However, this is one of the best champions without CC that you can main in LoL.

And here’s why.

Kindred has a pretty interesting mechanic through the passive – Mark of the Kindred. Kindred can mark an enemy champion or a jungle monster.

And upon slaying and collecting the mark, Kindred increases the range of the auto-attacks against marked targets for the rest of the game.

If this doesn’t sound powerful, just think of the other abilities Kindred has. The Q is a dash + damage spell. The W damages enemies passively. The E is a long-range attack that also scales with the passive.

And the ultimate allows Kindred to not die!

Combined together, this ability kit makes Kindred a very agile, quick, and effective champion.

Kindred can move around the map and fight enemies without the fear of getting slain. When in trouble, the Q and the R buttons are effective tools for getting away.

So, Kindred doesn’t need CC to win fights in LoL.

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4. Ezreal

Ezreal Splash Art

In the 4th place, we have Ezreal. Ezreal is one of the most popular champions in League of Legends. He deals great damage and can go either AD or AP. But he has no CC in his kit.

The reason why so many people love Ezreal is because of his design. When you play this champion, you don’t feel like you need anything else.

All abilities work together and synergize well, giving you the perfect mix of a marksman/mage playstyle.

Even though Ezreal has many combos, the most powerful ones come from his W – Essence Flux.

When Ezreal throws his W on an enemy, all subsequent damage breaks the mark and deals bonus magic damage. This can either be Ezreal’s auto-attacks or any of his other abilities.

Of course, breaking the W mark with the ultimate is the hardest thing to do on Ezreal, but it also deals the most damage. 

Ezreal’s R – Trueshot Barrage is a global ultimate in LoL, even better than a CC ability. This way, Ezreal can snipe opponents from across the map, and he doesn’t need to chase them down.

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3. Nidalee

Nidalee Splash Art

Ever since her release, Nidalee has been one of the most feared champions on Summoner’s Rift. In the right hands, Nidalee can easily outplay 5 enemies and carry games by herself, even in high elo.

What makes Nidalee so strong is the abundance of tools she has. 

First of all, she has 2 forms to work with – humanoid and cougar. Her R button allows her to change between these forms even from level 1.

She has a different set of abilities depending on which form she currently is, so 6 basic abilities instead of 3.

In humanoid form, Nidalee can set traps and heal her allies. But the most powerful ability is her Q – Javelin Toss. With it, Nidalee throws her spear to a great range, dealing magic damage the longer the spear travels.

In late game, Nidalee can one-shot an enemy champion only with her Q.

In cougar form, Nidalee can jump to her target and deal high burst damage. All of her abilities are useful for clearing out the jungle camps and doing AoE damage.

They also scale with AP, making Nidalee a great poking and all-in champion in LoL.

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2. Katarina

Katarina Splash Art

When we think of champions without crowd control in League of Legends, we think of Katarina, right? She’s an AP assassin in the mid lane that excels in ganking and 5v5 team fights.

She’s also one of the best mid laners for climbing in LoL. But why?

Katarina has 2 great strengths – high AoE burst damage and constant resets.

Katarina’s passive – Voracity allows her to reset the cooldown of her abilities by 15 seconds each time she scores a kill/assist.

And since Katarina’s abilities already have low-cooldown numbers, this means an instant reset.

Besides damage, Katarina’s E – Shunpo is one of the best mobility spells in the game. It’s a blink-like effect that happens immediately when the button is pressed.

This means that you can dodge many important CC abilities in the game, such as Veigar’s wall. 

Kata can reset her E by collecting a dagger too. This allows her to jump many times during a fight to avoid damage.

It also helps her with her biggest weakness – avoiding direct crowd control damage, which is the only way to stop her.

In other words, Katarina doesn’t need CC because she has everything else. Her damage is direct, and she can always jump to her enemy to secure the kill.

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1. Master Yi

Master Yi Splash Art

And in the 1st place, we have Master Yi. Master Yi is actually a master at carrying games in League of Legends without needing anything or anyone else.

It’s simple as activating the ultimate and right-clicking the opponents to death. 

All jokes aside, Yi is the single-best champion without CC in LoL. He is a solo queue pick that works best in the jungle role. His playstyle is safe and pretty easy, so you can learn to carry games with Yi in a day.

Master Yi’s power mainly comes from his auto-attacks.

The E – Wuju Style is a simple buff that empowers Yi’s basic attacks to deal bonus true damage.

And the R – Highlander grants bonus Attack Speed, which also makes him deal more true damage.

This all comes neatly together when you consider Yi’s Q too. Alpha Strike is a point-click ability that strikes multiple enemies and makes Yi untargetable for the duration.

The cooldown of this ability can be reset when Yi auto-attacks. And this is what makes it so difficult to play against him too.

Simply put, Master Yi can 1v5 an entire team without even getting hit. His damage output is insane, and the fact that he’s frequently untargetable makes up for his lack of CC.

He’s also very mobile, so he doesn’t need to stun his enemies in order to slay them.

All Champions Without Crowd Control Abilities in LoL – List

Even though there aren’t too many champions without a single CC ability in League of Legends, I’d like to mention them all. So, here’s a list of all champions in LoL without CC.

What champs in League have no CC?

  • Sivir
  • Lucian
  • Kindred
  • Ezreal
  • Nidalee
  • Katarina
  • Master Yi
  • Akshan
  • Kai’Sa

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As you can see, CC is by no means a determining factor on how good a champion is. These 7 champions are some of the best solo queue picks in LoL, even though they don’t have a single CC ability.

Yes, playing a champion with a lot of crowd control definitely helps when you’re trying to climb, but it isn’t a determining factor.

So, I hope this post gave you a few ideas on how you can climb in LoL!

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