It’s 5 in the morning, and your pet gets on your bed to wake you up because your little champ is hungry! You shoo it away. Your fur baby leaves you in your comfort zone while curling next to you with a growling stomach. We know this is what you never want!

Cats and dogs are our best buddies that we want to stick by our side. They occupy a considerable place in our hearts and a special place in our minds. We would never like to see our pet animals with a frowning face just because they are hungry.

Instead, we want to see them happy and playful. Our pets do not look good when they are dull and lazy. Most significantly, we love to see them happy after being full on their stomach. Yet we ignore our best buddies due to our strict working hours or travelling as we can’t skip urgent meetings. We are not always there to give them food on time due to our absence, and they sleep starving.

Here is where an automatic pet feeder makes it debut, getting roasting applause as it drops all the curtains! These smart devices are easy to use and perfect for providing feed on time without any irregular delays. So, let us tell you what an automatic feeder is for a secure investment. 

Understanding Automatic Feeders

Automatic Feeders
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Are you willing to get your hands on an automatic cat and dog feeder as you can’t manage your pets’ food schedule on time? Before you make the investment, we would like you to learn everything about an automatic pet feeder.

What are Automatic Feeders?

An automatic pet feeder works like a true savior came from the world of technology. It dispenses the right amount of feed and the necessary medication whenever your dogs or cats need it. This means your pet will no longer go hungry when you are not around.

Automatic feeders also feature a voice system that allows you to connect them to your devices to give commands to your cats or dogs. A common automatic pet feeder has various parts, including a timer module, a base, a feeding bowl, a bowl cover, a locking mechanism, etc.

Dr Jennifer Frione, owner and veterinarian at Lakeside Animal Hospital, states that automatic feeders are a great source to control weight by portion management that keeps dogs and cats both physically and mentally fit.

Many pets go through similar health issues like obesity, stomach illness, and diabetes because of eating disorders. The invention of automatic pet feeders aimed to provide extra care to cats and dogs having these major health problems!

How Do Automatic Feeders Work?

As the word “automatic” suggests, this device has to be connected to a power source to function. An automatic pet feeder provides the right proportion of food to the designated pet at the scheduled time without mixing the food of pets sharing the mutual feeder. All of it becomes successful using a dispensing mechanism.

Automatic feeders prevent food stealing so every pet can have its equal share of food to stay fit and healthy! These feeders distribute food with the help of a motor or gravity mechanism. A built-in user interface allows users to set a food schedule for pet animals and eliminate food-related worries!

Benefits of Automatic Feeders for Cats and Dogs

Benefits of Automatic Feeders
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1. Impact on Health and Well-Being

Ensuring controlled meals for dogs and cats contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Having an automatic dog or cat feeder for your pet will remarkably solve your best buddies’ health troubles. 

Pet owners do not have to worry about the negative health impact of underfeeding or overfeeding their friendly animals. You know what it means? It means it’s time to say goodbye to stressful vet visits!

2. Convenience and Time-saving

Convenience and Time-saving
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One of the major advantages of employing an automatic pet feeder is that it saves you time and makes things convenient. You no longer have to rush home early because you have a pup or a little kitty on an empty stomach waiting for you. 

An automatic pet feeder will help you escape your everyday awkward moments where you have to ask your neighbor or friends to look after your pets.

3. Reduces Stress for Feeding Tasks

An automatic pet feeder is the best way to keep the food flow on point. It will help the pet owner and the pet stay stress-free. As a pet owner, you can quickly go on traveling or wind up your other crucial tasks while your pets can roam comfortably in your home, knowing where to get the food and when!

4. Schedule Several Meals in Advance

Several Meals
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Equipped with a built-in digital scheduler, the automatic pet feeder allows you to plan multiple meals days in advance. It will allow you to schedule multiple meals for many days in advance. 

You can enjoy your night outs or go on short trips without worrying about who’ll look after your fur babies. Many automatic pet feeders offer more than 2kg of food to be stored in their compartments. So, before buying an automatic pet feeder, check the features it offers you.

5. Improved Relationship with Your Pets

With a busy work routine, finding quality time with your furry companions can be challenging. Your time with them has been limited to cleaning or feeding their waste litter before you doze off to your bed. This is unfair to your furry partners! 

Installing an automatic pet feeder gives you more time to build a healthy connection with your little darlings! This allows you to enjoy long walks, play with your pets in parks, or search for pet competitions where you can enrol as a team! After all, teamwork makes the best project!

6. Maintaining a Food Routine for Pets

Food Routine
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Every animal has unique dietary requirements, making it challenging to manage different feeding schedules for multiple pets. You can always invest in an electronic pet feeder to get rid of this daunting task. 

The automatic feeders are perfect for scheduling different food proportions and feeding times that are tailored for each pet. This not only helps prevent food aggression and fights over food but also saves you valuable time for self-care. They won’t need to wait or beg for food. So, get an automatic pet feeder as a priority for your furry companions.

7. Prevents Overfeeding or Underfeeding

You can control the quantity of food or water dispensed to your pet through automatic pet feeders. With remote control capabilities, controlled dispensing promotes a healthy lifestyle for your furry companions by preventing overfeeding or underfeeding.

8. Independence for Pet Owners

As a pet owner, you are free to have fun at no-pet places. You can explore such eateries or restaurants with friends or family and try new flavors. All you require is to buy an exceptionally working automated feeder for your fur balls. Once you make this investment, you’re free to enjoy your time without constraints! 

9. Prevents Food Spoilage

Food Spoilage
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Unlike food left in traditional bowls, which may spoil and need to be discarded, an automatic feeder keeps your pets’ food fresh for extended periods. 

On the other hand, automatic feeders have separate compartments structured for dry and wet food items. These robotic feeders are a perfect resource to keep the food for your dogs or cats fresh and free from germs!

10. Battery Operated

Do you have plans for the weekend and want to go out partying? Don’t let worries about unexpected power outages spoil your fun. Here’s some good news for you: you do not need to worry; the wizardly automatic pet feeders have got you covered! 

Your besties are in safe hands as many pet feeders are available in the market. These operate through batteries or jump into backup battery mode once the power is disrupted.

Things to Consider Before Investing in Automatic Feeders for Cats and Dogs

investing in automatic feeders
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1. It Encourages Overeating

Many automatic feeders can inadvertently encourage overeating in cats and dogs. Some models lack mechanisms to control the food that needs to be provided to the pet animal. In such cases, animals who love eating food every time eat all the food provided at the moment in one go! 

Investing in an automatic cat feeder with a proper system to control the food that must be dispensed to the furry buddy at one food interval is best.

2. It May Malfunction

It is essential to keep a check on automatic feeders after every three days or a week. These are electronic devices, which means they can malfunction anytime, no matter how amazing they work. When planning extended absences such as vacations, enlist friends or family members to monitor both the feeder and your pets. If you do not take these precautions beforehand, your fur babies may be helpless, wanting to have food or water!

3. Pets can Tip Over the Feeder

Pets may attempt to tip over or manipulate the feeder to access the food directly, potentially causing harm to themselves and damaging the device. Not only will your pet hurt itself, but also break the feeder, with a huge financial loss to you. That’s the reason you’ve to train your pet animals first and then invest in this automatic saviour. 

4. Lack of Personalized Feeding

Many automatic feeders cannot customize meals according to the feeding needs of pets. It is a great constraint faced by animals that results in terrible health problems. Every animal has a distinct need, as many are different from each other in comparison to size, breed, and activity level. 

Considering automatic feeders, they provide a limited amount of food per moment, leaving a question mark to those animals with more diet. Sometimes, the feeder provides too much food that the pet animals stuff themselves due to overfeeding, which is equally wrong. 

Tips for Choosing the Best Automatic Feeders for Pets

Tips for Choosing Automatic Feeders
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Here are a few tips that you need to consider before selecting an excellent functioning automatic pet feeder for your furry fellows: —

1. A Better Feed Compatibility

Make sure to get an automatic pet feeder that can handle kibble of all shapes and sizes. Some outdated feeders have extreme issues where the food gets stuck, and a pet animal is many of them get stuck causing severe issues for pets to have food. 

2. Look for Automatic Pet Feeders with Battery Backup

Another essential tip to look for in an automatic feeder is that it must have a strong battery backup. You never know when electricity will go down and because of that, you can not risk the feeding routine of your furry pets! Therefore, it is crucial always to double-check whether the robotic feeder you get has a battery backup or not! 

3. Pet Feeders with built-in WiFi

Opt for automatic pet feeders with WiFi connectivity. It will help you to digitalize the feeding routine of your pets. You can customize meals for your fur animals throughout the day. You can also consider their likes and preferences for daily meals. Look for feeders compatible with feeder management apps that can be easily accessed and controlled via WiFi for added convenience. 


If you’re stuck in a never-ending busy schedule of managing college classes, long and tiring job hours, and coming home to have the least interaction with your pet cat or dog, we know you’re missing out big!

The bigger news is that you can invest some dollars in getting your hands on a solid automatic pet feeder that’ll save you a good amount of time! 

An automatic pet feeder will dispense food and water to your furry buddies at the scheduled time and will stay confident to positively impact your pets’ health and fitness! With all these benefits, you can also spend quality time with your favorite pals.
Happy Investing!

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Last Update: February 16, 2024