Zoe has some of the coolest skins in League of Legends. From her base appearance to her prestige skin, she always looks amazing on Summoner’s Rift.

The aesthetics of her abilities are honestly stunning, no matter which outfit she wears.

However, what is the best Zoe skin in LoL, and which ones bring you the most advantage when playing her?

In this post, I’ll rank all Zoe skins in League of Legends from worst to best. As a Zoe main, I own all of these skins and enjoy playing them. B

ut some of Zoe’s skins are simply better than others when it comes to executing combos or carrying games.

So, here are the best and worst Zoe skins in LoL!

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All Zoe Skins Ranked from Worst to Best

5. Cyber Pop Zoe

Cyber Pop Zoe splash art
  • Release Date: 21-Nov-2017
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Cyber Pop was the first Zoe skin we ever saw in League.

It was a part of her champion release and it gave us an alternative look, one that has nothing to do with stars, constellations, or twilight.

In the Cyber Pop universe, Zoe is an infamous hacker that’s trying to reboot the system (the reality).

And it’s interesting that Akshan is the only other champion in League of Legends with a Cyber Pop skin so far.

Cyber Pop Zoe gives a new look to all of Zoe’s abilities, including the balloons that minions carry. It has new spell animations as well as new sound effects for them.

There are also additional quotes that Zoe says, all specific to the Cyber Pop universe.

One thing I really like about this skin is that when you hit an enemy with your E – Sleepy Trouble Bubble, a blue screen icon appears in the position of the sleeping target.

So even if the enemy champion is in the Fog of War, you can easily spot them by looking for the blue screen icon.

That said, Cyber Pop Zoe can be considered as a helpful skin gameplay-wise. However, it falls short when compared to other Zoe skins in League of Legends.

Benefits Drawbacks
New ability animations and soundsThe colors are often difficult to see
Clearly displays the range of Q – Paddle StarNo chromas
Improved E – Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Check the Cyber Pop Zoe skin on YouTube.

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4. Arcanist Zoe

Arcanist Zoe splash art
  • Release Date: 09-Jul-2020
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Arcanist is among the latest Zoe skins in LoL, but it isn’t as impressive as the rest. Don’t get me wrong – Arcanist Zoe is a beautiful skin with colors and sparkles that the champion deserves.

However, it has a few cons too.

First of all, Arcanist gives Zoe a completely new look. While the main colors are blue and purple, Zoe here wears a large hat that mimics the shape of her celestial hair.

She also carries a book which she’s stolen (Spell Thief indeed).

The Arcanist Zoe skin comes with a new set of ability animations that match Zoe’s outfit. There are also new sound effects, but no new quotes.

My favorite is when Zoe leaves a Sleepy Trouble Bubble on the ground, letters and runes circle around it.

In the Arcanist universe, Zoe is a student at the Arcanist academy but she spends her time causing havoc instead of actually studying.

Gameplay-wise, Arcanist Zoe isn’t a must-have skin. All of the abilities look great and sparkly, but they don’t help in any significant way.

There’s also a prestige version of this skin which does everything a bit better.

Benefits Drawbacks
Beautiful new ability animationsFeels “clunky” at times
Clean colors & improved visibilityNo chromas

Check the Arcanist Zoe skin on YouTube.

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3. Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition

Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition splash art
  • Release Date: 09-Jul-2020
  • Price: 100 Prestige Points
  • Loot: Unavailable

While the basic Arcanist Zoe is a cool skin overall, the Prestige Edition is at least a few times better. Personally, I’m not that into prestige skins in League of Legends.

But I have to admit, Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition looks freaking awesome in-game!

Everything that the basic Arcanist Zoe skin has, the Prestige Edition has it too. However, everything is recolored and shines with gold.

For example, instead of wearing a purple-blue hat, Zoe here wears a yellow-golden one. Her abilities appear brighter and therefore easier to aim at your enemies.

I’d definitely say that this skin helps you perform better on Zoe.

Unfortunately, the Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition skin cannot be always bought. It’s a rare and limited skin that only some Zoe players have.

In any case, here’s what you should think about before buying this skin.

Benefits Drawbacks
Beautiful new ability animationsNo transformations
Clean colors & improved visibilityNo chromas
Feels very powerful while playing

Check the Arcanist Zoe Prestige Edition skin on YouTube.

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2. Pool Party Zoe

Pool Party Zoe splash art
  • Release Date: 02-Aug-2018
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

Pool Party was my favorite skin for Zoe for a very long time. I mean, what’s not to like here? It’s super cool skin that makes you think of summer parties, pools, and cocktails.

Combine it with Zoe’s contagious vibe of positivity, this skin is definitely a must-have!

But not only is Pool Party Zoe a cool concept, it looks cool too. Zoe is dressed in a children’s swimsuit. Her hair is blue, contains a flower, and morphs into a water tail. 

Pool Party Zoe features new animations for all abilities and attacks.

The design is very clean. And the blue color of the water is in contrast with the grass of Summoner’s Rift, which improves your visibility and control over your spells.

But the best part about this skin is the new sound effects! Each time you hit an enemy with an ability or an auto-attack, you hear a splash of water.

This is very pleasing and it helps you immerse in the game.

Pool Party Zoe also comes with lots of chroma variants which are also awesome. They don’t change the looks of Zoe’s abilities, but only her outfit. 

In any case, this is a great skin to own, regardless of whether you’re a Zoe player or not!

Benefits Drawbacks
Fun & whimsy spell animationsSome animations blend into the terrain
All abilities look and sound pleasurable
Many chromas to choose from

Check the Pool Part Zoe skin on YouTube.

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1. Star Guardian Zoe

Star Guardian Zoe splash art
  • Release Date: 12-Sep-2019
  • Price: 1350 RP
  • Loot: 1050 Orange Essence

And the best skin for Zoe in League of Legends is Star Guardian! I have literally no negative comments when it comes to this skin.

It’s my ultimate favorite skin for this champion and the one I use when I’m really try-harding with Zoe in ranked.

Star Guardian Zoe has everything you need for this champion – amazing visuals, wide spell animations, immersive audio, and tons of variety (chromas).

This skin comes with new VFX and SFX, as well as a completely new outfit for Zoe. Here she wears a purple dress and her hair is a mix of dark blue and purple.

Star Guadian Zoe features many new quotes and a voice filter too.

The reason why this is the best skin for Zoe in LoL is the way the abilities look in-game. The animations make Zoe’s Q and E seem wider than the basic appearances, which increases your accuracy.

I believe that Star Guardian helps me play Zoe much better, so I’d advise you to try out this skin as well.

The aesthetics of Start Guardian Zoe are honestly amazing, all purple, pink, and dark blue. You can spot stars and constellations in many of the animations.

The chromas for this skin don’t change the colors of the abilities, but they’re still stunning.

Benefits Drawbacks
Wider and better ability animations None
Helps you improve accuracy on Q and E
Unique chromas

Check the Star Guardian Zoe skin on YouTube.

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So, if you were wondering “What is the best Zoe skin for ranked League of Legends”, my answer is – Star Guardian Zoe.

I have nothing negative to say about it, despite playing with the skin for a couple of years now. And if I had enough money for only one Zoe skin, Star Guardian is the one I’d buy.

I know that we all like different types of skins in LoL and you might not agree with me. However, I ranked these based on how much they help you gameplay-wise.

So if you’re looking to climb with Zoe this season, you might want to consider purchasing Star Guardian or Pool Party.

And if you want to view all Zoe skins and chromas in 3d models, check the official Zoe fandom page.

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