Most bot lane players roll their eyes when their support locks in Shaco. And they’re right – most Shaco supports are trolls and only pick the champion for having fun, not winning.

However, if you’re the type of player who understands and or has experienced how effective Shaco can be as a support, you’ve found the guide for you. 

Here I’ll talk about the 5 bot lane picks I’ve had massive success with in combination with Shaco support so you can exploit them too. And do know that each of these champions has a high win rate with Shaco and are objectively the best possible picks you can make. Both theoretically and actually.

That said, let’s talk about them one by one.

1. Ziggs


Ziggs isn’t only my go-to pick for climbing from the bot lane, but he’s also the optimal pick for Shaco supports. A dozen different things that Ziggs does to help out Shaco and vice versa.

For instance, the fear from Shaco’s boxes allows Ziggs to aim his Qs better. This is an obvious synergy but everyone who’s played Ziggs knows how difficult it is to actually hit this ability on enemy champions. And so, Shaco makes this a cakewalk.

Additionally, Ziggs can push enemies into Shaco’s boxes with his W. This is a fun interaction you can do to surprise your opponents and set up an easy kill. It requires a bit of coordination from both of you, but if you see a Shaco box near an enemy champion, simply push them into it with W.

Shaco is not like any other support and you won’t see him guarding his ADC throughout the laning phase. This is totally okay for Ziggs because he can easily farm from range and stay safe on his own. And so, he leaves Shaco free to roam and influence the rest of the map.

Ziggs and Shaco can have a tremendous amount of control over the bot side of the map. With Ziggs’ mines and W, as well as Shaco’s boxes, no enemy jungler can gank unnoticed. On the opposite, they’re likely to retreat with half of their HP gone.

After level 6 and once teamfights start to break out, Shaco and Ziggs don’t have the best synergy. For Ziggs, it’s all about lining up abilities, dealing as much damage as possible, and pressuring the enemy team. And for Shaco, setting up boxes in key areas and bothering the enemy ADC will be your primary tasks in most fights.

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2. Veigar


If Ziggs isn’t your cup of tea, Veigar is another AP bot laner that goes incredibly well with Shaco support. He isn’t as independent early on as Ziggs, but he does have an easier playstyle and a much bigger burst.

As Shaco and Veigar, you’ll see that the laning phase usually starts really slow. Veigar is a scaling mage and needs the early farm to be effective in the mid to late game. So Shaco’s job here is to keep enemies off of Veigar by setting up boxes in strategic places.

When one of the opponents gets feared by Shaco, Veigar can quickly set up a cage around them to trap them. This opens up a kill opportunity for this duo or at least a favorable trade they can capitalize on later.

From level 6 onwards, Shaco and Veigar can play much more aggressively. Veigar’s ultimate has enough damage to finish off any ADC or support below 30 or 40% HP. So don’t hesitate to trade and throw around your abilities to create an opportunity for a kill.

Shaco doesn’t need to stay next to Veigar 24/7 and hold his hand until the late game. He can place traps around the bot lane, go gank mid lane, and leave Veigar to farm and scale alone. This is a strategy that will give Veigar power spikes earlier than usual so he can carry the game.

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3. Jhin


From the actual marksmen roster, Jhin is the first pick you should consider. He goes well with any support that can easily mark an enemy champion for his W which makes Shaco a perfect candidate for the job.

For starters, Shaco’s boxes, as well as his E, provide an easy way for Jhin to land his W and root the enemy. This can be crucial for early game trades, but also for landing kills later on. When the enemy is feared, they can’t dodge Jhin’s W, so it’s a win-win combination. 

Another thing I like about playing Shaco into Jhin is that it keeps the laning phase unpredictable for the enemy team. With Jhin’s invisible traps and Shaco’s invisible boxes, the enemy duo can’t walk confidently forward. The same goes for the enemy jungler who’ll likely be discouraged to attempt a gank from the very beginning.

This simply means that playing Jhin and Shaco together is actually very safe. And once the laning phase is over and you start grouping, you can unleash chaos upon your opponents.

While Jhin is aiming his ultimate, for example, Shaco can send out a clone to reveal the enemy team for Jhin and help him land his 4 shots. This can be a very effective strategy, so don’t hesitate to use it.

4. Sivir


Sivir is another ADC that always performs fantastically well in combination with Shaco but not because of some crazy synergy between these two champions (even though there is). The reason is rather simple.

Sivir is one of the most independent marksmen in the entire League of Legends. Thanks to her shield, the long-range other Q, the AOE from her W, as well as the bonus MS from her ultimate, she can be perfectly safe without a support in the bot lane.

For instance, Sivir can clear a minion wave pretty quickly after level 4. A couple of auto-attacks with her W and a Q across the entire wave are usually enough for her to collect the gold and experience and head to safety under her turret.

This frees Shaco to do absolutely anything he wants on Summoner’s Rift. He can place two boxes on the bot lane and team up with his jungler to torment the rest of the lanes while Sivir is getting solo experience and gold. 

This is a fantastic strategy that I’ve seen work even in Master elo. So don’t be afraid to try it out, no matter which rank you are.

Additionally, you can always play more safely with Shaco and stay around Sivir. Especially if she’s the only carry in your team, that’s the right move to make.

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5. Lucian


On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Lucian. Lucian and Shaco are a lane-focused duo that primarily wants to get good trades early on and score as many kills as possible during the laning phase.

On level 2, Shaco can jump on the enemy ADC from invisibility while Lucian dashes forward and Qs the same target. The amount of damage and chaos this combo creates is enough to get the enemy ADC to 30% HP. They’re likely to burn their Flash as well.

The same strategy can and should be applied time and time again. Shaco and Lucian can play very aggressively and force the enemy team to be constantly on the defense.

However, this also means that you need a proper vision for doing this. The enemy duo will likely call their jungler so you’ll need to place Shaco’s boxes at the right spots and place strategies wards too, especially pink wards.

In late game team fights, Shaco can create enough distortion for Lucian to obliterate his opponents. With his clone and AOE fear, Shaco is usually enough of a distraction so that Lucian remains free to auto-attack and deal damage.

So definitely give this duo a shot!


Of course, other ADC picks have an even greater synergy with Shaco but they don’t have a positive win ratio. 

One example is Twitch who can be pretty lethal with his camouflage in combination with Shaco. But these two champions have power spikes at such different times that they don’t complement each other in an ideal way.

So, if you want to make the most out of playing with a Shaco support, go for these 5 picks exclusively!

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