Pokemon is one of those franchises that has been popular for decades. The interesting thing is that instead of winding down, the franchise is now stronger than ever. Which is why it can be a great idea to start collecting Pokemon cards in particular. The most valuable Pokemon cards 2023 are well into 4  figures, sometimes even much more.  

Why are Pokemon cards so expensive?

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Source: Image by Thimo Pedersen on unsplash

Pokemon cards are widely known for being a collectible item, and one that’s always sought after. But this is one of the many reasons, as you can see below:

  • People love trading Pokemon cards, it’s a pastime that has been very popular for decades, and it has a very strong community.
  • The Pokemon franchise is still extremely popular, with new games being released all the time. On top of that, there are all kinds of collectibles and items related to the franchise. The hype is not winding down, instead things get more and more popular.
  • It always comes down to supply and demand. Some of these cards had a very limited run, there’s a very limited supply, and that means prices are bound to go up.
  • Some cards tend to be very expensive because people buy their favorite Pokemon in the form of a card collectible. That’s why some cards like Charizard tend to be more expensive when compared to others.
  • Aside from limited runs, some cards are also meant to be very rare by design. That’s one of the reasons why some cards are extremely expensive, well into 5 figures due to their rarity.
  • Nostalgia plays a major role when it comes to Pokemon cards too, some collect them for nostalgia’s sake alone.

The most valuable Pokemon cards 2023 – 2024 and beyond

valuable Pokemon cards
Source: Image by Thimo Pedersen on unsplash

Arceus VSTAR Crown Zenith Secret Rare

The Arceus VSTAR Crown Zenith card was released in early 2023 and it can run you anywhere from $60 ungraded to $106 – $190 graded. The card showcases the god Pokemon coming from the Mt Sinnoh. The card itself is downright incredible, with an astounding visual style, and also quite rare. For a lot of people, the artwork is what sets it apart, but at the same time you will find this to be a very detailed card, unlike some of the older ones. It’s not uber rare, but this is not a run of the mill card either. The Arceus VSTAR Crown Zenith Secret Rare is seen as one of the toughest to get Pokemon cards released in 2023, which shows how sought after it really is.

Squirtle (Pokémon Center Promo)

Even if this Squirtle card is not bringing anything to the competitive sector, it’s very sought after because it was offered during a promo. It’s great for collectors because this card was available during a very limited run. You had to buy the Scarlet & Violet 151 Ultra Premium Collection via the Squirtle Center website. It’s not the type of card that lasted for a long time, and that’s why it’s $90 these days, maybe more.

Magikarp (Illustration Rare)

The Magikarp (Illustration Rare) version made by Shinji Kanda has become very popular between collectors. It’s due to the outwork, because it looks incredible, even if the card itself is not extremely competitive. Plus, we have to realize that Magikarp is one of those very popular characters that continue to stand out within the Pokemon world. We expect this card to be even higher and higher in price as time goes by, just because this is an extremely popular character in the Pokemon TCG world.

Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat (SVP 085)

Source: Image by Mika Baumeister on unsplash

The Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat (SVP 085) might not seem like a rarity, but it is. The card itself is a promo card and it was provided solely to those that visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. You had to go through the entire exhibit and then you would be able to see various renditions of Pokemon in Van Gogh’s style. You also had t complete a quiz, and you would only get a single card for the entire thing.

It’s easy to see why people find this card to be so rare. It’s very hard to get, it was available for a limited time as well. That’s why prices are anywhere from $100 to $160 or more if you want to get it online. However, we have to say that Pikachu with its Grey Felt Hat looks great, and this is one of the cards for the true collectors.

Charizard ex (Special Illustration Rare)

Source: Image by Giorgio Trovato on unsplash

Depending on the grade, this can go up to $350, so it’s a very expensive card or collectors. The card pertains to a special set, the Scarlet and Violet 151 set. There were a very limited number of rare illustrations like these, and that makes it extremely hard to access. Plus, not all existing cards are in the best conditions, which further limits the accessibility towards these cards. That’s why it’s one of the must-have cards for collectors, and totally worth adding to your collection. Thankfully, you can find lower grades under $100, if you really want the card.

Roaring Moon ex (Special Illustration Rare)

There are many things to like about the Roaring Moon ex card. It’s one of the few special illustration rare cards from the Paradox Rift that actually maintained its value. Generally, you will find this card anywhere from $50 to $100 or more in some cases. The card is a valid option in the Pokemon metagame, and it’s also visually impressive. Plus, a lot of people went with this card because you could have Frenzied Gouging being able to KO everything in front of him.

Umbreon (EB Games Exclusive)

Source: Image by Erik Mclean on unsplash

The EB Games exclusive Umbreon is another one of those cards that was very limited with its availability. In fact, it was exclusive to a $15+ purchase to the EB games retailer. You couldn’t get it anywhere else, and that’s what makes it so rare in the first place. Yes, it’s not one of those cards that will have a huge relevance when it comes to when and how you play it. But it is a very solid, unique card that a lot of people will want to collect. Thankfully, you can get it these days anywhere from $40 to $80, depending on the condition and grade.

Iono (Special Illustration Rare)

Another one of the valuable Pokemon cards 2023 has to be the Iono (Special Illustration Rare). The card looks incredible, and the visuals themselves sell it to all collectors. Plus, despite being a trainer card, it’s coming with a good ability. That’s one of the many reasons why the card averages at around $75, it was close to $100 at one point. Plus, Iono is also a fan favorite for a lot of people, hence it continues to grab the attention of many players. A new Iono card is set to be released soon, so we expect this one to go up in price as it becomes less available online.

Giratina VSTAR (Galarian Gallery)

Source: Image by Erik Mclean on unsplash

When you are wondering how much are ex Pokemon cards worth, you will notice they tend to be anywhere from $50 to hundreds of dollars based on their grade. The Giratina VSTAR (Galarian Gallery) m is a V Star card that was included in a 4-part artwork. It connects the Sinnoh Legendary Pokemon. It shows the lore of these Pokemon. Remember this was a part of a bonus set, and you can’t find loose packs or booster boxes. You can see why the Giratina VSTAR (Galarian Gallery) card averages at around $76, with some graded versions being over $100.

Paradise Resort – Promo

If you’re looking for one of the most valuable Pokemon cards 2023, then you might want to check out the Paradise Resort – Promo. The card has a price of $700, and it’s very rare. It was shared as a gift in the welcome kit for those that played at the World Championship 2023 tournament. Event Staff members also got the card, but it says Staff there, and those tend to be those that everyone wants to get. Granted, the card artwork is not outstanding here, but the fact that it’s heavily limited is what makes a lot of people want this card more and more. 


Now that you know which are the most valuable Pokemon cards 2023, it’s the ideal time to start collecting these incredible rarities. Collecting Pokemon cards is not only a lot of fun, it’s also very exciting and the hunt itself is what sets the experience apart. Keep in mind that some of the more valuable Pokemon cards 2023 are very expensive, so it’s a good idea to check prices beforehand. See how much are ex Pokemon cards worth, what cards you want to use in competitive play and also which cards have the most appealing artwork for you. One thing is certain, collecting Pokemon cards is a lot of fun, and it’s one of those hobbies that can be very profitable too!

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Last Update: February 26, 2024