With so many champions in League of Legends, it isn’t always easy to decide which one to main. The difficult part is that ranked solo queue requires your A-game, and you must give your best in every match if you want to keep climbing.

Champions with no skillshots are extremely easy to play and require little mechanical skill. They’re simple but powerful, giving you a fair chance of carrying each time you play them. Champs without skillshots are easy to learn, so you can pick them up and start winning right away.

Besides this, champions that don’t have skillshots can help you perform better even if you play with high ping or you’re experiencing low FPS in League of Legends. They make it very easy for you to land your abilities and always provide your team with damage or crowd control.

That said, let’s check out the 10 best champions without skillshots in LoL!

The 10 Best Champions Without Skillshots in League of Legends

10. Nasus

Nasus Splash Art

I start my list off with Nasus for a very good reason. If you’re a beginner LoL player or just starting to play top lane, I recommend you main Nasus. He’s simple, effective, and able to solo-carry games.

Here’s why.

Nasus has only one weakness – early game. He isn’t the most powerful champion in the laning phase and struggles against aggressive opponents. But if you manage to farm the first 10 to 15 minutes with Nasus, you’ll be unstoppable in the late game!

Nasus’ Q – Siphoning Strike allows him to stack permanent AD each time he slays a minion, monster, or champion with the ability. This doesn’t have any limit, and, theoretically, Nasus can get infinite stacks. All Siphoning Stacks are added to the damage of the Q, which is activated through an auto-attack.

Nasus’ W is a point-click slow effect, while his E is an AoE effect that damages enemies and lowers their Armor. And his ultimate – Fury of the Sands grants him bonus max Health. 

All of these abilities are easy to use and require no particular skill. But they’re very effective!

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9. Darius

Darius Splash Art

Darius is another top laner that I can recommend if you’re looking to climb in League of Legends. Darius requires a bit of experience but not certainly not too much. Of course, he has no skillshots in his ability kit, so you can master him in a pretty short time.

What makes Darius a particularly good champion for solo queue is that he’s able to duel champions. In fact, he can deal with most picks in the game alone. He can even 1v2 or 1v3 if he plays correctly.

Darius has 4 simple abilities that all work towards exploiting his passive – Hemorrhage. 

The Q ability allows Darius to damage all enemies around him and restore a bit of his health. His W deals damage and applies a slow effect. His E lets him pull enemies towards him. And Darius’ ultimate – Noxian Guillotine is a point-click spell that deals massive single-target true damage. Noxian Guillotine resets when Darius slays a champion with it, allowing him to slay multiple enemies in the same fight.

This all synergizes with Hemorrhage because it allows Darius to also apply a bleeding effect on his targets while doing his regular damage.

All in all, Darius is a super effective LoL champion without any skillshot.

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8. Jax

Jax Splash Art

Next on the list is Jax. Jax is another champion in LoL that doesn’t have skillshots in his kit, and he doesn’t need any to carry. His power comes from his auto-attacks and his ability to 1v1 all champions in the game.

Jas is a well-rounded champion in League of Legends. He has both – offensive and defensive tools, AP and AD damage, survivability, and mobility. And it’s all packed in a neat package that works like this.

Jax’s passive increases his Attack Speed. His Q is a jump-and-damage type of ability that allows him to engage in a fight or run away from one. The W ability is an empowered auto-attack that deals massive damage. His E is an AoE stun that also blocks damage from basic attacks. And Jax’s ultimate grants him bonus Armor and Magic Resist, making him pretty tanky.

In other words, Jax has nothing confusing. All you need to do is learn how to move and attack if you’re new to the game. But if you have even a bit of League experience, you’re already a decent Jax player.

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7. Trundle

Trundle Splash Art

Trundle is another melee fighter in LoL that doesn’t use skillshots to conquer his enemies. His ability kit is easy to understand but super powerful when it comes to carrying games, especially in low elo.

Trundle has 2 damaging spells 1 crowd control effect, and 1 buff. 

With his Q, Trundle empowers his next basic attack to deal bonus damage. His W increases his Attack and Movement Speed. His E spawns a Pillar of Ice which knocks back enemies and slows them down. And Trundle’s R is a DoT (damage-over-time) effect that also steals 40% of the enemy Armor and Magic Resist.

This is a perfect combination for fighting in melee range in League of Legends. Even with a bruiser build, Trundle is a pretty tanky champion. His passive allows him to heal every time an enemy champion dies, so he’s great in team fights too.

You can play Trundle both in the top lane and in the jungle. He has a couple of difficult matchups in the top lane, so he’s better overall as a jungler. But with enough practice, you can climb as a top lane Trundle too.

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6. Alistar

Alistar Splash Art

Alistar is among the few support champions in League of Legends that have no skillshots. And even though he has received a couple of updates over the years, Riot Games has never given him a skillshot. 

Here’s how Alistar works.

Alistar has one essential combo – W + Q. His W launches Alistar to the target and also pushes the target away. And his Q knocks up the target. However, if Alistar uses W, then Q one after the other, he dashes to the target and instantly knocks them up in the air.

Other than this, Alistar can also stun an enemy champion with his E. And his ultimate – Unbreakable Will allows him to break any CC effect on him and reduce all incoming damage. This also makes Alistar a great tank that can protect his allies by keeping the enemies away.

There are a few ADC champions that go particularly well with Alistar in the bot lane. These are Samira, Yasuo, Vayne, and Miss Fortune. But since Alistar is so effective at providing CC, you can play him in any matchup!

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5. Tryndamere

Tryndamere Splash Art

In the fifth place, we have Tryndamere. If it wasn’t for his E, Tryndamere would be one of the few champions with only point-click abilities in the game. However, his Spinning Slash allows him to dash to a targeted location, damaging all enemies in the path.

Other than this, Tryndamere has 3 pretty simple abilities. 

His Q restores a portion of his health based on how much Rage he currently has. His W is a slow effect that can only be activated when Trynda’s enemies are facing away from him. And Tryndamere’s R makes him unkillable for 5 more seconds, after which he can heal himself with Q again.

Tryndamere is probably the best split pusher in League of Legends. Since he doesn’t have anything to miss, he’s able to slay any champion in a 1v1 fight. All he needs to do is auto-attack them and activate his ultimate right before he dies.

Trynda can either be played in the top lane, the mid lane, or the jungle. Some matchups, such as Teemo, are particularly difficult, but only in the laning phase.

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4. Garen

Garen Splash Art

Like Tryndamere, Garen is a champion who can be played in multiple roles with the same success. All of his abilities synergize, making Garen an extremely powerful tank, fighter, and melee assassin all in one!

What makes Garen so good at climbing is the fact that he deals so much damage even with a tank build. In fact, Garen doesn’t even need an offensive mythic item. You can purchase Sunfire Aegis on Garen, and your combo will still bring your target from 100% to 0% HP.

Garen has a very simple combo – Q into E and R for a finisher. 

When Garen uses his Q, he empowers his next basic attack to deal bonus damage and silence the target. And if he uses his E immediately after, he’ll spin around his enemy dealing damage. In the end, he can always use his ultimate – Demacian Justice, which deals a lot of true damage, to secure the takedown.

Because of this, many players think that there’s no counter to Garen. His spin-to-win strategy has always been an effective way to climb in LoL as a top laner, so I recommend it too.

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3. Master Yi

Master Yi Splash Art

In the third place, we have Master Yi. He is one of the champions that don’t have any CC in League of Legends and no single skillshot in their kits. Yet, everybody knows how problematic Master Yi can really be.

Because his design is so simple and 90% of Yi’s damage comes from his basic attacks – there’s no real counter to him either. Your only option of stopping Master Yi is to stun him, but only if he doesn’t dodge your stun first.

You see, Master Yi’s Q – Alpha Strike allows him to become untergetable and invisible for a second while he damages multiple enemies at once. The cooldown of this ability can be lowered when Master Yi auto-attacks.

On the other hand, his E grants his basic attacks bonus true damage and his R bonus Attack Speed. His W – Meditate reduces all incoming damage and restores his health. And so, you can’t defeat him if you don’t hold him in one place, unable to attack.

If you’re a jungle main, I’d definitely suggest you spam Master Yi. Most of your opponents won’t know what to do against you, so you’ll easily climb to Platinum or Diamond.

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2. Vayne

Vayne Splash Art

Vayne is perhaps the only champion on this list without a single skillshot but requires a lot of skill at the same time. She’s one of the most challenging champions to master because of how mechanically demanding she is.

Here’s a quick explanation of how Vayne works.

Vayne uses her Q to tumble in a chosen direction, increasing the damage of her next attack. Her W allows her to deal bonus true damage with her 3rd attack on the same target. Her E is a point-click ability that pushes her target away from her. And her ultimate grants her bonus AD as well as an invisibility effect when she uses her Q.

So, I say that Vayne is difficult to master because she’s a short-ranged ADC with no AoE abilities. She requires skill in kiting, which is awfully important here. You’ll need to be quick in using her E, which can interrupt dashes or stun the enemy if it hits a wall.

So if you don’t like to play an ADC with skillshots, such as Ezreal, Vayne is the champion for you.

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1. Katarina

Katarina Splash Art

And lastly, we have Katarina. This is the best champion for climbing in solo queue in League of Legends. And it’s only fitting that she doesn’t have any skillshot abilities in her kit!

Katarina isn’t a difficult champion to master, but you definitely need experience in playing her. She has a pretty unique playstyle, and you need to know how to use her abilities to their maximum.

Here’s how they work.

Katarina’s passive allows her to reset her other abilities when she scores a champion takedown. Her Q is a point-click spell that damages multiple targets and leaves a dagger on the ground. Her W also throws a dagger on the ground. With her E, Katarina jumps to an enemy champion, ally champion, or a dagger. Collection a dagger lowers the CD of her jump and deals AoE damage.

But the best tool that Katarina has is her ultimate – Death Lotus. Once activated, this ability makes Katarina spin, dealing high burst damage to all enemies around her. 

Katarina excels in team fights. She’s able to constantly reset her abilities, jumping all over the place and assassinating enemies. One of the most fun you can have in LoL is playing Katarina, so I suggest you give her a try.

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As you can see, you don’t need to play complex champions with skillshots in order to climb in League of Legends. The great thing about the champions on this list is that they’re always decent, no matter the meta or the patch. 

For example, nothing can stop Nasus from stacking his Q and becoming an unstoppable monster in the late game.

And so, playing these champions without skillshots is always recommended for climbing, regardless of your personal skill or knowledge of League of Legends. 

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