Teamfight Tactics is a great game to play if you just want to sit down and relax a bit. And if you’re a total beginner, it’s also a great game to learn the champions of League of Legends with. However, can you play TFT without having to install the whole League of Legends game?

Riot Games haven’t given us too much information about their TFT philosophy. One day the game dropped on the League Client and it’s still a part of it. So, many people that don’t necessarily play League wonder whether they must install LoL in order to play TFT or not?

In this post, I’ll answer that question and tell you how you can play only Teamfight Tactics without League of Legends.

Let’s go!

Can You Play Teamfight Tactics without League of Legends?

TFT on the League Client

Can you download and install Teamfight Tactics without LoL? Is Teamfight Tactics separate from League?

It’s not possible to play Teamfight Tactics without downloading and installing League of Legends. TFT is not a standalone game and it’s only available on the League Client. However, you don’t have to play LoL in order to play TFT. And the mobile version of TFT can be played without LoL.

You have two options when it comes to playing Teamfight Tactics – PC or mobile.

As I mentioned, the PC version is the one connected with League of Legends and is inseparable. You can’t install just TFT. Instead, you must install League of Legends, even if it’s just for playing Teamfight Tactics.

For most people, this isn’t a problem. And many players that do play TFT also enjoy League of Legends occasionally. But if you aren’t among them, I’d suggest you completely forget about LoL and only go to the TFT tab in the League Client.

However, if you really don’t want to bother with downloading and installing the whole League of Legends just for Teamfight Tactics, I’d suggest you simply play the game on your mobile phone. 

And here’s how and why you should do that!

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How to Play TFT without League of Legends?

TFT on a mobile device

Can you download and install Teamfight Tactics without LoL?

The mobile version of TFT is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It comes as a standalone game and without League of Legends. You can use the same Riot Games account for playing Teamfight Tactics on your mobile, so you get the same experience as on PC but without LoL.

TFT is not a taxing game for your mobile device. In fact, it’s a pretty light game that runs smoothly on almost all devices I’ve installed personally (smartphone, iPad…). 

The only downside to playing TFT on your mobile is the smaller screen. But if you don’t mind it, it’s a great way to enjoy the game.

Here’s how to play Teamfight Tactics on your mobile device:

  1. Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on your device.
  2. Download the TFT game.
  3. Login with your existing Riot Games account, Google account, or simply create a new one.
  4. Play the game!

And that’s about it! It’s quick, easy, and tons of fun!

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So, there you go! Unfortunately, we cannot play TFT without LoL. Riot Games developed TFT with the help of League and it’s still a part of it. We have no information whether Riot plans to make a client specifically for TFT and launch it as a separate game. But let’s hope for it!

I also hope this post helped you figure out how you should play Teamfight Tactics, whether you should install the PC or the mobile version.

Good luck!

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Last Update: March 2, 2024