I always describe Miss Fortune as the most explosive ADC in League of Legends. She’s capable of eliminating all 5 of the enemy champions in a matter of seconds with good use of her ultimate ability, Bullet Time.

But in order for MF to use her ulti optimally, she requires a support that can set the stage for her. This often means a huge AoE crowd control effect that can line up the enemy team so that Miss Fortune has a few seconds of uninterrupted blasting.

Well, here I’ve taken 13 such champions, all of which I’ve personally tested in combination with MF. The synergy should be obvious to every seasoned LoL player out there. 

But if you’re kind of new to the bot lane or LoL in general, let me tell you about the best supports you can play with Miss Fortune.

13. Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc

Renata Glasc is an interesting champion with a unique set of abilities. She does many things well, including creating amazing opportunities for MF’s ultimate.

This mostly happens through her ultimate, Hostile Takeover. Once available, this ability has the power to crowd control the entire enemy team when aimed properly. 

The really cool thing about it is that Renata’s R forces enemies to attack each other, essentially increasing the damage that they receive. And if there’s a really fed enemy champion between them, he can massacre them on his own.

And so, whenever Renata casts a good Hostile Takeover, Miss Fortune can immediately activate her own R, Bullet Time. Not only does the synergy always works, but the combined damage is enough to take down every enemy in sight.

Another thing you can try as Renata is to hide the animation of the ultimate to increase the chances of catching as many opponents as possible. This is done by standing behind a wall and sending the ability forward. It can often catch your enemies off guard.

Renata also offers a bit of shielding and magic damage, so she’s an excellent support overall.

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12. Malphite


Malphite is an off-meta support pick that works particularly well with a few ADCs similar to Miss Fortune. But MF is by far his best partner in my opinion.

The reason why Malphite and Miss Fortune work as a bot lane duo is largely due to the synergy between their ultimate abilities. When Malphite knocks up one or more enemies with his R, Miss Fortune can obliterate them with her R while they’re still airborne.

This combo is especially powerful when Malphite builds AP and focuses full on damage as well. His ultimate has an insanely high AP ratio and often allows Malphite to one-shot enemies on his own. 

Since both, Unstoppable Force and Bullet Time have relatively short cooldowns, Malphite and MF can force fights every minute or so. They also don’t have to answer fights when their ultimates aren’t ready and they can always be initiators instead.

In the laning phase, Malphite and MF should play more passively and wait until level 6. Malphite is essentially useless in the bot lane without his R, so it’s best to play around that cooldown.

11. Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV is another off-meta pick I really enjoy in the bot lane. It doesn’t matter whether you play Jarvan with this AP support build or not, his synergy with Miss Fortune works fantastically well even though it’s underutilized by so many players.

To put things simply, Jarvan’s R, Cataclysm, has the power to trap one, two, or more enemy champions in a tight place. When this happens, Miss Fortune has a few seconds of uninterrupted time which she can use to blast away those enemies with her ultimate.

In my experience, nothing scares players more than being engaged by Jarvan IV, a strong frontline champion that they can’t escape from and can’t take down quickly.

Well, add Miss Fortune’s AoE damage output and you get one of the most powerful teamfight combos in the entire League of Legends.

Besides this, Jarvan can even grant MF bonus attack speed with his E as well as shield her for a tiny amount. So, he’s a pick you should definitely try out!

10. Annie


Annie is a support mage that generally goes well with ADCs that can aid her on her Flash + Tibbers engage. This often means marksmen that have instant damage to pump out, which includes Miss Fortune as well.

The synergy here involves Annie stunning as many champions as possible with her R, Tibbers, and Miss Fortune casting her ultimate onto the stunned targets. And since Annie is naturally a high-AP champion, the damage that this combo can do is more than most enemies can bear.

The AoE stun that Annie can provide is honestly among the best effects for Miss Fortune’s R. And the additional damage just makes it so MF is much faster at taking down her opponents.

I love playing Annie with Miss Fortune because of her dominating lane presence as well as her defensive options. 

For example, Annie can poke the enemy laners with her Q and W all game long. And when it’s time to run away, she can shield Miss Fortune with her E.

9. Maokai


Over the years, Maokai became one of the best pocket picks for lots of support players, even in high elo. The reason for it being that Maokai is both a tank and a high AoE magic damage dealer while his kit possesses tons of CC too.

Maokai can set up a fight for Miss Fortune in two different ways. First, his W is available as early as level 1 and it’s a strong point-click root effect that can allow MF to deal damage freely.

But the superior synergy happens when Maokai casts his ultimate, Nature’s Grasp, and snares multiple enemies for over 2 seconds. Depending on how well the targets are aligned, Miss Fortune can utterly dismantle them with her R and they won’t have any chance of escaping.

Additionally, Maokai can combine his R and W onto a single target (preferably the enemy carry) to immobilize them long enough for them to be completely eliminated from the fight. 

This is an excellent strategy against a fed ADC or mid laner, especially in combination with MF who always has enough damage to take her target down.

So, Maokai and Miss Fortune are excellent throughout the game, not just when their ultimates are available.

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8. Nautilus


Nautilus may lack the damage that some of the other picks on this list may have, but he’s one of the best supports when it comes to purely providing CC.

And as the king of CC in the bot lane, Nautilus can help Miss Fortune in multiple ways.

First, Nautilus’ dominating presence in the lane allows MF to play freely and safely farm. The threat from Nautilus’ Q is simply too much for most ADCs and support champions, so they often play defensively against him.

Second, Nautilus’ combined crowd control (passive auto-attack, Q, and R) amounts to nearly 5 seconds of the target being unable to move which allows Miss Fortune a full channeling of her ultimate as well as a few auto attacks.

And third, since Nautilus is a fantastic tank, he can peel and kite for Miss Fortune to help her outplay all enemies, including bruisers and assassins.

Nautilus’ primary build also features defensive items such as Locket of the Iron Solari which is another way of helping MF carry the game.

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7. Seraphine


For a very long time, Seraphine was my most-played support in the bot lane. I played her whenever my ADC would lock in Miss Fortune simply because of how easy it was to synergize these two champions and take advantage of it to win more games.

Simply put, each time Miss Fortune casts her E to slow down the enemies, Seraphine can throw her own E to either root or stun them. This helps you double the effectiveness of Beat Drop throughout the game, so you don’t really need to wait until it’s double-cast.

On top of this, Seraphine’s AoE charm from her ultimate is the ideal setup for Miss Fortune’s R. And the reason for this is that all charmed enemies walk toward Seraphine (and MF) so they’re less likely to escape Miss Fortune’s Bullet Time.

Unlike other picks I already showcased here, Seraphine is a proper support champion. She can shield Miss Fortune when needed as well as heal her with her W and items like Moonstone Renewer.

But this synergy can work the other way around as well, with Seraphine being an APC and MF support. Try that as well!

6. Leona


While Nautilus is the king of CC in the bot lane, Leona is the queen of it. Seriously, she has the potential to lock down a target for nearly 5 seconds as well, allowing Miss Fortune so much free damage.

As Leona, your job throughout the laning phase is to threaten the enemy team with your E and Q combo. And whenever you do this successfully, Miss Fortune can pump the damage up either with her Q or auto-attacks.

The big synergy happens when Leona stuns multiple enemy champions inside her Solar Flare and allows Miss Fortune to blast her own ulti. This is one of the oldest bot lane synergies but it’s still a powerful one that can win you both teamfights and entire games.

In teamfights, Leona is a great support that offers peeling and absorbing damage. Miss Fortune can play around her to avoid getting locked down and killed. And Leona can always build Locket of the Iron Solari for even more help.

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5. Morgana


Anyone who’s played against a good Morgana player knows the unbelievable pain this champion can cause. But in combination with a good Miss Fortune player as well, she can be a terror to play against!

Morgana offers everything Miss Fortune may need – lots of crowd control, bonus damage, as well as shielding. And all of her tools work fantastically well and extend MF’s strengths as an immobile but explosive ADC.

In terms of pure synergy, each time Morgana roots and enemy champion with Q or stuns multiple of them with R, it’s ‘GO’ time for Miss Fortune. Since Morgana’s CC lasts for a very long time, MF can freely channel her Bullet Time as well as auto-attack after it.

On the other hand, the slow from MF’s E can help Morgana land her Q easier. It’s usually a good thing to have Miss Fortune cast Make it Rain first and then ensure the root from Dark Binding.

Another good advice is to play Morgana with Glacial Augment. This rune applies slow effect when you CC a target which helps you keep enemies inside MF’s ultimate longer.

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4. Lux


Lux is one of the strongest support champions in League of Legends overall, capable of solo-carrying games when she gets ahead. And fortunately, it’s easy for her to get ahead with MF by her side because of all the damage she can do.

For example, a simple Q + E Lux combo together with MF’s E is enough to get the enemy ADC below 50% HP. And the next time these abilities are available again, the target will be likely dead.

After level 6, Lux and Miss Fortune have one of the highest burst damage combos in the entire game. The combined damage of Lux’s R and MF’s R against an immobilized target is honestly broken.

The cool thing about this duo is that as the game goes on, their damage only rises. Lux is naturally a high-damage mage with a recommended build path of full AP. And MF’s job as an ADC is to do as much damage as possible.

On top of this, Lux can even protect MF in teamfights with her W shield, as well as peel for her with Q and E. So, this is one of the most fun duos you can play in the bot lane!

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3. Zyra


Zyra and Miss Fortune have been a winning bot lane combo for over 10 years now. Their weaknesses only consist of a lack of shielding and mobility. But they have so much damage and CC to compensate!

A big reason why I love playing Zyra into Miss Fortune is because of the easy engage. As you know, Zyra’s E travels through minions and roots everything it touches, including champions. So, you can land it easily.

Once rooted, Zyra can cast her R which deals damage and knocks up every enemy in its range. This allows Miss Fortune to activate her ultimate and exterminate those enemies in just a few short seconds.

Zyra makes this possible because she’s also a high-damage champion and can often eliminate the enemy carry by herself. She also builds anti-tank items which help MF shred tanky champions later on.

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2. Ashe


For many players, Ashe is the ideal support for Miss Fortune carry, as well as Miss Fortune being the perfect support for Ashe carry. 

But these two champions function so well together that it doesn’t matter which one is the carry and which one is the support

For example, each time Ashe stuns an enemy champion with her R, Miss Fortune can immediately cast her R to take down that target. The damage and synergy are there regardless of who’s more fed, so you can use these champions in any way.

Another thing Ashe is excellent at is providing more utility. Her W can be a constant slow which can help MF run away or chase down her opponents. And Ashe’s E is excellent at checking how safe the fog of war is.

If you’re interested, you can also read my recommended ADCs to play in combination with Ashe, among which is MF as well.

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1. Amumu


And if you didn’t guess already, Amumu is the best-performing support champion for Miss Fortune. There are so many reasons why these two win so much, but I’m going to sum it up like this: aggression and crowd control.

When you play Amumu and MF in the bot lane, it’s key to approach the lane very offensively. You want to use Amumu’s Qs as a way to engage in a fight with Miss Fortune dealing damage while the enemies are immobilized.

On level 6, you always have the potential of scoring a Double Kill. Amumu’s R is an AoE stun that can be easily landed and it creates an opportunity for Miss Fortune to use her own ultimate.

In the mid and late game, it’s all about this particular setup. Amumu needs to find a way to get in between the enemy team members and stun as many of them as he can. And doing this constantly will allow you to carry so many games.

This combo is especially scary when Amumu builds full AP, or goes for damage-enhancing items such as Evenshroud. And if you want to remain tanky with Amumu, I’d recommend that item.

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As you can see, the supports that go very well with Miss Fortune are the ones that offer AoE CC and allow her to deal more damage. 

Of course, you can also play enchanters and healers with Miss Fortune in the bot lane but they’ll mostly help you keep her safe. And if you lack damage, these 13 picks are the ones to go for!

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