Akali is one of the fiercest warriors in Runeterra.

Some even say that she’s the best assassin in League of Legends. Her kama and kunai – two of the deadliest Ionian weapons, have slain millions of souls on Summoner’s Rift.

But you know what’s even deadlier? Stinger Akali – Akali fighting and stinging in the style of the hornet!

In the days of the old Akali, Stinger was one of the simplest skins in the game. It didn’t give Akali anything else except a yellow costume and a new hair color.

And while this is the case with the new Akali too, the second version of the Stinger skin is definitely an improvement.

It’s no longer a poorly rendered group of pixels but a well-designed outfit suitable for someone of Akali’s caliber.

So let’s take a deep dive and check all the details about this skin!

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Stinger Akali – Overview

Outfit Animations
Splash Art✖ Voice & Sound Effects
In-game Icon Chromas

Stinger transforms Akali into a more specialized assassin than her basic appearance. 

The original Akali looks like an assassin who’s just abandoned the path of the Kinkou Order. But here, she’s the member of the Order of the Great Sparrow Bee.

We don’t know much about this order, other than that it teaches the hornet’s style of fighting.

And Akali is the greatest student of the order, one who has mastered this style to perfection.

The outfit of Stinger Akali is composed of two colors – gold and deep blue/green. The clothing, although simple, definitely suits her character. It’s a long ninja-like costume that covers everything from the boots to her eyes.

The outfit is a bit more revealing from the back, showing Akali’s thighs and tattoos on her upper back.

The Stinger skin also grants Akali a new look on her two signature weapons.

The kama and kunai here have a deeper grey hue, and their edges are serrated instead of smooth. Her hair is silver, and it actually matches with the sharpest points of her weapons.

And like the original skin, Stinger Akali also wears a pouch on her lower back. This pouch has the same coloring of yellow and deep blue/green, and the whole thing looks awesome!

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Passive – Assassin’s Mark

Although Akali’s passive remains completely the same here, the animations suit the skin way more than the original one.

For example, Assassin’s Mark creates lines around Akali’s target that turn yellow when Akali steps out of it. 

Additionally, the kama that Akali wields while her passive is active shines brightly with gold, matching the outfit of her Stinger skin.

Q – Five Point Strike

The Five Point Strike that Akali performs also looks better on this skin. That’s because the daggers actually light up with the same yellow hue of a hornet. And it definitely helps with immersion!

W – Twilight Shroud

Akali’s W – Twilight Shroud remains unchanged as well. Once activated, it creates a ring of shadow in which Akali can move like a ghostly silver silhouette.

E – Shuriken Flip

Stinger's Akali abilities in game
Stinger’s Akali abilities in game

With the Shuriken Flip, Akali tumbles backward and collects her Assassin’s Mark. And with a golden spinning kama, she flies back to her target!

R – Perfect Execution

The first part of Perfect Execution launches Akali over her opponent. And the second sends her flying towards the enemy in a yellow flurry.



Stinger Akali doesn’t have voice lines that trigger when you press the Joke command. Instead, she pulls out a bowl of noodles and starts eating it. Wholeheartedly!


When you activate Akali’s taunt, she instantly throws her kama to the ground, starts to spin her kunai violently, and says this cool line:

“I can make this fast, or really fast. Choice is yours.”


Akali’s dance animation is a mixture between a kata performance and a modern breakdance. It has all kinds of moves that beautifully blend together in a loop.


Stinger Akali recalls like a true ninja. She starts by displaying precise hand movements. But then whips out a yellow flyer which helps her disappear. 

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The Rarity of Stinger Akali

Is Stinger Akali a rare skin?

Yes, Stinger Akali is one of the rarest skins in League of Legends. Riot Games have officially stated that Stinger Akali is now a Legacy Skin.

And as such, it has been removed from the League’s store and cannot be purchased with RP anymore. It can only be acquired through the Legacy Vault.

But what is the Legacy Vault?

Legacy Vault is a compilation of cosmetics that you can no longer acquire by purchasing them in the shop. The skins in the Legacy Vault are sometimes offered for sale, usually around big events.

Fortunately, the Hextech Loot System also gives you access to the Legacy skins within the Legacy Vault.

For example, each time you open a mystery chest, you get a chance of receiving a skin like Angler Jax. Rerolling 3 skins or opening mystery gifts also give you the same chance of receiving a Legacy skin.

Stinger's Akali emotes in game
Stinger’s Akali emotes in game

Okay cool… So how do you get Stinger Akali?

Actually, the best way of getting the Stinger skin is to purchase it from Your Shop in LoL. Legacy skins can also appear in Your Shop and sit there for some time.

However, you have to play Akali a lot on your account and pray that the Stinger skin will appear out of all other Akali skins when Your Shop comes.

Another, less stressful way of obtaining this skin is by opening Hextech chests. Again, the chance here is pretty random since there are so many skins in the game.

And lastly, you can buy a LoL account that already has the skin on it. This can either be an unused account or one that has many skins on it. It depends on what you buy!

Stinger Akali – Price

The price of the Stinger Akali is 520 RP.

In real money, 520 RP is equal to around $4 or €4. Of course, if you have 0 RP on your account and you want to buy this skin, you’ll have to purchase the 650 RP pack for $5

However, Your Shop has the chance to give you a discount of up to 60-70% on the Stinger Akali. This means that the skin may only cost you around 200 RP.

That way, you can buy the cheapest RP package of 310 for a price of $2.5 or €2.5.

Is It Worth It?

Since Legacy Skins are a rarity, Stinger Akali’s worth is much bigger than the actual RP price. This is because you have no way of buying this skin besides going through third parties.

And because the Hextech loot system works on RNG, you can’t be sure that you’ll ever get the skin.

So Stinger is definitely worth the money!

It may not be the best skin for Akali, but it’s unique and rare. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen someone using it in my games, so only a few people have it.

And if you’re an Akali main, then you’ll definitely want this skin in your collection!

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