There’s a constant battle between Xbox and PlayStation, one that a lot of people fear will never go away. The truth is that you will always have at least 2 consoles trying to gain the larger audience. And while PlayStation still has the market majority, Xbox also tries to acquire as many clients as possible with great, unique and very interesting games. That’s what was promised with Starfield, a game that was supposed to be an exclusive for Xbox. But it seems that we will also have the PS5 Starfield version we always wanted.

Microsoft is shifting its strategy

As we said, Microsoft needed a very powerful exclusive and Starfield seemed to be one of those titles that would become a guaranteed hit. With that in mind, the Starfield game most likely did not receive the praise and great sales that Microsoft was hoping for. Plus, aside from GamePass, they are trying to shift their strategy.

It’s their focus to bring their games on as many platforms as possible. Although PlayStation is a competitor, it’s also the larger console market out there. So, Starfield might very well be one of those titles that could make waves on the market. That doesn’t mean it becomes a cult hit right away. However, a lot of people are craving to play a Starfield PlayStation 5 version.

Whether we will have it or not, that’s hard to say. But rumors point in the direction that Starfield might become to PS5 sooner rather than later. Why is Starfield not on PS5 right now? It has to do with console exclusivity, but hopefully that is going to change as quickly as possible. While Sony is still trying to keep a lot of games away from Xbox, they are pushing heavily some of their stuff towards the PC market.

And while it might be a while until we see some PlayStation games on Xbox, especially exclusives, you never say never. If there’s something that the new console generation showed us, it’s that we will sometimes have unexpected situations. Plus, Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard, something that was thought to be impossible.

Will Starfield be on PS4?

Will Starfield be on PS4
Source Bethesda Softworks on Steam

If you are wondering if Starfield is going to be on PS4, most likely that will not be the case. The game does work on the cheaper Xbox, but that has limitations. That’s why Starfield on Series S is not ideal. Even if there will be a Starfield version for PlayStation at some point, we don’t think it will be for the PS4 in any way.

Why would they not go for the PS4? The console is 10 years old, and it has very limited, rather old hardware. Not only that, but you will notice the fact that Starfield is set to receive lots of graphical improvements. Due to the hardware limitations, it will be quite hard for PS4 to run this game. Plus, even if it would, they would need to cut down a lot of the features just to make it run, let alone playable. For a lot of players, that’s not going to be enough.

While we think they will have a PS5 Starfield version at some point, we highly doubt that the game will also be on the older consoles. And that’s the thing, this is one of the game titles that continues to receive a lot of updates and new features. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to wait and see if Microsoft is going to make an official announcement.

Sources point that a Starfield PlayStation 5 version launch is imminent. We might get one eventually, but it’s very hard to know when and if such a release will happen. Only time can tell whether these things will come to fruition or not. But in general, Microsoft aims to have their games on multiple consoles. 

If Starfield will be on PS5 eventually, does it have a launch date?

Sources like XboxEra suggest that Starfield is releasing on PS5 at some point. What we don’t have is a specific launch date. And there’s a reason for that, because there’s no official announcement that Starfield is coming to Sony’s console anytime soon. But there is a lot of buzz in the background, so only time can tell when and if we will be dealing with this kind of launch. 

What’s important to keep in mind right now is that Shattered Space, the DLC for Starfield is releasing later this year. That is a crucial point in the Starfield timeline, because it’s the only major expansion they announced. They might release another one, or that’s the final major content piece. That also means they might release the game on PS5 after the DLC releases. So we might be looking at 2025 as the earliest time, if it might not be later than that.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint when and if Starfield will go to PS5, because Microsoft is not known for doing this. However, Sony is known for exclusives, whereas Xbox is more known for trying to get the games on as many platforms as possible. So it makes sense for Microsoft to actually try and bring the title to PS5 sooner rather than later.

There are no official reports or confirmation coming from Microsoft, which means everything is speculatory, at least at this particular time. With that being said, we are sure that the company is trying to figure out the pros and cons when it comes to the console hitting the market. It’s not a simple thing to do, but we believe that soon we will have all kinds of benefits. 

Why would Microsoft release Starfield on PlayStation 5?

Why would Microsoft release Starfield on PlayStation 5
Source Bethesda Softworks on Steam

Apparently, Starfield is not exactly the console seller that Microsoft was hoping for. In fact, many of the board members believe that Starfield on PS5 might bring in some extra sales that help recoup some of the money left on the table. They realize that even if this was an exclusive for Xbox, a lot of the PlayStation community wants to play the game. So in their case, it makes sense to try and have Starfield on the platform as quickly as they can.

However, that also means that a Starfield PlayStation 5 version is going to take quite a bit of time until it sees the light of day. And that’s the main issue, for a lot of players there’s no real confirmation. It’s said that the PS5 Starfield version was in development, but it might not be anymore. Other people say that Starfield in particular might never receive a version that works on PlayStation.

With Microsoft not saying anything on the matter, it’s hard to know which reports we can see as more accurate. But at the end of the day, the demand for Starfield is great on Sony’s platform too, so hopefully there is a chance the game might go on that console as well. Yet it might take a while until we can finally play this game on a multitude of platforms.

Bethesda is known for creating a large number of versions for their games. We can play Skyrim on a fridge and all kinds of consoles after all. So the fact that we might eventually have Starfield on a console like the PS5 is not so far-fetched. But we have to figure out whether Microsoft is bound to keep the exclusivity for its titles or not.

The battle of exclusives

That’s the main reason why Starfield is not on PS5 right now. Microsoft wanted to create its own set of exclusives. The problem is that Xbox didn’t really have a large number of exclusives the past few years. In fact, aside from Starfield, you might notice most exclusives did not fare very well. Some of them, like Fable, have been in development for quite some time and it might take even more until they become available.

At the end of the day, all console manufacturers are focused on profits, so making exclusive titles is definitely the way to go. That’s unfortunately a non-friendly approach towards the buyer experience. However, it’s clear that the exclusivity route has been very good for Sony, with many of their exclusives selling very well. And they might continue to do that for years to come. That leaves us with titles like Starfield which are very appealing for PS5 owners, yet they can’t play the game due to the war on exclusivity.

Will we have Starfield on PlayStation 5?

As we said, it’s very hard to know when and if a game like this comes to PS5. Since the game was ported to PC as well, the idea of having a PS5 Starfield is not far-fetched. But it might take a while until we actually see that happening. Not because it’s impossible, but Starfield is one of those exclusive games that might show a shift in Microsoft’s strategy, if they truly push it to other consoles.

Only time can tell, but the possibilities are indeed limitless. While the main answer is No, for the time being, many of us still remain optimistic that Microsoft will eventually bring Starfield to PS5. However, if that does happen, it might be a while until we see it come to fruition!

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Last Update: February 26, 2024

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