Long gone are the days when Sona was the queen of all support champions in LoL. Back in seasons 1, 2, and 3, she was one of the hottest picks in the game.

And even though things are different now in season 13, Sona is still picked pretty often in the bot lane.

So is Sona still a good support champion nowadays?

Sona is a great beginner-friendly support. She is easy to play and doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or mechanical skill.

Sona can carry games by constantly healing and shielding her allies while also giving them bonus movement speed.

Not to mention that Sona’s R is a very impactful stun in teamfights.

That said, let’s dive deep into what really makes Sona strong and why you should play her in season 13 of League of Legends!

5 Things That Make Sona an Excellent Champion

5. Sona’s Champion Design is Still Powerful Despite Being Very Old


Let’s be honest, there are many support champions that are clearly stronger than Sona. Just take a look at Lulu, Yuumi, or Thresh – they all have better tools and can influence the game way more than Sona.

However, the fact that Sona players can still carry games with their simple tools is a good indicator of how strong this champion can actually be. 

Sona doesn’t have much of anything, but she can do pretty much everything. In other words, she’s a jack-of-all-trades support pick.

Because Sona can deal burst damage, heal/shield her teammates, grant movement speed, and stun her enemies, she can influence the game in a major way. 

Her best chance of winning is to stick behind her teammates and support them with damage, healing, or movement speed. But Sona can also go into an offensive mode and provide crowd control where necessary.

So even though Sona was released over 13 years ago, her kit is still relevant today. If played correctly, Sona can be an incredibly powerful support pick for climbing in League of Legends.

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4. Sona is an Easy to Play Support Champion

I mentioned in my intro that Sona is a great beginner-friendly pick in the game. That’s because she is simple to understand and easy to play.

Sona has 3 simple-click abilities and 1 skill shot. Her Q, W, and E are aura spells and can always be activated, except under crowd control such as silence, stun, or fear.

Her ultimate is a wide skillshot that stuns all enemies in a target location and it’s the only ability that you need to aim.

This may not sound like much, but not depending on the position of your cursor is a big deal in League of Legends.

When you think about it, nearly all champions in the game rely on accurate mouse control, even the ones without skill shots and all point-click abilities. 

And so, if you play a champion that can always execute the abilities regardless of anything, that’s a major advantage.

It means that your job is overall easier than your opponent’s. And instead of focusing on aiming or your champ’s mechanics, you can focus on the match itself. This includes warding, roaming, and positioning.

When playing Sona, you’re only expected to heal your tallies and stun your opponents.

Anything else is just a bonus. So if you deal damage and help your teammates in other ways too, you’ll definitely climb with this champion!

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3. Sona is a Unique and Fun Champion

Sona is easy to play champion in LoL

When I say that Sona has an old champion design or that she’s easy to play, I don’t mean it in a bad way. In fact, my whole point with this article is to prove to you how good Sona can be, despite her flaws.

And one of Sona’s biggest strengths, in my opinion, is her uniqueness. Up until Seraphine was released, Sona was the only musician support (not counting Bard).

Her abilities are actually music chords while her ultimate is literally a crescendo.

This music-based design was the very reason why I bought Sona back in season 3 as my first main champion ever. I love the fact that you support teammates and destroy opponents through music.

And because of this, Sona is a fun champion to play in League of Legends. Many of the newer champions have overloaded kits and require a lot of focus, mechanics, and game knowledge.

But with Sona, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy nice gameplay with a unique and fun character.

If you’re more into the mechanical champions such as Pyke, Thresh, or Rakan, Sona might not be for you. But if you don’t mind the simple playstyle, you’ll definitely enjoy Sona!

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2. Sona Has High Burst Damage

Many people forget that Sona’s passive offers one of the highest bursts in the game. However, not too many players know how to take advantage of this effect either. So I’ll do my best to explain it.

Sona’s passive – Power Chord gives her an enhanced auto-attack after Sona casts 3 abilities. This auto-attack deals a lot of magic damage that increases with levels, plus it scales with 20% of Sona’s AP.

So even if you don’t go for a full AP build on Sona, your Power Cords will deal an insane amount of damage.

Now, the best way to use the Power Cord auto-attack is to combine it with Sona’s Q – Hymn of Valor. Not only does this ability deal magic damage, but it also increases the amount of magic damage your Power Cord will do.

In other words, if you use Q and a Power Cord auto-attack on Sona, you’ll take 10-30% HP off of your enemy, depending on how fed you are.

This is really helpful for both the laning phase and the team fights later on. 

Utilizing the Power Cords efficiently is what separates the best Sona players from the rest.

Of course, you can use Sona’s empowered auto-attack with her W and E too. But for the highest damage possible, use it with Q.

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1. Sona Has a Game-changing Ultimate 

Sona casting her ultimate in-game

Since her release, Sona’s biggest strength has always been her ultimate – Crescendo. This is an AoE crowd control effect that can easily win you a team fight if it catches multiple enemies.

In the past, Sona was a playmaker support champion because she could Flash + ult the enemy team. An AoE stun in a team fight is pretty much GG, so Sona was a powerful pick overall.

Nowadays it’s much more difficult to execute this (partly because most players know how to play against Sona), but the principle still exists.

Sona’s ultimate is powerful enough to carry your games if you aim it correctly, at the right time, and at the right enemy. 

Stunning the opposing ADC or the mid laner gives your team enough time to slay them. And considering how quickly Sona’s Crescendo appears when you cast it (only 0.25 seconds delay), it’s pretty much a sure stun effect.

Crescendo can be an especially scary ability if you cast it from a brush or in combination with Flash. And always try to hit as many enemies as you can.

Here’s an example of a game-winning Sona ultimate that I saw on Tyler1’s stream. (YouTube video).

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Sona can be an excellent champion to main or one-trick in ranked League of Legends.

For one, the enemy team will never ban Sona. Second, you can always perform well on Sona because she isn’t a difficult/mechanical champion.

And third, Sona never gets nerfed too much so she’s always strong enough.

Keep in mind that these aren’t the only reasons why you should consider maining Sona for ranked League of Legends.

Like I mentioned already, Sona is a fun champion that offers a relaxed playstyle. I’ve enjoyed this champion for years, and I still play her often in season 13. 

That said, I hope I helped you understand how good Sona really is in LoL 2023!

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