An account is often what defines a League of Legends player. Our accounts are records of everything we do around the game, so they have huge worth for us. But every League player has had this idea: How do I sell my League of Legends account?

At the same time, selling and buying LoL accounts is merely a business for many players. They trade accounts every day and make profits left and right. 

And for some people, a LoL account is just means to an end. It allows them to play the game and whenever they get banned or lose a password, they simply create or buy a new one. 

But no matter which category you’re in, this post will be a complete guide on how to sell your League of Legends account even if you don’t have any experience in it. I’ll give you all the information you need so you can sell your account as soon as possible.

Before you read more, please remember that selling, buying, and trading League of Legends accounts is against Riot Games’ rules and it may be risky.

That said, let’s learn how to sell League of Legends accounts for money on the internet!

Can You Sell Your League of Legends Account?

It’s possible to sell your League of Legends account. There are tons of websites that offer buying, selling, and trading of LoL accounts, but real-life friends can also sell accounts with each other. However, there are strict rules in place by Riot Games regarding account sales. 

How come? 

Each account is a nominative, so the organization seeks to defend its players’ privacy and anonymity.  Buying and selling accounts questions the validity of suspensions and other punishments laid out to players. 

However, buying and selling LoL accounts is actually a big business and it’s ridiculously easy to do so.

Playing ranked games can be stressful for the players because of the high stakes and the emphasis on teamwork. And in League of Legends, the community can be tainted from time to time. So because players can always buy a new account, they can be as toxic as they want.

This is precisely what happens when your account and the effects of inappropriate behavior aren’t crucial to the players.

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How to Sell Your League of Legends Account?

League of Legends account

Here are some steps you can follow to sell your League of Legends account.

  1. To begin selling your account, you must first sign up on the website where you intend to make money.
  2. Submit information about the account you’re trying to sell so that more people will be interested in it. Attach images to prove your rank and add value by showing your collection of champions and skins. All information should be presented to encourage more people to participate.
  3. The website will notify you when your account matches the purchaser’s needs. And if you want to sell your LoL account to them, you’ll have to agree on the price and delivery date.
  4. Once the buyer accepts the delivery invoice and verifies that your profile is his account, the payment is usually issued.

Many online resources are available to assist you in promoting and selling your account. And I’ll list the best ones below!

You’ll have to wait a short time to be accepted after disclosing your account details on all these sites, though. A commission is deducted and deposited into your bank account when the website accepts your application. 

However, in the online market, fraud is expected, so keeping your account information private is a good idea. And, your attention and focus must be given when selecting a website to sell the account.

To help you with that, take a look at my recommended places for selling LoL accounts.

Where Should You Sell a League of Legends Account?

League of Legends accounts can be bought and sold on a wide range of marketplaces. 

Here is a list of some of the most popular websites but making your final decision on which one you should use is entirely up to you.

  • Playerauction

This site, which has been on the market for quite some time, connects gamers across various platforms. When your account is sold, you can rest assured that the transaction will go through and you’ll receive your money. 

So if you’re an English speaker, you’re better off using this website than others.

  • Account Warehouse

Account Warehouse follows the same model as “Playerauction” and provides a variety of games for purchasing and re-selling. This also includes League of Legends accounts from all elos and servers.

However, if you run into any issues with the sale of your LoL profile, you can count on excellent customer service to come to your rescue.

  • G2A

G2A has headquarters in Hong Kong and Poland, founded in the Netherlands. Redeemable keys are used to re-sell gaming products on this website. Electronics, software, merchandise, and prepaid activation codes, are all available on G2A. So this is probably the best and most secure place to sell your League of Legends account.

Additional Thoughts

All of these websites are great for making money out of your LoL account. But keep in mind that you can also sell your account on more general websites such as eBay or Amazon. 

PlayersLoot Page

When I wanted to sell my LoL account recently, I went on PlayersLoot. This is a cool website you can check and my experience there was great. There are also tons of cheap accounts you can buy for smurfing, so I recommend it.

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How Much is a LoL Account Worth?

LoL Collections like Skins Influence the Price of the Account

A variety of essential factors determines the value of a League of Legends account.

One of the most critical factors in an account’s price is its rank or ELO. Diamond, Challenger, and Master rank significantly impact an account’s worth. 

The ability to jump right in and compete with the best without wasting time on rank progression is better than cheating. 

Additionally, runes and rune pages can have a significant impact on the price of a LoL account.

The cost of your account’s champions is another important factor. And accounts that have all champions unlocked sell for more money.

If you’re considering selling your account, make sure to include an accurate count of the champions you’ve unlocked. People who provide accurate information about their accounts usually end up selling their accounts faster.

League of Legends account and LoL smurf account prices take into account honor level too. 

As you play the game, your actions affect your honor bar. If you’re a good teammate or just generally pleasant to other players, they might vote for you, and your honor level will rise. And as a result of your low honor level, you are more likely to obtain punishments, including a temporary ban or longer queue times.

Skins make up the final portion of an account’s cost. When it comes to selling your League of Legends account, your skins are worth a lot of money. 

Due to the rarity of skins like PAX Sivir which was only available for a limited time, the price of an account can increase by hundreds of dollars.

So, it would be best if you noted any unique skins on your League of Legends account before putting them up for sale. Despite what you may think, people will pay big bucks for a League of Legends account that includes rare, hard-to-find skins. Or at least skins of their favorite champions.

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How Much a LoL Account is Worth in Each Rank?

And if you’re interested in what the account’s price might be in each rank, take a look at the table below. 

Keep in mind that the reason for the differences in price is also influenced by the factors I mentioned above (amount of champions, skins, and honor level). 

So sometimes, an Bronze account with 150 champions might sell for more than a Diamond account with 15 champions.

Unranked/Smurf$3 – $9,566
Iron$3 – $153
Bronze$3 – $1,022
Silver$3 – $1,840
Gold$3 – $5,000
Platinum$3 – $4,000
Diamond$6 – $5,318
Master$20 – $4,090
Grandmaster$76 – $1,500
Challenger$70 – $11,250
TFT$3 – $400

These are the price ranges for accounts in each rank of League of Legends.

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Is Selling League of Legends Accounts Profitable?

Samira Gold Coin

It’s possible to make money selling your League of Legends account if you’re smart about it and willing to do the work. 

There are several ways to sell your LoL account and reap the benefits. The most common method is selling lol accounts at a greater price than you paid. It’s the classic stock market’s “Buy Low and Sell High” scenario. And, you might get away with it.

“The stock exchange market” and “Outsourcing” are standard terms for this business arrangement. To accomplish this, you’ll need to get in the center, engage with clients, and build your website, which is a significant risk. And this is only possible with an excellent Fiverr profile or another similar website.

Boosting is another common way to sell your League of Legends account and earn profit. If you’re good at League and can climb relatively fast, buying unranked accounts and selling them in Diamond and Master might be a good option for you.

It’s not uncommon for LoL players to purchase a stock of LoL accounts leveled to 30 at the lowest possible price, and smurf on them one by one.

But playing with friends is the most efficient way to accomplish this. You must have a better ELO on your primary account to get the most out of your lower-ranked LoL account.

Should You Sell Your LoL Account?

First, ask yourself if you really want to sell your League of Legends account, whether you want to continue playing the game or not, and whether your account is absolutely necessary or if you have another one. 

Here are some tips to help you make your decision of whether you should sell your LoL account and actually do it.

  • Your e-mail address is attached to your LoL account.  

To avoid revealing your private e-mail address, consider making a new momentary e-mail address that will be connected to this account.

  • Demonstrate authenticity and sincerity. 

To demonstrate your offer’s authenticity and sincerity, provide as much information as possible. When a proposal is more detailed, it is more likely to be taken seriously and valued. 

As a result, provide information on the number of champs, skins, MMRs, and other liabilities associated with the account.

  • Use a sales platform to sell accounts. 

In this way, a bare minimum of payment assurances can be provided. You may not get paid if you go through privately and only with a person’s verbal agreement. If this is the case, you will be unable to do anything because you have violated the terms of service for Riot.

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Why Are Iron LoL Accounts Often so Expensive?

Iron is the lowest rank in League of Legends. But contrary to popular belief, Iron accounts are worth hundreds of dollars? 

Only 2% of League of Legends players are in Diamond rank, and these accounts are worth around $60 to $120. However, an Iron account is worth somewhere between $20 to $120. So, what’s the hype around Iron accounts?

Iron accounts are best for smurf players to boost. They’re also fit for League YouTubers who want low-elo opponents so they can dominate them and show off their skills or off-meta builds.

This way, they start from the bottom and either climb up the ranks or stay in Iron by only playing normal games.


After reading the advice above, you should now have a better idea of how to go about selling your League of Legends account. There are several ways to do this, and if you follow my tips you’ll have an easier time overall.

That said, I hope you found this guide helpful and informative.

Good luck!

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