League’s cast of characters is diverse and unique. And among the heroic, funny, and interesting champions, there are a few that are really scary and creepy. 

Back in the day, Riot Games were more inclined to add morbid and monstrous champions than they are nowadays. After all, we all know how long we usually wait for a new “monster” champion to appear on the Summoner’s Rift and how little for a “humanoid” champion.

In the pursuit of the scariest champions in League of Legends, I made this list of 15 fearsome champions that you’ll probably recognize. These 15 characters have terrifying looks and chilling voice lines, so they’re the true faces of horror in LoL.

In the future, Riot Games may add even more scary champions and then I’ll broaden my list.

But for now, let’s check out the 15 scariest and creepiest champions in League of Legends!

The 15 Scariest Champions in League of Legends

15. Aatrox, the Darkin Blade


The first time you take a look at Aatrox you see something dreadful – a demonic warrior with a large sword and bloodlust in his eyes. However, once you research more about Aatrox’s story, you finally realize how dreadful he really is.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the lore of League of Legends, you may be surprised to find out that Aatrox is actually the sword and not the warrior himself. 

Like all darkins in Runeterra (Rhaast/Kayn, Varus), Aatrox simply possesses the body that wears him. He’s the demonic weapon that controls it. And even Riot Games refers to Aatrox’s body as “stolen flesh”.

Even though that’s a chilling (and of course, cool) idea, Aatrox’s character is even scarier. Yes, he’s an intelligent being that often talks in a philosophical manner.

However, Aatrox’s quotes are mostly about bringing the apocalypse upon the world of Runeterra. He’s focused on destruction and his ultimate ability is literally called “World Ender”.

Besides the giant sword, Aatrox uses blood magic to deal damage and scare off his opponents. And he is pretty scary to all League players that don’t usually play Aatrox.

 “I am oblivion, I am destruction… I am doom.”

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14. Sion, The Undead Juggernaut


Those of you that haven’t meddled with League’s lore yet may not know what Sion really is. And you may not be scared even a bit by his imposing appearance.

However, the Sion that you see in-game is actually a zombie. He has been resurrected after being slain on the battlefield in order to serve Noxus again.

In League of Legends, Sion becomes a zombie after you slay him (thanks to his passive). But even his “normal form” is a zombie form. 

In other words, Sion is an undead giant warrior. He’s bare, bald, and wields a might axe that decimates all of his enemies. 

But the most disturbing fact about Sion is that the decoration you see on his jaw is the crown of the fallen Demacian King Jarvan III, the king that Sion ended by choking the life out of him with his bare hands. 

Yes, he wears the crown of his enemy on his jaw as a reminder for all of his other enemies!

On top of that, Sion’s voice in League of Legends is another scary element that only adds to his gruesome appearance. He only talks in a simple manner but all of his quotes are about bloodlust, war, and killing.

 “No… pain… no… feeling… but hunger… “

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13. Shaco, The Demon Jester


This list of the scariest champions in League of Legends would probably do just fine without Shaco. After all, he is nowhere near as imposing as Sion or Aatrox.

However, Shaco deserves a spot here for several reasons.

First of all, Shaco is an evil marionette that only seeks two things – murder and mayhem. In the story, he was designed as a toy for a lonely prince. But thanks to dark magic, Shaco has developed an independent existence since then.

Shaco is often referred to as a demon. His official title is “The Demon Jester” and it perfectly suits his in-game character.

Shaco’s appearance is a mix of a clown and a jester. All of his skins portray him as an evil figure who only wants to torment his opponents with dirty tricks and poisons. Besides that, Shaco also wears knives and he uses them to stab enemies from behind their backs.

Playing against Shaco in League of Legends is actually scary too. You never know when he’ll appear, whether you’re hitting him or his copy, and where his “fear box” actually is. 

I can’t say the same for most champions in the game!

“For my next trick, I’ll make you disappear!”

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12. Singed, The Mad Chemist


Singed, with his bald and covered face, has always been one of the scariest champions in League for me personally. 

He wears post-apocalyptic clothes with a large shield in his hand and a big poison tube on his back. He looks menacing and evil, like nothing in the world matters to him except bringing death to his opponents.

And Singed’s appearance in Arcane didn’t help his image either. Even though he may be a good character with a good heart, he appears to be a cold scientist that doesn’t care about anything except scientific discoveries.

On Summoner’s Rift, Singed spends his time running around the map and unleashing poisons so his enemies would slowly die out. And in the lore, he’s done nearly the same.

Singed’s most noticeable evil act is experimenting on Warwick and unleashing it on Zaun.

Singed has a few “cute” skins in League of Legends, but his quotes only match his “evil” appearance.

“You mustn’t die yet; I have far too much to learn from your fragile anatomy.” 

11. Yorick, Shepherd of Souls


When I first saw Yorick, I was positively surprised by the very cool idea that Riot Games had implemented in LoL. And I still hold that opinion!

However, that doesn’t deny the fact that Yorick is one of the creepiest-looking champions on Summoner’s Rift!

Yorick is an undertaker and a gravedigger. His appearance matches the colors of the Shadow Isles and his weapon of choice is a shovel. He is muscular, but his face is covered with a hood.

In the lore, Yorick is actually a good guy. He’s an enemy of Viego and he works against the Ruination. His title “Shepherd of Souls” is correct because he helps the dead on the Shadow Isles.

In League of Legends, Yorick can control the mist and summon dead creatures at his command. Yorick’s pets are Mist Walkers and Maiden of the Mist. 

Both are pretty scary-looking, so Yorick definitely deserves a spot on this list!

 “I carry these souls to their end… wherever it may be.”

10. Pyke, The Bloodharper Ripper


Pyke is not a void monster nor a dead creature. However, he manages to be one of the most horrifying champions in League of Legends by being a human. And that’s something that most champions don’t do!

The first thing that makes you scared of Pyke is his eerie look. He’s a bald man with creepy eyes and a bandana with teeth around his mouth.

Pyke’s scary appearance is also well-developed in-game. He walks toward his enemies in a very “dooming” kind of way and he can even be invisible for a while. He camouflages in order to attack his enemies from an unsuspecting angle and then he stabs them with his huge dagger!

And when you add Pyke’s chilling voice, you understand why he also makes this list. He talks as if something’s stuck in his throat and there are a lot of underwater sounds accompanying his voice.

On top of that, Pyke has many alerting sounds for his opponents when you play against him. These are meant to really scare you, especially when Pyke’s hunting you while camouflaging.

“I look down on the world from the bottom of the sea.”

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9. Hecarim, The Shadow of War


Hecarim is amongst the few centaurs we have in Runeterra. But instead of being a beautiful creature, he’s one of the most horrifying sights in League of Legends.

Hecarim’s epitaph “The Shadow of War” perfectly captures his story. Hecarim is a fallen knight that’s been transformed after the war on the Shadow Isles. Now he serves the Ruination and he’s in its first lines when it comes to spreading it.

But if you put League’s lore aside, Hecarim might remind you of a horseman of the apocalypse. He’s got a gaping maw instead of a belly and a giant glaive that reminds me of the Grim Reaper.

In terms of magic, Hecarim uses the same shadow magic as Yorick and Viego. His ultimate is literally called “Onslaught of Shadows” where he summons other spectral riders to deal damage to his enemies and fear them.

Hecarim doesn’t have too many quotes. Instead, he’s bent on spreading war and that’s all he cares about. However, his voice does sound scary.

“Your life is a burden. I bring you freedom!”

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8. Kog’Maw, The Mouth of the Abyss


It’s tough to talk about Kog’Maw’s features and his overall appearance since it’s so outlandish. Yes, Kog is a void monster but he looks like nothing else we have in Runeterra and League of Legends!

Kog’Maw is a corrupted creature from Icathia that mostly represents a mouth. His epitaph “The Mouth of the Abyss” is rightfully here because Kog’Maw is always hungry. He’s focused on feeding and devouring his enemies at all times.

Now, Kog’Maw isn’t necessarily evil. And since he comes from the Void, it’s in his nature to do exactly that. He has a never-ending hunger and his opponents are doomed to eventually enter his maw.

But what makes Kog a particularly scary champion in LoL is definitely the design. His body reminds me of a larva but his head features many eyes. On top of that, his tongue is particularly morbid because it’s shaped like a tube that spits gree poison.

In-game, Kog is like a mindless minion of the void that often slurps and snorts. But his voice is scary nonetheless!

 “Hunger never sleep.”

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7. Urgot, The Headsman’s Pride


Even though many players won’t agree with me, the fact is that Urgot is one of the strangest and creepiest-looking champions in League of Legends.

Starting with his legs, Urgot has six of them! Each leg has its own gun and Urgot’s bottom can rotate around, allowing him to combat enemies no matter where they stand!

Additionally, Urgot’s face is connected with green tubes that go into his cyborg body. It seems like he’s breathing some kind of poison, the green stuff that reminds us of Zaun.

One of Urgot’s hands is actually a massive gun with gears. Urgot uses it to cast his ultimate ability – Fear Beyond Death and execute his target.

Before Urgot became what he is now, he was a headsman for Noxus. However, he was thrown into Zaun and changed into a monster. And many players find similarities between Urgot and Bane from The Dark Knight trilogy.

Now, I generally like Urgot’s quotes in League of Legends. However, they can be very creepy at times. And if you aren’t scared of Urgot yet, please check him in this cinematic!

“Power. Fear. These are my weapons.”

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6. Cho’Gath, The Terror of the Void


Cho’Gath is another void creature that deserves the spot on the list of the scariest champions in LoL. However, he’s one of the first void monsters that we got to play with in League, so he gets bonus points for that too!

Even Riot Games describe Cho’Gath as “the perfect expression of the void”. His goal is to consume all life and devour it. 

Cho’Gath’s monstrous appearance is defined by unnatural purple/red skin. He has many arms on his body and his razor-sharp teeth are always showing on his face.

Cho has many weapons at his disposal. He can summon spikes on the ground and scream to silence his opponents. 

But what makes Cho’Gath a particularly scary champion in-game is the fact that he’s always looking to feast on you. His ultimate ability is called “Feast” and it allows Cho to execute his target, swallowing them in the process.

The more Cho’Gth feasts, the bigger he becomes. And in late game, he’s one of the scariest opponents to face in LoL because of how powerful he gets the more stacks he has.

“I shall bring them terror!”

5. Tahm Kench, The River King

Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench is among the few champions in LoL that doesn’t come from the void but has an incredibly creepy look. He comes from beneath the sea instead and shares some aesthetic points with Pyke, at least in their abilities.

Tahm Kench is often referred to as the “Demon” who travels the waters of Runeterra. He appears to be very charming and even his voice in-game is pretty interesting to listen to.

However, Tahm Kench has an immense appetite for making people miserable and devouring them. 

Tahm’s best weapons are his massive mouth and teeth as well as his tongue. Tahm Kench uses his tongue to stun his target before he swallows them up in his belly.

Tahm Kench has many skins that portray him as a demonic creature and he’s super-creepy in all of them. So, he definitely deserves this spot on the list too!

“All the world’s a river – and I’m its king.”

4. Nocturne, The Eternal Nightmare

AP Nocturne Build Guide

I don’t really need to explain why Nocturne is so high on this list of scary champions in League of Legends. He’s really the fact of terror in LoL and he’s one of the darkest characters in the game.

Nocturne is actually “a nightmare given form”. He’s born by the nightmares and bad dreams of the people around Demacia. And as a result, Nocturne stalks them in the dark and hunts them, preying upon their silly nature.

In terms of species, Nocturne is a demon. He’s similar to Evelynn, but where she’s the face of guilty pleasures, Nocturne is that but with fear and nightmares.

Nocturne doesn’t have a particular form. Instead, he’s a black ghost that camouflages with the darkness whenever he’s hunting.

This is perfectly captured in League of Legends through Nocturne’s ultimate ability – Paranoia. 

Whenever this ability is cast, everyone on the opposing team is generally scared because they don’t know when or where Nocturne will attack. Their screen turns black and it’s all about Nocturne then.

Nocturne feeds on his target’s fear and becomes stronger the more scared his subjects are.

 “Are you my nightmare, or am I yours?”

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3. Bel’Veth, The Empress of the Void


Bel’Veth is one of the newer champions in League but she instantly became one of the most feared ones too. Both her aesthetics and gameplay strike fear in the player base, so it’s obvious why she’s the number 3 on this list!

One of the strangest ideas you can hear about Bel’Veth is that she was created from the fabric of an entire city named “Belveth”. The ritual was conducted by Malzahar and in the process, Bel’Veth inherited the memories and experiences of all cultists slain there.

Bel’Veth’s scary appearance is evident in her “humanoid” form. She has definitely a “weird” look, but she reminds us of a dark queen. However, this is just a disguise.

Bel’Veth’s true form is monstrous. She has a gaping maw, two huge wings, and a pair of purple eyes. Her head also features horns and a spike.

In-game, Bel’Veth uses void magic to deal damage. She can absorb the life of champions and monsters, becoming stronger in the process. She can even raise minions on her own (voidlings) and control them to take down the enemy base.

 “I am infinitely beyond you. A mind undivided by weakness or mercy.”

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2. Thresh, The Chain Warden


In 2nd place, I have Thresh. Thresh is one of the most beloved champions within the League of Legends community. And everybody enjoys playing Thresh!

However, the fact is that Thresh is one of the most horrifying champions in the game!

First of all, Thresh is the equivalent of the Grim Reaper on the Shadow Isles. He is an undead spirit that captures souls in his lantern and torments them for an eternity with a scythe.

One of the souls that were trapped in his lantern was Senna’s which prompted an entire storyline between him and Lucian.

Thresh’s looks are beyond discussion on whether he’s scary or not. He literally has a skull with bones instead of a head and he floats around with those eerie colors of black and green.

Thresh has been featured in many League cinematics and music videos, but his most chilling appearance is on Thresh Unbound: A Night at the Inn. Definitely give that video a chance if you haven’t watched it yet!

“There is life. There is death. And then there is me.”

1. Fiddlesticks, The Ancient Fear


And finally, we have Fiddlesticks! There’s no arguing for which champions are scarier than Fiddle in LoL. Riot Games shipped him as the “face of fear” in League of Legends and Fiddlesticks definitely lives up to that title.

Besides his epitaph “The Ancient Fear”, Fiddlesticks’ gameplay is all about spreading fear too. He can cast fear on up to five enemy champions at once and punish them while they run in horror.

Fiddlesticks is a scarecrow and pretends to be on in-game too. He can trick his enemies by placing copies of himself in certain spots and surprising them from others.

And just like Nocturne, Fiddlesticks is a demon born of fear. The more fear his opponents feel, the more powerful Fiddle becomes. 

On top of the dark magic Fiddlesticks uses, he can also drain the life out of his target and heal himself. He also carries a scythe and uses it to deal damage all around.

Fiddlesticks has many voice lines that capture his fearsome essence as a champion in League. And without a doubt, he is the scariest champion in the game!

“High above the rotten rows. Cloth and metal. Teeth and crows.”

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Even though there are many more scary champions in League of Legends, I really wanted to make a list of the 15 most terrifying ones! 

Yes, Karthus can be horrifying too and Ivern does look creepy, but the 15 champions above are what most players associate with “fear” in LoL.

That said, I hope you enjoyed this post and found it entertaining! You can stick around on Runetarium and check some of my other fun posts if you want similar content.


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