We can use Ruby to reverse a string by making use of the String reverse method.

"This is a string".reverse

And here is the full code to complete the example.

some_string = "This is a string"
some_string = some_string.reverse

print some_string

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When using string objects in Ruby, we can easily perform string manipulation to change the values or order of the characters in our string.

One such manipulation is to reverse the characters in a string.

To reverse a string, we simply need to use the reverse method.

Below is our code again with a couple more examples.

some_string = "string"
some_string1 = "This is a string";
some_string2 = "1234";
some_string = some_string.reverse
some_string1 = some_string1.reverse
some_string2 = some_string2.reverse

puts some_string
puts some_string1
puts some_string2

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Hopefully this article has been helpful for you to learn how to use Ruby to reverse string.

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Last Update: March 11, 2024