The internet is astronomically huge. We all know this but to actually conceptualize how many websites there are would give you vertigo. If you want people to find your site in this ginormous maze, you need to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

However, as any SEO expert will tell you, it isn’t easy. It takes time and commitment to find out what people are searching for and take apart the algorithm enough to end up on their screen. 

That’s where Surfer can come in and rock your world. There’s so much this all-in-one SEO platform has to offer, so let’s take a deep dive and see why it’s the number one tool for creating content that hits. 

Meet Surfer: Leader in SEO Optimization

Surfer Explained in 3 Minutes
Surfer Explained in 3 Minutes

If your marketing strategy includes content creation, you need Surfer. With innovative tools designed to skyrocket your search engine optimization, they’ve become synonymous with online visibility.

With this singular platform, you can tackle keyword research, content creation, optimization, and SEO growth management. And Surfer never rests on its laurels. It’s been able to stay at the cutting edge, bringing in AI and language learning models to help take any marketing strategy into the future. 

Today, Surfer is considered one of the leading SEO tools in the industry, trusted by thousands of companies across the globe. 

Key Features of Surfer

Let’s take a look at some of the most game-changing elements of Surfer. These are tools that you’ll use every single day, and they’ll make a huge impact on your website’s performance. 

Keyword Research 

Keyword Research 

If you’ve worked with SEO for any length of time, you’re likely very familiar with keyword research and how vital it is to keeping your site on the browsers of your target audience. Knowing what people are searching for and how you can be first in those searches is the first thing any SEO professional will learn. 

However, it’s a major pain. It statistically takes up the most time of any SEO task, and if we’re being honest it isn’t very fun. Surfer tackles these issues head-on with their keyword research tool. 

With a single click, you can pull up the top-performing keywords in your field, see how popular they are, and find your way into your target audience’s brains. 

How to Use Content Editor: A Complete Guide
How to Use Content Editor: A Complete Guide

You start by choosing your target keywords, and the country or region you want to rank in. Surfer scours the internet to find the top-performing articles under each of your target keywords. The content editor sifts through the data to find the perfect number of words, headings, paragraphs, and images for your article. 

If you’re looking to get even more specific, it pulls up all the related keywords you should rank on and tells you the exact number of times each needs to be used. This way, you won’t over or underuse any words. The last thing you want is to get flagged for keyword stuffing

Content Editing 

You’ll even be able to check in on your competition and see what they’re writing about these topics, all from the content editing hub. As you write, you can watch your content score move from bad to average to top-performing. 

The algorithm that Surfer uses to rate your content is the same as the one that search engines use, so you can trust the results. 

Introducing Surfer AI 

Surfer AI✨ Explained. Create SEO Optimized Articles with One Click

As simple as Surfer makes SEO copywriting, the fact is that not everyone can sit down and create a top-ranking article. Or at least that’s how it was before Surfer AI. With their brand-new AI content writer, Surfer can help you create engaging, SEO-optimized content faster and cheaper than even the best writer in the biz. 

Surfer’s approach to AI is two-pronged. They are committed to creating a model that is 

  • User Friendly – Marketers can generate an article with a few simple clicks, and easily ask for changes with conversational commands
  • Wildly Proficient – Because the AI model is connected to Surfer’s Content Editor, it crafts articles that are SEO-ready and ridiculously high-quality

Backed by Surfer’s SEO expertise and trained on 500 ranking factors, this AI creator is a must-have for any content marketing strategy. 

Surfer AI For Your Field 

No matter what you need articles for, Surfer AI has features that are honed to your field. The system is truly universal, but let’s take a look at how it can improve the marketing strategies of some specific niches. 

Marketing Agencies 

When you’re juggling multiple clients at once, the demands of content creation are never-ending. There’s always another deadline and another SEO target to hit. By working alongside Surfer AI, your writers and editors can spend more time doing the things that make your agency stand out. 

Surfer AI can generate all the nitpicky, time-consuming parts of your team’s content creation pipeline, including 

  • Outlines
  • Topic Ideas
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis

If your team is ever really stuck, it can even generate whole paragraphs and sections of text. This frees up their time to refine the articles and put your brand’s unique spin on the topics. 

Elevate Your SEO in 7 Days for Free!

By working with Surfer, your agency can enjoy 

  • Comprehensive Content Briefs – Start the process with a leg up, having a breakdown of keywords, word count, headings, and structure. Your writers can easily hit their SEO targets every time 
  • Simple Document Sharing – Both your writers and your clients can look at articles within the content editor so there’s no question about the quality of your work, or its ability to rank 
  • Streamlined Collaboration – By connecting your entire team under Surfer’s handy organization structure, you can ensure that writers, editors, and content managers are in cahoots with eachother at all times
  • Clear and Constant Data – With a direct line to what makes articles rank, and how to out-do the competitors, your clients will be flooded with website traffic

Ultimately, having Surfer AI in your tech stack is a surefire way to keep your marketing agency two steps ahead of the rest. 

In-House Marketing Teams 

Your marketing team has a lot on their plates, from developing marketing strategies and campaigns to creating content and managing social media channels. Writing articles is just one piece of the puzzle, and search engine optimization is seldom given the time it really needs. 

This isn’t a bad thing, as there are tons of more value-adding tasks that these team members can be doing. If you want to give your marketing department the time they need to make your strategy take off without sacrificing quality, Surfer AI is the perfect fix. 

With Surfer on their side, your in-house marketing team will have access to 

  • Vital Data – Find out what’s ranking for your target keywords with a single click and never waste valuable time with fruitless research again 
  • A Cure For Writers Block – With deadlines looming and the work of content creation never done, writer’s block can plague even the best writers in your team. Surfer AI can revitalize their process with topic clusters and outlines, and help generate that particularly sticky paragraph
  • Accessible SEO – There’s a lot that goes into being a great marketer, and some members of your team may not be as familiar with SEO as others. With an easy-to-understand score and clear recommendations on how to improve, every marketer can get their content ranking
  • Voice Consistency – Every writer has a unique voice and style, but you want your company to present a united front. Surfer AI can help your team stay consistent, even when they naturally write in disparate tones

Giving your marketing team the support they need with Surfer AI can eliminate the need for an outside agency to create your content, saving you money in the long run. What’s more, you have complete control of your strategy without having to rely on the schedule of an external contractor. 

With Surfer AI on their side, your team will become a content machine without losing focus on the wider strategy. 


Whether you’re a blogger, an affiliate marketer, a small business, or anyone else looking to monetize your online platform, SEO can make or break your business. However, if you don’t have much experience with keyword research or other optimization techniques, you can quickly get overwhelmed. 

Keyword Research Explained: Get a Full Content Strategy in Less Than 4 Minutes

When you’re competing with big companies with seemingly endless resources, content creation leaves little time in your schedule for figuring out how to grow your brand. Surfer AI can operate as a personal assistant, taking out the guesswork and taxing tasks so you can make your site the best it can be. 

The Bottom Line

Let Surfer handle all the finicky bits of your work, including 

  • Research – Get an up-to-date read on the top-ranking content for every keyword you want to hit. You’ll know the perfect topics, keywords, and structure to slide into your audience’s search history
  • Content Generation – When you hit a roadblock, let Surfer AI craft the perfect outline or suggestion to get you back on the writing grind in moments 
  • Algorithm Deciphering – Even when you’ve found the perfect strategy for creating content that hits, everything can be thrown out of whack by Google switching up its algorithm. Surfer AI stays up-to-date on any changes and helps you adapt on the fly so there’s never a lull in traffic

When you work with Surfer AI, you can compete with the biggest names in the industry for the most sought-after keywords. With better SEO, you’ll rack up organic visits and have no trouble bringing in conversions, ad revenue, and more. 

Surfer AI Vs. Other AI Writers

We know what you’re thinking. The last thing I need is another Chat GPT reskin marketing itself as something innovative. AI-written articles are terrible for SEO and riddled with bad writing. 

While this may be true for other tools, Surfer AI is different. Rather than using a pre-existing setup, they combine SERP analysis with native language processing to align everything that’s generated with the ranking factors for SEO. You can even check it next to the Content Editor’s Content Score to see exactly how it measures up. 

Since everything is generated right in the Content Editor, you can easily sift through the article and fix up anything that needs extra attention. You can also use the generated content as a jumping-off point to give your own writing a boost. 

You can help guide Surfer AI by leaving notes and comments, and even by linking to specific sources you want it to use. The built-in AI assistant, Surfy, is there to help with editing, refining, and ensuring that every section is perfect from structure to tone. 

What’s more, Surfer AI is constantly getting updates. Right now it can automatically generate images to help get your content over the edge. It can help you write in German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Danish, and English, and the list of languages is only going to grow as time goes on. 

Benefits of Using Surfer

No matter what you’re creating content for, bringing Surfer on board helps you make the most of it. You can rely on it for 

  • Keyword Optimization – Find the topics that will make the biggest impact on your online visibility
  • Content Quality and Relevance – AI-powered suggestions for your topics, headings, and ideas ensure you’re writing about what people want to read
  • Speedy Analysis – Know instantly if your article is SEO ready, and how to improve it in real-time 
  • Cost Savings – Hiring SEO experts and copywriting pros is expensive, and there’s no guarantee that their work will rank. Surfer takes out the risk at a fraction of the cost

Ultimately, if you aren’t using Surfer, you’re leaving money and website traffic on the table. 

Pricing and Plans

Surfer offers a plethora of plans so that you can tap into your potential, no matter where you are in your business journey. The Content Editor is available for as little as $69 a month. You can even add AI to any bundle, or purchase a single article for only $19. The best way to find out which plan is right for you is to get in contact with Surfer themselves. 

Pricing and Plans
Pricing and Plans

The Bottom Line 

Content creation may be effective, but it isn’t easy. Or at least not without a tool like Surfer on your side. From the very first bits of keyword research to the final published article, Surfer ensures your content is top-notch and ready to out-rank the competition. 

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