As someone who’s always grinding ranked solo queue as “mid lane primary, support secondary”, I’m always looking at champions that can carry from both roles.

In my experience (Master tier every season) I’ve found that Lux is one of the best mages in the entire game.

There are plenty of reasons players should main Lux and use her for climbing, from her simple toolkit to the super satisfying one-shots she can do. She’s a pretty fun champion no matter if she’s a mid laner or a support.

I have close to a million mastery points on Lux across my accounts and can honestly say that this champion can carry games even in Master. Her damage, combined with her crowd control and range, is sometimes too much for everyone, especially if you’re good with your skillshots.

So here I want to dive deeper into why Lux is such a good champion for solo queue in League of Legends and why you should main her. These are my top 5 reasons!

1. Safe Long-Range Playstyle

Lux's range in League of Legends

Lux’s entire kit is long-ranged. All of her abilities are skillshots that allow you to zone control enemies as well as one-shot them if you use them properly, all while staying at a safe distance from them.

For example, Lux’s classic combo is Q-E-R. But since both Q and E are long-ranged, Lux can often fight behind walls, from outside of the Baron/Dragon pit and influence fights without getting hit a single time. Not to mention that all of her abilities are AoE and can affect multiple enemies instead of one.

But since Lux’s ability kit is fairly simple and easy to use, many players think that she lacks versatility. They learn to play Lux in one way and never experiment with others.

For instance, most players use Lux’s E to poke the enemy laner and that’s it. However, sometimes it’s better to cast the ability on the minions and clear the wave as fast as possible so you can roam. Other times you need to let the spell linger on the ground so that you can prevent enemies from coming towards you.

As a Lux player, you must read the map and use your long range the best you can. This means that you often should also roam and snipe enemies with your ultimate in the top and bot lanes.

Playing Lux like this gives this champion a global presence which is definitely what you need if you want to carry games in Diamond and higher.

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2. Crowd Control and Utility

Lux's CC in League of Legends

League of Legends is super fast and chaotic. And crowd control is one of the easiest ways to win games simply because you deny your opponents the chance to fight or escape. And Lux’s CC perfectly fits her overall playstyle.

True, Lux has only one CC ability and that’s her Q, Light Binding. But it can snare up to two enemies and line them up for the rest of Lux’s combo. There are many tricks you can do with this ability, such as casting it on a minion to root the enemy champion behind it while he isn’t expecting it.

Lux’s E also provides a slow effect while it lingers on the ground. You can sometimes use it to slow down enemies while you’re running away. But the bad part is that once you activate the ability or the enemy is out of its area, the slow no longer applies.

Even so, the combined power of Lux’s Q and E is enough crowd control for a mage, especially a long-ranged one. And as long as you keep hitting her Q, you’ll have no problem controlling teamfights.

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3. High Burst Damage and One-Shot Combo

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High burst damage is what defines Lux as a champion in League. Her Q-E-R combo can one-shot squishy enemy champions and make them explode, even from full health.

Lux’s high damage combo puts her in the same category of carry mages such as Orianna and Syndra. But since her skillshots are even easier to hit and her combo easier to set up, she’s even better than them at carrying in lower ranks.

The cool thing about Lux is that no matter how much you fall behind during the early game, you’ll still have enough damage to one-shot the enemy ADC. Your item build doesn’t matter too much simply because the AP ratio of Lux’s R is honestly broken.

Here’s a table that compares Lux’s burst damage potential to that of similar champions:

ChampionKey Burst ComboApproximate Full Combo Damage at Level 6*
LuxQ – E – R690 (Plus 195% AP)
SyndraQ – E – Q – R690 (Plus 210% AP)
OriannaQ – W – R650 (Plus 210% AP)
ZoeQ – Q – R – E650 (Plus 165% AP)

*Note: Damage values are approximations and can vary based on enemy magic resist, the champion’s level, item build, and runes.

Another advantage that Lux has over many similar champions is her low cooldown. After level 11, her ultimate has only 30 seconds cooldown without even building too much ability haste. This means that you can perform the one-shot combo almost always. Sometimes even two times per fight.

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4. Powerful Shields

Lux's Shields in League of Legends

Lux’s W, Prismatic Barrier, is often an overlooked component of her kit. It’s a one-of-a-kind spell, a shield that’s actually a skill shot, something that no other champion in League of Legends has.

Even though Lux’s W may not be the most reliable shield or the easiest ability to land, it’s still a powerful spell you can utilize to survive all-ins and protect allies from damage. The good part here is that Prismatic Barrier can shield everyone it passes through, so it’s an AoE shield for the whole gang.

Most of the time, Lux uses her W to shield herself or one other ally. But there are situations where you can shield your entire team, for example when you’re taking the Baron.

Lastly, Lux’s shield scales with ability power so it only becomes larger the longer the game goes on.

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Elementalist Lux skin in League of Legends

Lux is probably the champion with the most skins in League of Legends. We all know she’s Riot’s favorite child when it comes to skins. And that’s obvious from the fact that Lux gets a new skin every other month or so.

But if you’re a Lux main, this is good news! It means that there are so many skins you can choose from and never get bored of Lux’s appearance.

Some of the most game-impacting skins Lux has are: Dark Cosmic Lux, Cosmic Lux, Empyrean Lux, Battle Academia Lux, and Porcelain Lux.

My favorite is, of course, Elementalist Lux which allows you to change the appearance and the color of your spell animations while playing. It’s arguably the best skin Riot Games has ever added so I’d recommend you getting it.

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Between her range and utility, powerful shields, high burst damage, and fabulous skins, Lux brings a lot to the table as a champion.

If you choose to main Lux, you’re signing up for a super fun time while smurfing in solo queue. She’s a bright character that can always light up your day, so I can’t help but recommend you play her!

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