Lux is easily one of the most iconic characters in League of Legends. Her popularity can easily be seen by the fact that she has the most skins out of all champions in the game. She’s also featured in many cinematics that Riot Games have published. And on Summoner’s Rift, Lux is a really powerful and influential pick that everyone must try.

Here I’ve answered all the key questions about Lux’s strengths and weaknesses, her in-game performance, her character, and other champion-related information you must know if you want to play this champion on a higher level.

That said, let’s jump into the specific questions you may have about this champion!

8 Common Questions About Lux in League of Legends!

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1. What Lane and Role is Lux?

Lux was originally designed to be a mid laner in League of Legends. However, Lux has also become a standard support champion. Nowadays, Lux can either be an AP carry and go to mid lane. But she can be a supportive mage and go to the bot lane too. So, Lux has two effective roles – mid and support.

Lux isn’t the only mid lane mage that made the transition to the bot lane and became a support. Nor she’s the only champion in the game that has more than one recommended role.

For example, Morgana and Brand were also mid laners in the early days of League of Legends. And when stronger, more suitable champions were added to the game, they moved to the support role.

However, Lux’s most popular role in 2023 is support. This is due to the heavy change in the mid lane meta where AD assassins are the most prevalent. Lux often struggles to win against champions like Zed or Yone, so she’s much stronger as a support.

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2. What Type of Champion is Lux?

Lux is an AP mage in LoL but her playstyle changes depending on her build. If Lux builds full AP, she becomes a burst mage. If she builds supportive items, Lux becomes an enchanter. Simply put, Lux is a type of champion that helps her team with magic damage, shields, and crowd control (roots, slows).

Lux has an amazing champion design in League. She’s strong, self-reliant, and unique enough to offer a few different playstyles. 

Although Lux is strong in the early game, she really excels in the mid game. Because of this, Lux can carry team fights and secure objectives like the Dragon and Baron to help her team in the late game.

So, Lux is the type of champion that can quickly eliminate a target with her amazing damage. But she can also be a real support and stand behind her team, shielding them with her W.

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3. What Does Lux do in LoL?

What are Lux’s strengths in League of Legends?

Lux can do two things very well in League of Legends – burst/one-shot enemies and crowd-control them. However, Lux is also one of the few champions that have AoE shields which simply means that she can protect her whole team at the same time. Lux can also clear minion waves very quickly.

Lux’s passive allows her auto-attacks to deal bonus damage each time she strikes an enemy with one of her spells. And Lux’s Q is a long-ranged snare that can affect two targets. 

On the other hand, Lux’s E is an AoE ability that deals damage in a target area and slows everyone in it for a few seconds. Lux’s R is a huge light ray that deals a lot of magic damage in a chosen direction. This ability has an amazing range, allowing Lux to slay enemies that are very far away.

With an ability kit like this, Lux is able to remain relatively safe throughout the game even while fighting. She can exploit her enemies’ mistakes and punish them for their mispositioning. Her Q+E+R combo can finish most squishy champions in the game. And snaring and slowing enemy champions is what Lux can do in the meantime.

All in all, Lux is a well-balanced champion and can do many things in League of Legends.

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4. Is Lux a Good Champion in League of Legends?

Is Lux a good champion to main in LoL?

Lux is a great beginner-friendly mid laner and support in LoL. Not only is she easy to learn, but she’s relatively easy to master too. Lux has a simple ability kit but it’s a very useful one. Lux can deal damage and protect her allies, she’s a very good champion for solo queue and a great champion to main.

Even though there are plenty of reasons why Lux can make a great main in LoL, I’d focus on the most important ones here.

First of all, Lux has tons of CC which is very important for solo queue. Denying your enemies’ movement is one of the keys to winning more fights and more games in LoL overall.

Second, Lux can always one-shot a single enemy champion, even as a support. Her damaging numbers are great and her cooldowns are pretty short. In other words, Lux can always try to make a play, even if she misses her abilities or she’s behind.

And third, Lux is a fantastic supportive mage. She doesn’t always need to carry games herself. Instead, she can simply play around the strongest ally and provide them with shields and crowd control. Sometimes, that’s all you need to do to score a victory with Lux in League of Legends!

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5. Is Lux a Good Mid Laner?

Lux is a very good mid laner, especially for low elo. She has insane burst damage, a lot of crowd control, and defensiveness thanks to her W. As a mid laner, Lux can safely farm against most enemies due to her long-range AoE abilities. But she can also win 1v1 fights if she hits her skill shots.

One thing that many players forget to mention about Lux mid is her ability to roam. Seriously, this champion has an amazing gank potential due to her CC, damage, and range.

Moreover, once you unlock level 6 on Lux, I’d suggest you start roaming much more. Depending on how well you aim Final Spark, this ability can get you tons of kills around Summoner’s Rift. People don’t usually respect Lux’s range, so you can often surprise them and get your advantages.

True, Lux may not be the strongest mid laner in the game, but she goes fairly even against most mid lane picks. She struggles with super-mobile assassins, but if she can lock them down with Q and E, she can easily win the duel!

So, Lux can be a great champion for introduction to the mid lane role and the AP mage playstyle. So, I totally recommend her!

6. Is Lux a Good Support?

Can Lux support well?

Lux can be one of the best support champions in LoL if played correctly. Unlike Lulu or Janna, Lux shouldn’t play passively and only shield her ADC. Instead, Lux’s range and damage allow her to play aggressively and give her ADC all the freedom they need. Providing CC is also why Lux support is great!

If you’ve never faced a really good Lux support player in League, you may not be aware of just how obnoxious this champion can be in the bot lane. Lux can really dominate the laning phase as a support due to how hard her abilities hit and the fact that she can set up perfect ganks for her jungler.

When paired with other poking champions in the bot lane such as Varus or Caitlyn, Lux can unleash her true potential. Enemies are forced to always move back and stay prepared to dodge Lux’s skillshots. This creates real pressure in the bot lane and limits the enemy team a lot.

That’s why Lux can be a really exceptional support in League of Legends!

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7. Is Lux a Good Top Laner?

Can Lux go top lane?

Even though Lux isn’t technically a top lane champion, she can be an okay pocket pick for the role. Lux’s damage scales well in the late game, especially with anti-tank items. However, many top lane champions counter Lux and can cause trouble in the early game for her. That’s why Lux top isn’t popular.

That said, you must also understand why Lux top isn’t often recommended. 

First of all, Lux struggles to win fights against champions that have a lot of health. She’s quite good at bursting one champion down but if her enemy has more HP than she has damage, Lux has nothing else to do against them.

For example, Kled is one of the biggest counters for Lux in the top lane. Lux can almost never one-shot Kled due to how tanky he is. Furthermore, Kled can dodge Lux’s Q and R with his passive. And he can always engage with his own ultimate, dive her, and slay her under turret.

Lux top can work fine against other ranged champions such as Ryze, Vladimir, or Cassiopeia. But when matched against aggressive melee fighters, she often loses the lane. So, be careful when you pick Lux top.

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8. Is Lux a Good ADC/Bot Laner?

Can Lux go ADC/top lane?

If your team lacks magic damage, playing Lux in the bot/ADC role can work super well. Lux is a useful champion to have on your team due to her CC, damage, and shielding. When allowed to farm and scale, Lux can become a great AP carry. She’s easy to play and doesn’t have too many counters in bot.

Playing Lux in the bot lane doesn’t differ too much from playing Lux mid. She has the same strengths and power spikes. And if you know how to play her in other roles, you’ll be completely fine as an ADC too.

One thing that can influence how well you do on Lux bot is your support partner. Since Lux isn’t a marksman, she doesn’t really need enchanter supports like Lulu, Soraka, or Sona. Instead, she’s really good with other aggressive mages such as Morgana, Brand, Xerath, or Vel’Koz.

So, if your team needs AP and you know how to play mages, playing Lux bot can be very useful while also being tons of fun!

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These are all the important information you need if you want to learn how to play Lux in League of Legends. These questions are often asked by many players who have just started with the game. And I hope my answers satisfy your curiosity about Lux as a champion in LoL.

Good luck on your journey of mastering Lux, the Lady of Luminosity!

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