Qiyana has one of the most unique champion designs in League of Legends. She has invisibility, mobility, and enough burst damage to delete an entire team.

In other words, Qiyana is a super-effective assassin that dominates the mid and jungle roles. Her ability kit is very effective, especially in the chaos of solo queue.

But since Qiyana’s ratios arent’s well understand, here I’ll explain them thoroughly.

Is Qiyana AP or AD?

Qiyana's Q deals phyiscal damage AD
Qiyana’s Q in-game

Qiyana is an AD assassin. All of her abilities scale with AD, and her build consists of Attack Damage and Lethality items. Qiyana may seem like an AP champion because she uses abilities more than basic attacks but she deals mostly physical damage and not magic.

The primary source of Qiyana’s damage is her Q – Elemental Wrath/Edge of Ixtal. This ability has 3 different effects, depending on how Qiyana combines it with her W – Terraform.

When Qiyana uses her W on a brush, ground, or a river, she collects its element. And her next Q has an additional effect, based on which elements she collected last. The brush grants her invisibility (green), the river root (blue), and the ground bonus damage (red).

On top of this, Qiyana has her R – Supreme Display of Talent, which is another soul-crusher. Qiyana can use this ability to push one or more enemy champions into a wall or a structure. The ability then spreads all around that wall/structure, damaging and stunning all enemies in touches.

Qiyana’s ultimate also does physical damage and scales with AD.

Qiyana’s E – Audacity and passive – Royal Privilege does physical damage too. That’s why Qiyana buys all Lethality items and deals insane amounts of damage at all stages of the game.

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Does Qiyana Even Do Magic Damage?

Qiyana's W deals magic damage AP
Qiyana’s W in-game

Qiyana’s W is the only ability that does magic damage. It has a passive effect that increases Qiyana’s attack speed, attack range, and bonus magic damage on her basic attack (on-hit) while she’s holding an element. Qiyana’s W scales with AP, so the more AP she has, the stronger her auto-attacks are.

Of course, playing AP Qiyana is far from ideal. Instead of slamming hard-hitting Qs, you must focus on auto-attacking while holding an element. On-hit items such as Nashor’s Tooth or Lich Bane can help out a lot. But in the end, AP Qiyana isn’t that good, and it’s very hard to win games with.

Since Qiyana doesn’t benefit too much from Ability Power, you have no reason to play her P. I’ve tried it personally in the past, and I can’t say that I’m a fan. The gameplay feels clunky and slow, while the AD Qiyana feels powerful, fast, and very explosive.

But if you like to experiment with Qiyana, watch this YouTube video on how to play AP Qiyana. It will help you start!

The fact that Qiyana has both physical and magic damage in her kit is not surprising. In fact, there are many champions in the game that have both AP and AD ratios. But even if a champion does both physical and magic damage, players usually lean towards one and build according to that. For example, Jax does both AP and AD damage, but most players build him full AD.

The situation is the same with Qiyana – she mainly benefits from AD items. Hence, most players build her like an AD/Lethality assassin.

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That’s all you need to know about Qiyana’s damage if you’ve never studied the champion. Of course, you could take a look at her exact numbers to figure out whether you should play Qiyana AP or AD. For that, I suggest you check Qiyana’s official fandom page

The important thing to remember from this article is that Qiyana is an AD assassin with tons of physical damage in her kit. But you could also build her AP in fun modes such as ARAM or URF.

Good luck!

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