I once made a bet with my friend that I’d reach Diamond by playing only purple champions in League of Legends.

Spoiler alert: I did it in less than a month. It was just too easy because there are so many powerful purple picks you can dominate with on Summoner’s Rift.

But even if your ambitions aren’t such as mine and you’re only here for research purposes, I want to give you a full list of all the purple champions in LoL and highlight their “purpleness”.

After all, why not? Purple is awesome.

That said, let’s begin. (note that the list isn’t in any particular order)

These Are All The Purple Champions in League of Legends:

1. Cho’Gath


Cho’Gath is League of Legends’ cookie monster because every other champion in the game is a cookie for him to chomp down.

As a creature of the void, Cho uses a variety of void spells which are purple by nature. But his massive body is also purple, so there’s that.

2. Dr.Mundo

The Best Tanks in LoL

The mad scientist Mundo isn’t a creature of the void but he definitely looks like one.

He’s a purple version of Hulk, with an enormously strong body covered in muscles. Dr.Mundo is even purple on most of his skins and he’s often described as a “Chad”.

3. Bel’Veth


Bel’Veth is the queen of void champions in LoL which also means the queen of the purple champions in the game.

Seriously though, Bel’Veth is covered in purple from beginning to end and even her animations are purple and voidy.

She can even spawn minions of the void which are colored in adorable purple too.

4. Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol, the Star Forger, may not have the color purple in him predominantly. That spot is reserved for the dark blue color, which is actually a good friend to our beloved purple.

However, ASol’s abilities are almost all covered in purple and feature stars, constellations, and cosmic fires – what’s not to like here?

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5. Neeko


Neeko isn’t a purple champion in the same sense as Bel’Veth, for example. And in truth, only Neeko’s hair and tail are purple.


Neeko can turn into any champion in League of Legends, including all the purple heroes of Summoner’s Rift, as long as they’re on her team.

6. Morgana


Morgana is one of the original purple queens of LoL. She’s a fallen angel that walks around the Rift and chains people to their dooms with purple magic.

All of her abilities have multiple shades of purple, on most of her skins too.

7. Lulu


It’s no secret that Lulu’s favorite color is purple. That’s why she’s friends with Veigar and her own fairy Pix. All she does is purple, really.

And did you know that Lulu can actually taste the color purple?

8. Malzahar

Malzahar Splash Art

Of all the purple queens on this list, Malzahar is the purple king. He’s covered in purple from head to toe and his voidlings should be called “purplings” instead.

Malzahar is the prophet of the void and it’s not strange that every spell he casts is taken from the deep dark cosmos which is purple, of course.

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9. Lillia


Lillia is a gentle creature that likes to “bomb” her enemies on the head, put them to sleep, and erase them from existence with the help of purple magic.

She might not look too purple, but her long hair is purple which qualifies her on this list!

10. Kha’Zix


Kha’Zix is another creature of the void we have in League of Legends, a purple alien insectoid that assassinates anything he sets his eyes on.

All of Kha’s effects have one or more purple shades, so he’s a candidate too.

11. Kennen


Kennen is a yordle who lost his way and ended up on this list of purple LoL champions just because his combat robe is purple. And that’s it.

Otherwise, he’s a furry little creature that blasts blue lightning and throws shuriken stars at his enemies.

12. Kassadin


Kassadin’s called “the Rift Walker” for a good reason. He has traveled the void and has learned its secrets.

And as a result, Kassadin has transformed himself into a purple killing machine that can silence and obliterate anything in sight.

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13. Kai’Sa


Kai’Sa is the daughter of Kassadin and has also spent years surviving in the void.

She can manipulate the powers of the void to her advantage which for us means blasting purple magic all around.

Kai’Sa is even dressed in all purple, so she’s one of my favorite champions to look at.

14. Jax


If we had to describe each League of Legends champion with an emoji, Jax would be ” “.

Although he uses a street lamp to fight his opponents, Jax is a real martial artist. He wears a purple robe and seems to be purple underneath too.

But no one knows for sure what he looks like.

15. Evelynn

Evelynn Splash Art

Evelynn is the queen of agony and torture in League of Legends. She toys with her victims before slaughtering them with her big purple nails.

Evelynn has always been purple even before her rework, making her one of the prime purple champions in LoL.

16. Rek’Sai


Rek’Sai is another void creature who uses the power of purple to her advantage. She kind of looks like Baron Nashor in a more miniature version.

But nonetheless, Rek’Sai is a powerful champion that goes through purple tunnels and uses purple claws when striking down her foes.

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17. Zoe

Zoe Splash Art

If you’ve been on Runetarium before, you might know that Zoe is my favorite character in League of Legends. She isn’t all purple, but part of her hair is as well as some of her outfit.

However, Zoe’s abilities are starry which in translation means purple. Plus, many of her skins transform her into a fully purple champion, so there’s that.

18. Veigar


Veigar is the OG purple yordle. His entire robe and hat are purple and every spell he casts is colored from light to deep purple.

Although Veigar says that he’s blue (in an attempt to look more masculine), we can all clearly see that he’s purple. And beautiful because of it.

19. Vex

Vex Splash Art

Vex is another yordle who doesn’t shy away from the color purple. Everything from her fluffy ears to her Shadow is one or another shade of purple.

And when Vex cast her ultimate, you can see the purple Shadow flying towards her target, scaring everything in its path.

20. Vel’Koz


Vel’Koz is a void creature of intelligence and dignified existence. And as such, the color purple suits him perfectly.

Every single ability in Vel’Koz’s arsenal is colored nothing but purple, so he might even be the most purple champion of all in League of Legends.

21. Varus


Although Varus is a darkin and not exactly a creature from the void, the color purple predominates his appearance.

Even the arrows that he shoots are purple, along with his Chains of Corruptions too. So he’s another purple king on the Rift.

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22. Taric


Speaking of purple kings, here’s Taric. In his basic skin, Taric is dressed in a purple-blue outfit and utilizes purple-blue gems to heal his bot lane partners.

As an Aspect from Targon, Taric’s abilities are all cosmic and therefore purple too.

23. Syndra


Syndra is League’s dark mage. And like all dark mages in all of fantasy, she’s a dark purple character.

Syndra fights by flinging around her void orbs and obliterates anything she sets her eyes on, promoting the color purple as the most deadly color on Summoner’s Rift.

24. Shen


Shen may not look purple at first but as soon as he casts a spell, a purple shield envelopes his body and it’s evident to everyone that he’s another “purple power enjoyer”.

And we can say that Shen is a purple ninja. So pretty cool overall.

25. Skarner


And lastly, we have Skarner – our beloved purple scorpion.

Yes, he’s a scorpion and he’s purple… there’s not much else to it.


Besides the basic appearance of these characters, there are tons of skins in League of Legends that make non-purple champions actually purple.

For instance, the Dark Star skin line gives everyone purple outfits and spell effects, so we have Jhin looking like a deep purple overlord.

That said, these are all the original purple champions in LoL for now.

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