Getting the legendary paradox Suicune is a struggle. Not only do you have to complete a 30+ hour quest line, but you also have to beat this creature during a special event. 

So far, Pokemon has only announced three such raids, the last one honored the release of Indigo Disc. And so, you might have to wait until the next event raid to capture these creatures. 

Meanwhile, it’s important to get ready for the battle, so you’re prepared when the time comes to try and capture this creature.

In this blog, you’ll discover what a paradox Suicune is and how to defeat it.

What Are Paradox Pokemon?

Paradox Pokémon is a unique category of Pokémon introduced in the “Pokémon Scarlet & Violet” games. During the Tera Raid event, you get the chance to fight and collect Paradox Pokemon. 

These creatures are some of your favorite Pokemon but from the distant past or future. And so, they have different names and appearances. In this particular event, Suicune in Pokemon Scarlet got the look-alike: Walking Wake. 

At first glance, you might think that Walking Wake is an evolution of Suicune. It makes sense as they both have the ability to walk on water (which not all Pokemon have). But, Walking Wake isn’t an evolved form of Suicune. Instead, it’s an ancient version of Suicune.  Despite its similarities, it comes with its unique abilities and base stats. 

Let’s dive deeper into this creature!

Overview of Pokemon Scarlet Suicune

Pokemon Scarlet Suicune comes with a base of 590 and has the characteristics of both a water and dragon Pokemon. During the raid, it’ll use its ability: Protosynthesis. This allows the Pokemon to boost its highest stats by 30% – 50%. Moreover, at its base status, the neutral creature has a level: 75. 

Base Stats

Here’s a breakdown of this Pokemon’s features:

Health 99
Special Attack125
Special Defence83


When you encounter this creature, it’ll use 5 weather and elemental-based moves against you:

  • Sunny Day
  • Flame Thrower
  • Noble Roar
  • Hydro Steam
  • Dragon Pulse

It’ll always use the ‘sunny day’ attack first. This will activate its protosynthesis ability. Additionally, you’ll have to watch out for its ‘noble roar’ which chips away your defenses.


In Pokemon Scarlet, the Suicune of ancient times has the same weaknesses as dragon and water-type creatures. Therefore, it’s weak to both ice, dragon, and fairy moves based on its reptilian side. As for the weaknesses of its water type, they’re electric and grass moves. 

Does Walking Wake Have a Shiny Version?

Unfortunately, the Walking Wake in Tera Raid is shiny-locked. Therefore, you can’t get a shiny version of this creature. However, Pokemon may add this feature if they make an update to this raid. After all, they’ve already run this raid 3 times now. So, it’s possible that if they bring back this raid with an update that’ll allow you to capture a shiny Walking Wake.

Where to Find the Paradox Pokemon Suicune

If you wish to locate this creature, you’ll need to beat the Pokemon Scarlet storyline. Once you’ve gotten the 18 badges from completing the main quest, the event raid will manifest on your map. 

Pokemon Suicune
Source: The Pokemon Company

Specifically, you’ll find the event in Tera Raid Raid Den. However, this needs to be during one of the raid events which were last held on:

  • February 27 – March 12, 2023
  • May 1 – May 4, 2023
  • December 25 – January 7, 2024

After you’ve arrived in the Den, you’ll have the chance to fight and capture 8 of the paradox Pokemon. However, if you don’t find any of them you should:

  • Re-Enter the Area: You should exit Tera Raid Den and travel back into it. This might cause paradox creatures to materialize.
  • Defeat Beasts: When you clear an area of these creatures, you increase the likelihood that a paradox beast will appear.
  • Trade Your Creatures: You can exchange one of your captured beasts for Walking Wake. That said, you need to find someone who has this creature and is willing to trade it with you.

How to Defeat Pokemon Suicune Paradox

Source: The Pokemon Company

In this game, you need a strategy to defeat creatures and capture them. This is especially true when you’re going against a legendary creature. And so, you’ll need the following plan to beat Walking Wake:

1. Choose an Effective Team

If you want to defeat this creature, you’ll have to pick beasts most likely to damage it. Your team should have creature types with strong attacks that are in the type:

  • Ice 
  • Dragon
  • Fairy
  • Electric
  • Grass

However, it’s important to consider the resistance of this creature. Due to its Water and Dragon attributes, Walking Wake has at least partial resistance to several types of moves. Specifically, it shows resilience against Grass, Water, Fire, and Electric moves. This aspect is crucial to keep in mind when strategizing for battles involving Walking Wake.

Therefore, your attackers especially should have more than just water or fire moves. For example, you could bring with you Miraidon. This creature is an electric and dragon-type move with base stats that beat Walking Wake in every attribute:

MiraidonWalking Wake
Health 10099
Special Attack135125
Special Defence11583

2. Use Support Pokemon

Once you’ve chosen who you want to attack, you need to think about how you’ll protect or boost your team. For instance, you can use Clodshire to lower Walking Wake’s defenses with an Acid Spray attack. Once the creature is weak enough, you’ll use the Mud-Slap attack. Together, this combo will give you a better chance to weaken Walking Wake.

3. Attack with Weakness-Type Pokemon

You should use a combo move after you’ve weakened the creature or strengthened your team. You should attack with the creatures most likely to do extra damage. Keeping the example of Miraidon, you could use both Charge Beam and Electro Drift. 

Once you’ve dealt damage points equal to its health, you’ll have defeated the creature!


Getting the ancient Pokemon Scarlet Suicune (Walking Wake) starts after completing the Pokemon Scarlet main quest during a raid event. Once you’re in Tera Raid Den, you’ll have the chance to fight and capture 8 paradox creatures including Walking Wake. However, you’ll need a strategy to defeat this legendary water and dragon-type beast. You’ll have to use Walking Wake’s weaknesses against it and watch out for its resistance. And don’t forget to boost your chances with a support Pokemon! They’ll ensure your attacks land as hard as possible. Once you succeed in conquering Walking Wake, it becomes a valuable addition to your collection.

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