Podcasting has come into its own now as an outlet for individuals to express their thoughts and creativity. The majority of podcasters have been adults, but the next generation of podcasters have been hot on the heels. Let’s talk about podcasting for kids, by kids, because who knows kids better than, well, kids?

What makes Podcasting for kids different is that it lets children communicate with each other in their own language. It is a segment that projects play, fun, and excitement despite only being heard.

Podcasting has gained traction fast, spanning generations and especially with the youth of today. There are many forms of social media outlets where content creators can share their knowledge and skills.

Popular platforms have been YouTube, Facebook, and Blogging. While those platforms are sharing video and the written word, podcasting is all audio. Podcasts make it easy for audiences to listen on the go while commuting, exercising, and especially while driving with the kids.

Several podcast platforms offer shows to listen to. Some podcast directory examples include Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more. A podcast is a place where hosts can freely talk about topics and exchange insights whether the purpose is to learn, debate, or merely for entertainment.

Although this may seem to be dominated by adults, there is a growing section in the podcasting industry where the youth have jumped into like a cannonball. Kids listen to other kids’ podcasts because they can relate and learn from each other.

Advantages and Benefits for Kids Podcasting

Kids of all ages have an opportunity to express their thoughts unfiltered (unless it’s edited by parents!). In some cases, kids will host it on their own or co-host with parents. A plus for parents is the opportunity to gain a better understanding of what is going on in their kid’s mind.

You might be surprised at how children can become engaged with certain topics, topics that you never knew that had been exposed to. I just think about how many times I’ve heard my toddler son or daughter sing songs that I didn’t know they would’ve heard anywhere.

Podcasting for kids is one of the ways that can foster communication and self-confidence for a kid. It also nurtures independence, creativity, and self-discovery. As for any parent, you will always be a guide and inspiration to their endeavors. It’s an opportunity to nurture their curiosity for the right purpose.

One of the biggest advantages of podcasting vs YouTubing for kids is the setup and lack of waiting for the kids. Setting up to record a podcast is far quicker than setting up to record a YouTube video. Set up your podcast mic or other recording device and start sound recording.

Editing a podcast is also far quicker than editing a YouTube video. While recording, you don’t need to fuss with lights, graphics, or anything visual. The attention span of kids is short and the more that you can use that short time on actual recording, the better.


For those who wish to engage their kids in podcasting, we have some tips to get you started.

Fun Mindset

Kids always like the concept of play. And this means that the activity must always be fun and exciting. They should not feel the pressure to deliver episodes just because you would like them to. Although it is good to keep a balance of fun and work, it is more important that your kids enjoy the activity.

One area where this can be improved is to steer away from stressful topics. Keep the show short and exciting until you see your kid develop a deeper interest. Trying to reproduce the success of Serial won’t be the best idea because your child might not have as much fun. They might have more fun with story pirates

Keep Them Engaged

Kids tend to develop passion when they see their purpose and involvement in activities. When coming up with podcast ideas, involve them even in the planning of the audio content and audio segments. Keep the planning short and concise so that they can understand. And at the same time, instill their importance so that each episode can become fruitful and entertaining.

Let your children shape each podcast episode while you, as a parent, become their podcaster guide. Ask them questions and their thoughts, so that they can feel that they have ownership over the show. Kids love to feel that sense of ownership on each podcast episode.

Remember, if you’re podcasting for kids, your kids will know better than you what the audience of little listeners will want to hear. Your thoughts on podcast topics may not entertain young listeners.

Start Small and Short

When you are starting, it is important to keep each segment short and entertaining. It should not take an hour’s length as it can be tiresome for your little tots. Plus, their attention span could float away after 10 minutes already. This is why it is important to plan and discuss with your child what the segment is about.

Find out their interest in a topic. The actual execution of the episode should be loose. There should be some freedom to play so that there is a spontaneous and natural feel. Plus, it’s hard to keep kids to any script.

Podcasts Co-Hosted by Kids

Let’s take a look at some popular podcasts that are co-hosted by kids. These types of podcasts are driven by parents or adults that wish to engage their kids simply because it is fun and healthy. Below are some podcasts that fall under this category:

Science is Fun E

Science is Fun E podcast

The Science is Fun E is a podcast channel started in 2018 by Craig Jyringi (aka Skipper), and Avery Adams (aka Private). This grandfather, granddaughter duo started with Private as young as 9 years old. And their podcast channel tackles a fun approach to science and technology. The topics are as genuine to what kids would ask but would have never been thought of by adults. And this is what makes it magical and engaging.

Since the field of science is a field of questions, the podcast topics that they discuss look to answer questions for other kids, no matter the grade level. If you’re looking for show title ideas, check the podcast out because their episode titles are creative, like the podcast name. Some catchy titles are: You Have Rocks in your Head How Ears Work, Eating a Guinea Pig in Peru, Mermaids and Electricity, What the heck are chromosomes, and many more. Check them out here.

Bodaciously Awesome

Bodaciously Awesome podcast

The Bodaciously Awesome podcast channel was started by Adam DiMuzio where he and his family put on a Bodaciously Awesome Family Show (BAFS). This is a family podcast project that covers anything under the sun and engaging their kids in a variety of topics. The kids share their experiences while keeping the fun, adventure, excitement, and lots of laughter present. It’s a podcast that focuses on family topics and things that kids enjoy such as sports and games. Listen to their podcast here.

Five Minutes with Dad

Five Minutes with Dad podcast

The Five Minutes with Dad is a podcast channel that is headed by Nick Pavlidis, together with his kids Pavlos and Angela. The show started in 2014 and the family has continuously been providing fun content until now. Like the podcast name, the goal was a 5-minute podcast that is focused on kids, family, parenting while putting the kids as the stars of the show. Each episode usually has five minutes to engage a little father-son or daddy-daughter time. However, some episodes will exceed five minutes simply because there is more air time provided for kids to share their interests.

The great thing about their show is that it nurtures positive thinking and imparts some lessons in the most genuine way. Like the podcast cover art, it’s an genuine and original podcast with the young hosts front and center with Dad. Check out Five Minutes with Dad here.

Brains On!

Brains On podcast

The Brains On is a podcast channel discussing science for kids and adults, with the goal to enrich and drive curiosity. It is hosted by Molly Bloom, produced by Marc Sanchez and written by Sanden Totten. It has won the 2018 People’s Voice award by the American Public Media. Each audio episode takes a perspective about family life and parenting, to form interviews and conversations with kids. It’s an entertaining channel to listen to thanks to the involvement of different kids, fascinating questions, and a never-ending environment of curiosity. See their website to listen and find out more about them.

Kid Talk Radio

Kid Talk Radio podcast

The Kid Talk Radio is a new podcast channel that is managed by the Mohler family. This is another family podcast that is focused on the dynamics between father-daughter and father-son quality time. Headed by Ben, the show opens the floor for his kids, aged six and four, to be able to express their thoughts on various topics they’re interested in. Starting in 2020 with his kids, Squirt and Sprout, this podcast channel serves as an inspiration that podcasting for kids is not impossible. Listen to Kid Talk here.


For kids who have discovered more passion for podcasting and hosting, they’ve started producing channels independently. These are slightly older kids since they have developed some confidence to carry themselves, hosting their audio show. Below are some of the podcasts that fall under this category:

Dream Big

Dream Big podcast

The Dream Big podcast started with Eva and her mom, Olga Karpman, fostering a mother-daughter team to keep inspiring kids and parents to dream big and pursue passions to make dreams a reality. Currently, it is ranked as the number one podcast in the Kids and Family category in iTunes. The channel started in 2017 when Eva was 7 years old and as she learns more about podcasting, she’s started carrying some shows as the primary host herself.

I like the podcast cover art and the podcast intro that you should also check out. Each episode usually lasts 15-20 minutes, which sometimes includes featured guests such as Kobe Bryant, Chris Hadfield, Sasha Diguilian, and more. Listen to Eva and her guests here.

Cool Facts About Animals

Cool Facts About Animals podcast

The Cool Facts About Animals is a podcast channel created by kids, for kids. The topics revolve around the world of animals, hosted by siblings Grady, Clara, and Theo together with their Mom. All three siblings exchange cool facts about different sorts of animals, while also learning more about them. The podcast started in 2018, tackling different kinds of animals and what makes those animals unique. Each episode is highly engaging by the mere fact that these kids can keep the energy up throughout, from making sound effects to reading facts. Check out their episodes here.

The Show About Science

The Show About Science podcast

The Show About Science podcast channel was created by Nate at 5 years old. At that young age, Nate started podcasting with his Dad. He interviews different scientists and is not afraid to ask the tough questions. His curiosity toward science is very entertaining thanks to a delightful personality. Before the age of 10, Nate started another podcast channel called The Show About Politics. His talent serves as an inspiration for kids to venture out and discover becoming a content creator for their own interests. Listen to and learn more about science here.

Random Kid Talks About Random Things

Random Kid Talks About Random Things podcast

The Random Kid Talks About Random Things is a podcast hosted by Kaiden. The channel started in 2019 with a couple of videos also published. The podcast is full of positivity as it embodies a young Kaiden and at the same time, opens discusses so many random things. He has managed to find a great name for his podcast channel since most kids do not usually know which topics to focus on at first. And this gives him a leeway to discover and express himself in the most genuine way. Listen to all the random talk here.

Talking Tech With Coding Kid

Talking Tech With Coding Kid podcast

The Talking Tech With Coding Kid is a podcast channel managed by a young kid that is highly engaged with tech. The channel launched with a few episodes in 2020 and has had a promising start for someone so young. At the onset, topics and lesson plans have revolved around Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Facial Recognition, Self-driving Cars, and new developments in technology. Check out the Coding Kid here.


There are many online materials available that should help you get started with podcasting. The main areas that you would need to understand are the concept of Planning, Creating, and Sharing. If you haven’t yet, you can read the step-by-step How to Start a Podcast guide right here on this site.

There are many other places for self-study in learning more about podcasting. Check out these locations:

  • Skillshare – A platform that allows you to take classes on various topics from other content creators. It has a big library of videos and classes that can help you learn the basics of podcasting. See the available podcasting courses they offer here.
  • YouTube – This is one everyone knows and it’s Free. This approach exercises self-discipline to learn without any cost. Search for any specific topics you want to learn more about there.
  • Power-Up Podcasting 2.0 Course – For those seeking a more professional approach, there are courses offered in the market which you can also try. Power-Up Podcasting 2.0 is just one of the popular courses. It’s taught by the popular Pat Flynn at Smart Passive Income. See more about the course here.

I hope that this has helped as you look more into helping your kids (and yourself) learn more about podcasting!

Top 3 Tips – Podcasting for Kids and with Kids

1. Keep It Fun – Kids just wanna have fun!

2. Keep Them Engaged – Talk about what they want to talk about. They’ll stay engaged for longer.

3. Start Small – They have short attention spans so going more than 10 minutes will be difficult initially. Start small with a few minutes and as they continue having Fun and staying Engaged.

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Last Update: February 23, 2024