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New parents know how valuable time is from day to day. Every minute is a chance to get something done or spend precious time with your growing child. Even with time at a premium, let us convince you to listen to one of the best parenting podcasts from the list we have collected for you.

Even though it seems like there’s not enough time in the day, podcasts allow for multi-tasking, making listening easy. You can listen to a podcast while doing household chores or driving your kid to school. 

The best part about parenting podcasts is they are half parenting advice and half fun conversations that make you feel less alone in your parenting experience. 

Here are our top picks for the best parenting podcasts.

We Are Family

From comes their podcast We Are Family. editor Julia Dennison hosts this podcast that takes a peek into the weird and wonderful lives of famous parents. 

Each episode features a celebrity guest who talks about their experiences with parenting, their philosophies on raising their kids, and how they’ve built their family unit. Guests include Jack Black, Gayle King, and Nick Carter. No topic is off limits, from adoption, LGBTQ+ parenting, surrogacy, and more. 

How Not to Screw Up Your Kids

When it comes to childcare, Dr. Maryhan has seen it all. As a psychologist and parenting expert, she’s here to offer parents advice on supporting their children in every stage of their life. 

On How Not to Screw Up Your Kids, each episode focuses on parenting that encourages children to have self-confidence and self-belief. If you want honest conversations that get real about parenting, look no further.

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

Podcast and radio giant NPR brings you But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids, sure to provide you and your children with endless fun facts and entertainment. This show provides a much-needed break for parents and kids and can be an interesting listen while driving your kids to school or sports practice. 

Each episode answers questions submitted by kids and tackles topics large and small. Parents can even submit their kid’s questions in hopes that it’s answered on the show!

Motherhood in Black & White

If you’re a young parent out there, or you’re someone who wants to stay up-to-date on social issues surrounding children and parents, Motherhood in Black & White is the parenting podcast for you. Gen X moms Kaanji Irby and Tara Campbell come from different backgrounds and are best friends, and no topic is off limits. 

They’re here to talk about motherhood with empathy and honesty, from the difficulties of raising children to what it’s like working as a female in a male-dominated workplace. As young parents, they know the many parenting issues out there that moms face every day, especially those who are marginalized. 

Smash Boom Best

Another great podcast for parents and children to listen to is Smash Boom Best, an ideal option for any family that loves a little friendly competition.

Each episode pits two objects against each other and lets kids and parents debate which is better. Then, you and your kids can discuss at home who is best. Episodes include Axolotls vs. Flamingos, Roller Skating vs. Bowling, and Sneakers vs. Jeans.

Good Inside with Dr. Becky

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Good Inside with Dr. Becky is all about ensuring parents have solutions to overcome parenting challenges. 

Parenting expert, clinical psychologist, and mom of three, Dr. Becky Kennedy, answers parents’ questions about all things parenting. Raising your kids can sometimes seem daunting, and Dr. Becky is here to peel back the layers and help parents understand the true joys of this parenting journey.

The Longest Shortest Time

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Raising a child is a precious and fleeting time of life, and The Longest Shortest Time wants to talk about it. Hillary Frank hosts conversations about parenthood in all its forms, like IVF, LGBTQ+ parenting, new mom life, zen parenting, and much more. 

This parenting podcast has been lauded with praise, topping Best Podcast lists from TIME Magazine, The Webby Awards, and What To Expect. It is no longer in production, but the archives are still available. 

The Mom Hour

Best friends and co-hosts Meagan and Sara host The Mom Hour, a weekly podcast show about motherhood and all its ups and downs. With eight kids between them, Meagan and Sara are busy as ever and want to offer their insight and experience to any parents who may need it. 

If you’re a stressed-out parent, this show is here to assure you that you’re not alone and that you can do plenty of things to help your child and yourself. Parenting is about doing what’s best for your family, and it’s not always perfect. Each episode offers encouragement and advice on how to enjoy motherhood more without having the constant comparison and worry running in the back of your head. 

The Double Shift

The Double Shift is a podcast, newsletter, and community social change laboratory for moms. The podcast may have ended in 2022, but there are plenty of archival episodes to listen back to for advice on parenting and how to raise your kid while challenging the status quo of motherhood. 

Journalist, speaker, and consultant Katherine Goldstein hosts this show examining the forces shaping American family life. This podcast opens the door to the Double Shift community, with a regular newsletter sent out to free and paid subscribers. 

That New Mom Life

Finally, the show That New Mom Life from Parents Magazine breaks down everything that comes with raising your child. Grace Bastidas and Desiree Fortin host conversations with parenting experts and working moms to help shed light on the many challenges of raising a newborn. 


After listening to these amazing podcasts for parents, check out these podcasting tips for kids and how to get your little one started with their own podcasting. 

Check out some parenting podcasts available for free on podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Pandora, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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