To say that Dr. Mundo is a wacky character in League is an understatement. He is a tanky champion who deals damage from melee attacks as well as ranged abilities.

But Riot Games reworked Mundo a couple of years ago and players to this day are unsure how his abilities work.

So let’s answer the key questions.

Is Mundo AP or AD?


Mundo is a full tank champion in LoL. He is a mix of AD and AP because some of his abilities are categorized as magic damage and some as physical damage. However, Mundo does NOT scale with AP or AD. His abilities only scale with bonus health. So, the more HP Mundo has the more damage he deals.

Mundo’s Q and W deal magic damage but can’t be improved with ability power items. And Dr. Mundo’s E deals physical damage but it has no AD ratio either.

Simply put, Dr. Mundo is the only champion in League of Legends that doesn’t have a single AP or AD ratio in his ability kit. In fact, all of his active and passive abilities can be enhanced with tank items that grant more health.

One of the reasons why Riot Games has designed Mundo like this is for the clear intentions for this champion to stay a tank. By giving him no AP or AD ratios, you simply can’t build Mundo any other way than a tank. And if you do, you won’t gain any advantages whatsoever.

Mundo doesn’t use mana, energy, or any similar resource to cast his abilities. Instead, each time Mundo uses an ability, that ability takes a portion from his own HP. 

For example, to cast Mundo’s Q – Infected Bonesaw costs 50 health. Similarly, casting Mundo’s W – Heart Zapper takes 5% HP each time you do it.

To complement this, Mundo requires you to build tons of maximum health and HP regeneration too. And if you don’t, you won’t be able to freely cast spells and you’ll always be struggling to keep your HP up.

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Is Mundo Magic or Physical Damage?

Mundo's Q damage

Dr. Mundo was always a mix of physical and magic damage in League of Legends. But before his rework on patch 11.12 (season 11), Mundo had also AP and AD scalings. This meant that you can improve Mundo’s W with ability power and his E with attack damage.

However, that’s not the case anymore. And although Mundo’s abilities are still technically magic and physical damage, they don’t get the main benefits from building AP or AD items. 

What do I mean by this?

Well, let’s say that you build Void Staff on Dr. Mundo. The item grants bonus AP and magic penetration. In this situation, Mundo’s Q and W will take that 40% magic penetration from Void Staff but the damage won’t be increased by the bonus AP.

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So, the New Mundo Doesn’t Scale with AP at All?

As I mentioned above, Mundo has had no AP or AD ratios since his rework in patch 11.12 (season 11). His abilities CAN’T be enhanced with building ability power items, so that’s strongly advised against by everyone in the League community.

In the old Mundo’s kit, the W ability had a 5% AP ratio attached to it. This meant that the more AP you have the stronger the burn effect was. However, this ability was completely reworked with the new Mundo and the AP scaling was removed too.

You can open this article if you want to read Mundo’s old abilities and ratios.

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Dr. Mundo is a much simpler champion nowadays compared to his old design. Yes, the abilities have much more info and they seem complicated enough to confuse anybody. But in terms of damage, Mundo is neither AP nor AD and he doesn’t need any of them.

So if you were wondering just what the hell does Mundo scale with, the answer is health. The more HP you buy on this champion the more damage you’re going to deal. This includes all damaging abilities in Mundo’s kit.

You can check this official fandom page if you want to check the exact HP ratios of Mundo’s abilities.

Good luck!

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