In our modern state of League of Legends, we have a huge variety of interesting champions to choose from. They come with unique backstories, appearances, playstyles, quotes, and even weapons that they use to dominate in Summoner’s Rift.

Although some players may think that a champion’s weapon is purely a cosmetic thing or a decision in design that the visual artist has made to bring to life a certain character, it’s not really so.

Riot Games have admitted that a champion’s weapon plays a central part in that champion’s identity. 

For instance, Master Yi’s sword will always look imposing and sometimes even bigger than Yi himself. This is done on every skin, just so it’s easier for all of us to register that it’s Master Yi who’s approaching us, even if we haven’t seen his skin before.

So, the weapons define who the champions really are

As a successful fantasy game with rich lore and a vibrant world, League of Legends has given us some of the most unique weapons. And in this post, I will feature them here and showcase to you just how unique and powerful they are.

Let’s begin!

These Are the Most Unique Weapons in LoL:

15. Monk’s Spade – Yorick

Yorick's spade weapon

While most video game characters try to be as tough as possible and thus wield dangerous weapons, Yorick uses a shovel. Yep, he’s taken his job as a Shepherd of Souls very seriously and digs graves for his enemies whenever he founds.

Seriously though, there isn’t another character in Runeterra, let alone another champion in LoL, that carries a shovel in a battle. But Yorick wields his shovel powerfully, and that’s evident whenever he gets just one or two kills in the top lane.

In League specifically, Yorick uses his spade either to hit enemies on their heads with it or to dig graves so he can summon his Mist Walker friends. And that makes him pretty unique!

14. Hextech Music Platform & Sound Magic – Seraphine

Seraphine's KDA hextech platforms

If you thought that Seraphine had no weapon and that she just sings her way to victory, you aren’t wrong. Apart from her hextech- infused music platform, she doesn’t have a physical weapon that she holds in her hands.


Seraphine is probably the only champion we’ll ever have that uses her voice as a weapon. And to anyone who’s a bit confused, she’s different than Sona in the fact that Sona plays an instrument while Seraphine sings.

According to the lore, Seraphine also uses magic to enhance her voice and charm her enemies. But the hextech technology she uses also helps her dominate Summoner’s Rift.

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13. The Darkin Blade – Aatrox

Aatrox the Darkin Blade sword

Swords are the most common type of weapon in fantasy video games. And admittedly there’s nothing special about a sword. But there’s something more than special about this sword.

If you didn’t know, Aatrox is actually the sword that has possessed the body that wields it. He’s had multiple hosts in the past and he corrupts (and eventually takes over) whoever tries to wield him.

Aatrox is one of the strongest warriors in the whole of Runeterra but also one of the most dangerous weapons in existence. 

So, he deserves a spot here!

12. The Absolver – Akshan

Akshan's gun The Absolver

Akshan’s weapon may not look impressive at first sight but we all know how significant it is to his entire character and gameplay too.

Akshan wields an ancient relic gun called The Absolver. The Absolver is a magic gun that revives a recently slain ally if you kill the target that has slain that ally. It was previously wielded by Shadya, Akshan’s mentor, but Akshan took it after she was murdered.

As far as we know, there isn’t another gun, sword, mace, or any other type of weapon in Runeterra that can revive a slain ally. And Akshan is the only champion that can not only deliver sweet revenge but give his friends another chance at life.

11. Sanctity, The Blade of the (Ruined) King – Viego

Viego's Blade of the Ruined King, Sanctity

Viego uses an enormous two-handed sword called Sanctity, an ancient royal blade passed down to every new king. Sanctity holds a part of the wielder’s soul inside the blade and can revive the owner if they get slain in a battle.

In other words, Viego is fused with his sword. When he was alive, Sanctity was just the Blade of  the King and it was golden, adorned with gems. But in Viego’s current form, Sanctity is called the Blade of the Ruined King, and it’s entirely spectral and green, like the mist of the Shadow Isles.

And the fact that we had this sword in the shop for a decade before its owner actually appeared on Summoner’s Rift is beyond cool!

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10. The Gauntlet of Ne’Zuk –  Ezreal

Ezreal's gauntlet weapon

Ezreal’s weapon of choice is the left-hand gauntlet of Ne’Zuk. It’s an ancient Shuriman weapon that he discovered in the tomb of Ne’Zuk. The gauntlet is very potent and not everyone can tap into its powers or use it at all.

This weapon has the power to fire off arcane blasts, which basically means Ezreal’s Q, W, and R abilities in League. Ezreal can do magic without the gauntlet, but the gauntlet allows him to do it more powerfully.

Ezreal’s gauntlet is honestly one of the coolest weapon ideas in the entire game.

And a side note: supposedly, Kassadin wears the right-hand gauntlet of Ne’Zuk, the twin of Ezreal’s weapon. But Kassadin’s purple gauntlet is covered with void and produces a blade instead of arcane bolts like Ezreal’s gauntlet.

“The gauntlet’s just for show. The talent’s all me!”  – Ezreal

9. Magical Plumage & Feather Blades – Xayah

Xayah's feathers

Everybody knows that Xayah’s weapons are feathers or feather blades. But no one really knows the mechanics of it. So let me clarify that for you.

Even though Xayah is a Vastaya, she doesn’t grow feathers herself. Instead, she wears a magical cape that produces the feathers she uses. So Xayah picks the feathers from her cape, then throws them at her enemies and recalls them when she needs to.

Xayah’s magical plumage may not be the most impressive weapon in League but it’s certainly one of the most unique designs Riot Games have ever given us.

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8. A Deck of Cards – Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate's cards

Even though the idea of using a deck of cards as a weapon is really appealing, there’s nothing special about Twisted Fate’s cards in particular. He’s a gambler and a swindler and can use any deck of cards in a fight if he wants to.

Now, the cool thing about Twisted Fate is that he has a sixth sense about each card in a given deck. He can successfully predict which card is going to be next and that’s how he’s able to draw a Red, Blue, and Gold card when he wants to.

But perhaps the best thing about Twisted Fate’s weapon of choice is the fact that we can (kinda) replicate it in real life. There are certain techniques for throwing cards very violently which can definitely make a cut in someone’s skin.  

7. Petricite Chains – Sylas

Sylas' chains weapons

Unlike the rest of League’s champions, Sylas’ chains aren’t his primary choice for a weapon. When he broke free from the Demacian imprisonment, Sylas kept his shackles and turn them into weapons. But how do they work?

Sylas’ chains are made from a magical material called petricite. When someone uses magic it, the petricite absorbs the magic power in itself. In other words, when someone uses magic near Sylas, he can absorb that magic with his chains and unleash it at will.

This came as a surprise to many Demacians when Sylas finally broke free. It’s because everything in Demacia is made out of petricite for the purpose to nullify magic, not to absorb it and reuse it.

So, Sylas’ weapons are incredibly cool!

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6. Urumi – Nilah

Nilah's urumi weapons

Many pliers don’t know that Nilah’s weapon is actually a real-life weapon. It’s called an urumi and it’s a very thin sword that bends in the air when you use it. The whip-like blades are made of steel and are incredibly sharp.

An urumi can either have one or multiple blades attached to the handle. The weapon both cuts and whips the target, which is precisely what Nilah does in League of Legends. Urumi originates from India and it’s a very old type of weapon.

Since the blades of an urumi are so thin, they can be collected and rolled just like a whip. And Nilah does this too.

But if you want to see what an urumi looks like in real life, watch this video!

5. Scissors – Gwen

Gwen's scissors

Gwen’s scissors may not be as impressive as other weapons in League, but they’re magical and very powerful. They once belonged to Isolde, Viego’s lost love, but Gwen has enchanted them with the Hallowed Mist, together with her threads and needles.

Even though Gwen’s scissors appear larger than her, she can change their size depending on who she needs to fight. But I must say that I prefer them ridiculously large, the way she carries them in this Sentinel of Light cinematic.

4. Ntofos – K’Sante

K'Sante's Ntofos Weapons

K’Sante is probably one of the most unique weapon wielder in video games and fantasy. He uses ntofos, a completely unique type of single-handed weapon for each of his arms. 

K’Sante’s ntofos were crafted after he slew the monster Baccai with the purpose of them to be able to regenerate regardless of how they’re used. 

Additionally, K’Sante hides sharp blades inside of his ntofos and unleashes them whenever he uses his ultimate All Out and attempts to assassinate his target.

But K’Sante can also use his weapons defensively and make himself unpenetrable to enemy attacks.

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3. Mercury Cannon / Hammer – Jayce

Jayce's hammer / cannon weapon

Jayce’s weapon was a revolutionary idea in Arcane but also League of Legends when he first came out. His hextech-powered hammer can become a cannon and vice versa, depending on how Jayce needs to position himself in a fight.

In other words, Jaytce can either use his hammer in range or melee form.

In Arcane, we saw that he puts hextech crystals inside the weapon to make it incredibly powerful, and he unleashes its fury in battle either by smashing enemy heads or blasting them with hextech bolts.

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2. Calibrum, Crescendum, Gravitum, Infernum, Severum – Aphelios

Aphelios' guns

Out of all champions that use guns in LoL, Aphelios is the most unique one. He doesn’t have just one or two guns – he has 5 of them! They are:

  • Calibrum a sniper rifle
  • Crescendum – a chakram
  • Gravitum – a cannon
  • Infernum – a flame thrower
  • Severum – a scythe pistol

When he’s using his guns, Aphelios is aided by his twin sister Alune. Actually, it’s Alune that gives Aphelios his guns each time he’s on Summoner’s Rift, but Aphelios has mastered all of them and is comfortable using each of them.

With an arsenal like this, Aphelios can easily be the number 1 most unique weapon wielder in League of Legends.

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1. Ohmlatl – Qiyana

Qiyana's weapon

Undoubtedly, the most unique weapon in all aspects of League of Legends is Qiyana’s ohmlatl. 

This is a large circular blade that Qiyana uses like a hula-hoop. She can magically enhance this weapon with different elements to deal even more damage and be so much deadlier.

In-game, Qiyana’s ohmlatl turns green whenever she grabs the nature element, red when she grabs the magma element, and blue when she grabs the water element. And since Qiyana’s ring blade is so large, she’s always in one of these three bright colors on your screen.

Qiyana is a master of her ohmlatl and she practically dances around the battlefield while delivering devastating blows to her enemies. And she couldn’t look more special doing so!

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