League of Legends has over 150 champions, and each of which has a unique set of abilities. 

Some champions resemble each other in one or more abilities (Yasuo’s and Yone’s Q or Sona’s and Seraphine’s entire kit). And some do in playstyle (Zed and Fizz). But overall, each champion in LoL offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

However, this game also has champions that share no similarities with other champions. They have unique mechanics that are only present in their kits and are not repeated in any other which does give you a particular playstyle.

And in this post, I’ll list the 7 most unique champions in LoL so you can see how different they are from the rest of the roster.

1. Viego


For many players, Viego is the most broken champion in the entire game. Most of the arguments for it come from Viego’s passive but that’s precisely what makes him the most unique champion in LoL as well.

As the Ruined King, Viego can take complete control over his subject. His passive, Sovereign’s Domination, allows him to possess slain enemy champions and use their abilities against his enemies. 

In other words, Viego can play as 5 other champions each time he’s picked. And if he does well in a teamfight, he can switch between all 5 enemy champions, constantly possessing one after the other.

When Viego scores a kill or an assist, the slain opponent leaves his soul-body on the ground. Viego can right-click it to enter the body and start playing as that champion. He instantly gains access to their 3 basic abilities which allows for some crazy resets.

That’s why Viego is one of the best champions with resets in LoL as well.

All in all, there’s no other champion in League of Legends that can take control over another and use their abilities. So this mechanic is unique to Viego and Viego only. And if you ask me, that will never change because there can only be one Ruined King in Runeterra.

2. Ivern


When Ivern’s champion spotlight was first introduced to us, the entire LoL community laughed at his silly design. A jungler that cannot even attack jungle camps? It sounded absurd!

However, after a few rounds of buffs and adjustments, Ivern became part of the wide jungle meta. And even though he isn’t the strongest nor the most popular jungle pick, he’s a great utility jungler that high-elo players often abuse for gaining lots of LP.

Ivern’s uniqueness also comes from his passive, Friend of the Forrest. Simply put, Ivern doesn’t attack the jungle monsters. Instead, if he right-clicks a jungle camp, he plants a grove. And the grove needs some time to fully mature (it’s faster the higher Ivern’s level is).

When the grove is fully matured, Ivern can Smite the jungle camp to set its monsters free, automatically gaining all the gold and experience he would’ve gotten otherwise.

This may not sound like a powerful thing at all but it does introduce specific jungle pathing for Ivern. It also means that he can gank at different times and be more unexpected.

The rest of Ivern’s abilities are also unique in more than one way. For example, his Q is a long-range attack that roots an enemy champion and allows an allied champion (including Ivern) to right-click it and immediately dash into their auto-attack range.

Additionally, Ivern’s W allows him to spawn temporary brushes on Summoner’s Rift which no other champion can do in League of Legends.

3. Sylas


Sylas is another champion that the majority of LoL players received with mixed feelings when he was first introduced. He was supposed to be the champion that would steal your spells which, of course, didn’t signal “fun” for most people.

Sylas is a highly flexible and very adaptable AP bruiser. His ultimate ability, Hijack, allows him to take an enemy champion’s ultimate and keep it for up to 90 seconds. Upon using the stolen spell, Hijack automatically goes on its own cooldown.

This introduces a very dynamic playstyle that often depends on the champions you choose to steal their ultimates.

For example, you can steal Leona’s R to engage in a fight and go in. But if you steal Jhin’s R, you can sit back and fire those deadly shots at your opponents from a great range.

So, the way you play Sylas often depends on the ultimates you choose to Hijack. And the odds of success are often influenced by which champions your opponents have picked against you.

For example, if you play Sylas against someone like Quinn or Kassadin, whose ultimates are not that great, you can’t impact the game that much.

A cool thing is that Sylas can steal an enemy’s ultimate even if they aren’t level 6 yet which often results in funny 1v1 kills in the mid lane when you have a level advantage over the opponent.

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4. Aphelios


For most of us, Aphelios is the peak of “200 years of collective game design experience at Riot Games”, the meme that will never be forgotten by the LoL community.

And the crux of it is that a company such as Riot with all of its experience managed to create an absurdly broken champion such as Aphelios who was able to 1v5 entire teams from day one.

Unlike the rest of the poor marskmen, Aphelios’s passive, The Hitman and the Seer, allows him to use 5 guns. He can only wield two at one time, counting as main-hand and off-hand weapons. And he can switch between the two with his W ability.

The rest of the guns are queued and can be used once the first ones are out of ammunition. But the main thing here is that each of Aphelios’ guns changes his Q and gives him a unique ability to use.

For example, when Aphelios uses Calibrum, his green sniper rifle, his Q firest a shot from a great range and can even root the enemy target. And his Q with Crescendum, allows him to spawn a mini turret that fights enemies for him.

I won’t lie, Aphelios requires a lot of practicing and actively learning how to combine his weapons and abilities for maximum effect. And Riot Games purposefully keep him nerfed because a single buff for him can mean breaking the entire game again.

That’s why Aphelios is on my list of worst ADCs in League as well.

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5. Akshan


For many people, he’s also one of the “200 years” champions with overloaded kits. But if we have learned anything is that when Riot creates such a champion we usually get unique mechanics, abilities, and playstyles.

Akshan has a couple of unique elements to his ability kit. First of all, he’s the only champion in League that can resurrect his allies. 

He does this by slaying enemy champions who have killed his allies, which is the passive portion of his W, Going Rouge. The active part of this spell allows him to enter invisibility which makes him the only marksman in the game with a permanent camouflage effect.

Next is Akshan’s E, Heroic Swing. This is a one-of-a-kind ability in LoL that lets Akshan swing around a terrain while firing shots from his gun. The funny thing is that if Akshan doesn’t collide with a terrain or doesn’t stop swinging, he can swing infinitely (for example, around a turret).

Akshan’s R, Comeuppance is also a unique ability. It’s essentially a ranged execute, a spell that fires shots at Akshan’s chosen target. And unlike most abilities in the game, the shots from Comeuppance can be avoided by standing behind a turret.

Akshan’s playstyle can be very difficult to deal with, even in high elo. He’s a champion who deals a lot of damage and can always sneak up on you with his invisibility. So, I recommend you give him a try!

6. Lee Sin

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is one of the most beloved champions in League of Legends. He’s an extremely fun pick to play with balanced damage numbers and an ability kit that has infinite potential.

Lee doesn’t have a specific ability that contrasts him from the rest of the roster. There are champions that can dash as well as him and there are champions that can knock back enemies. So what makes Lee Sin so unique?

Well, Lee Sin is the only champion in LoL that cannot be truly mastered. Because his abilities are designed in such a way that you can combine them in so many different ways, there are always new things to discover, practice, and do on this champion.

Let me give you an example. 

In the early days of League, Lee Sin’s R was only used to kick an enemy champion away. Then the InSec kick was invented which is a difficult mechanic to master and allows you to knock back an enemy into your team.

A few seasons later, players around the globe started perfecting the Flash kick which essentially does the same job but instead of ward-hopping you Flash behind your target after pressing R.

And after that, God-gifted Chinese players started doing the Ghost Lee Sin kick which allowed them to kick an enemy champion away while dashing inside a wall!

The point is – Lee Sin is an unlimited champion in League of Legends and his uniqueness comes from his ability to always find new ways to outplay his enemies.

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7. Orianna


When I was first learning the ins and outs of mid lane (over 10 years ago), Orianna was one of my main champions. I fell in love with her design and the way her abilities worked. And to this day, she’s one of the greatest mid lane champions in LoL.

Orianna is different than the rest of the mages because her abilities are directly connected with her ball. She carries a mechanic ball with her at all times and her abilities are actually just commands for her ball.

With her Q, Orianna can move the ball around. With her W, he can AoE damage and slow enemies around the ball. Her E commands the ball to go to an allied champion and give them a shield. And with R, she can pull enemies toward her ball, causing lots of damage.

What this means is that Orianna’s abilities work through her ball. Unlike Syndra or Ahri which can always cast their spells wherever they want, Orianna must be aware of her ball’s position at all times.

If you don’t pay attention to where your ball is, you can easily miss Orianna’s W and R. But expert Orianna players know how to manipulate the ball’s range and dominate each laning phase. Orianna is a fantastic control mage and she’s definitely a powerful one in the right hands.


An argument can be made that every champion in League of Legends is unique. And this isn’t untrue because each champion offers a unique set of abilities. And each champion is designed to offer a unique playstyle so that every player can find their main.

I made this list based on mechanics and abilities that only one champion has, that aren’t repeated, and that might never be. So, I hope you enjoyed reading the post and found some of these picks inspiring!

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