Support is generally a fun role to play in League of Legends. You have tons of unique meta and off-meta support picks to choose from, so no one should have any problem selecting a main in this role. However, which are the most fun supports in LoL and why?

Whether you have fun or not with a certain champion in LoL depends on your own taste and playstyle. However, some support picks in League are interesting for many different types of players so they’re generally accepted as fun picks for everyone.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to like every champion on this list. But even if you have opinions of your own, I’m sure that you’ll agree with some picks in this post, at the least.

After all, the support role is really a diverse one and you can play anything from enchanter and mage to fighter and tank there.

That said, let’s check out the top 10 most fun supports in League of Legends!

The 10 Most Fun & Interesting Support Picks in League of Legends

10. Zyra


First on the list is Zyra. She’s a mage/support that specializes in dealing damage and providing her team with crowd control. And she does that very successfully!

Another thing that makes Zyra a very appealing pick in the bot lane is her ability to control the flow of the laning phase. Thanks to her plants, she can choose to either play aggressively or defensively, depending on what’s needed.

For example, Zyra can use her flowers to constantly poke the enemy ADC and support so they can’t play comfortably and scale. But she can also spawn the flowers to block skill shots such as Ezreal’s Q or Thresh’s Q.

Once Zyra gets to level 6, her playstyle becomes much more fun. This is because her damage almost doubles with her ultimate ability which has a massive AoE potential.

When team fights break out, that’s the time to shine as Zyra. All of your abilities can root, knock up, and damage multiple enemies, so it’s possible to win a fight on your own.

Zyra has good synergy with many marksmen in the bot lane role. But the best partners for her are Jhin, Caitlyn, and Vayne.

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9. Ashe

Is Ashe Good in LoL?

In the last few years, Ashe became a standard support pick in League of Legends. Players invented a couple of different builds that work well for Ashe in this role, including AP Ashe and lethality Ashe.

However, items are not what makes Ashe one of the most fun supports in LoL! Instead, it’s her ability kit and playstyle.

The very reason why Ashe became one of the best picks in the support role is because of her W and R and the fact that you can basically spam both of these abilities!

In other words, support Ashe can purchase items like Tear of the Goddess and Imperial Mandate and press W every two seconds. She doesn’t have to auto-attack and she can keep poking from a safe distance.

On top of that, Ashe’s R – Enchanted Crystal Arrow is one of the best game-changing global abilities in LoL. And as a support, Ashe can use it to create plays around the map every 30 seconds or so!

Besides this, Ashe can apply a slow effect with every auto-attack and this synergizes perfectly with champions like Ziggs, Jinx, Ezreal, and Jhin.

Playing Ashe support is one of the most fun things you can do in League, so I totally recommend you try it!

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8. Morgana


Morgana started off as a mid laner in League of Legends but quickly transitioned over to the support role. Her damage isn’t too explosive and reliable, but she makes up for it with amazing crowd control.

Morgana’s strongest ability is definitely her Q – Dark Binding. This is a 3-seconds snare effect that creates the best kill opportunities in League.

For example, if Morgana’s Q catches an enemy champion in the bot lane, her ADC has 3 seconds to hit all of their skill shots and slay the opponent. Similarly, every Q you hit with Morgana in team fight equals a champion takedown because your whole team is there to help you out.

So, aiming Qs and catching enemies in crowd control is super fun if you enjoy the long-ranged playstyle in LoL.

And on top of this, Morgana has her ulti which is another form of CC. If she doesn’t break the chains, she can stun all opponents in a team fight while avoiding their damage by being in Zhonya’s Hourglass!

Lastly, Morgana’s E – Black Shield is among the most useful abilities in LoL. It shields her target from magic damage and blocks all magic effects, including stuns, roots, slows, and everything else. So, it’s a great way to support your ADC!

Morgana goes best with Miss Fortune, Jhin, and Ezreal.

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7. Lulu


Lulu is a support in the true sense of the word. She doesn’t do much when she’s alone. But when paired with the right ADC, Lulu can be one of the most broken champions in the game!

Lulu has many tools that make her a fun pick to pilot. First of all, she has a decent damage output thanks to her Q and E. Second, Lulu can either speed up an ally or polymorph an enemy. And she can also cast huge shields on her ADC to keep them alive in team fights.

On top of that, Lulu has her R – Wild Growth. This is the perfect ability for a support champion because it doubles the time your ADC gets to live.

What do I mean by this?

With her ultimate, Lulu grants bonus health to her ally and knocks all enemies away from them. It can be used to help your ADC get away from melee fighters but also survive an all-in from the enemy assassins.

Depending on how well you time Lulu’s R, you can completely outplay an enemy. For example, you can use Wild Growth after Zed uses his R on a target. This will knock him up, stop his damage, and negate his ultimate.

During the laning phase, Lulu can either be a passive support and play from behind. But she can also be aggressive and constantly poke, depending on the matchup.

The best ADCs for Lulu are Twitch, Zeri, and Kog’Maw.

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6. Nautilus


A list of fun champions in League of Legends cannot be completed without Nautilus. He’s one of the most interesting champions that was ever added to the game and we should happy that he’s now a strong support pick!

When you play Nautilus in the bot lane, your job is to torment the enemy laners. You can do this by constantly spamming your Q and trying to hook them. Once they’re near you, all you need to do is auto-attack and they’ll be rooted in place.

What this playstyle does is that it allows your ADC to play very aggressively while being perfectly safe behind you. Nautilus can dive deep into the enemy team, CC them, absorb their damage, and let his teammates do all the damage.

Since Nautilus is a tank support and even has a shield, you really feel invincible when you play him. 

Besides the fun way of setting up champion takedowns (Q + passive), Nautilus has his point-click knock-up on his ultimate. This spell can sometimes do a lot of damage and get all five enemy champions in the air if they’re behind each other.

All in all, Nautilus is the ideal support if you like to play aggressively and set up opportunities for your team. And he goes best with marksmen like Samira, Kalista, and Draven. Here’s my guide to the top 5 best ADCs for Nautilus in LoL.

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5. Lux


Ask any League player and they’ll probably tell you that Lux is one of the most fun champions in the game. Period.

There are many things that make Lux a great champion for enjoying LoL as well as carrying your teammates (even as a support), so let’s start with the obvious ones.

First of all, Lux is a long-range skill shot champion. So as much as Lux is powerful, she also requires skill and practice to unleash her full potential. This, of course, motivates people to play Lux even more and master her further.

Second, Lux has a very satisfying playstyle. The way you combo Lux’s abilities is pretty cool. It usually goes like Q > E > R > Q, but you can do it in another order too. These ability combos do a lot of burst damage and one-shot squishy enemies which is always fun.

And third, Lux has tons of amazing skins that completely change her looks and the appearance of her spells. The aesthetics on some of them are really stunning, so make sure you check them out.

Lux is one of my favorite champions in League and I often play her in the mid and support roles. I love her abilities as well as her potential to carry 1v9. And she’s always fun to me!

If you want to play Lux in the bot lane, these are the ADCs to look out for: Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Jhin, and Ezreal.

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4. Bard


Bard may not be the strongest, nor the quickest, nor the tankiest support champion in League of Legends. But he’s definitely among the most fun champions you can play in LoL and that’s a fact!

Generally speaking, Bard was always supposed to be an enchanter support. However, his ability kit makes you do a thousand things besides enchanting your ADC.

For example, Bard must move around Summoner’s Rift to collect his chimes. They increase his on-hit damage and grant him a burst of movement speed. And this gives you a lot of flexibility and opens up different ways of approaching and playing each match.

Bard also has a gate that he can open and travel through terrains. However, both allies and enemies can travel through this gate.

On top of that, Bard’s ultimate is a long-ranged Zhonya’s Hourglass that he can cast on everybody. Tempered Fate can be used to catch enemies off guard and set up kills for your team. But it can also be used to save an ally from effects such as Zed’s R.

Bard is a trickster champion and should be played as one. There are tons of cool tricks you can do with him to outplay your opponents and make them feel silly. So, he’s a super fun champion to try out!

Bard’s best synergy in the bot lane is with Ziggs, Swain, and Vayne.

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3. Senna


Ever since Senna was unleashed on Summoner’s Rift, she’s been a highly contested pick in the bot lane. And whether in the ADC or support role, Senna can carry games regardless of who her partner is.

The most obvious reason why Senna is one of the most fun supports in League is that she’s actually a marksman. In fact, she was the first marksman support in LoL and there aren’t too many champions like her (besides Ashe or Miss Fortune supports).

And because she’s an AD marksman and not an AP enchanter, mage, or a tank, Senna’s playstyle is completely different than most support champions in the game.

For example, Sonna is required to auto-attack often in order to deal damage and collect her stacks.

However, Senna does have supportive abilities. Her Q allows her to heal her ADC while her W roots the enemy champions. Senna’s E can hide her teammates so they don’t get damage and her ultimate can shield her allies across the map.

In the late game, Senna does a lot of damage since she scales so well with her stacks. And if you want a carry support, she’s definitely it!

Senna’s best partners in the bot lane are Tahm Kench, Veigar, and Seraphine.

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2. Pyke


When Pyke was first released, his ability kit seemed very underwhelming. But once the tank meta was over, we all realized just how powerful and fun Pyke really is!

If we must categorize Pyke as a champion, we’d say that he is an assassin support. And unless we’re counting off-meta supports like Lee Sin, Pyke is the only assassin support in League of Legends.

Pyke’s playstyle is pretty exciting because you’re always on the move. He gets a high movement speed thanks to his W, as well as a camouflage effect. This allows him to pass unseen and gank enemies all over the map.

Pyke’s Q is a hook skill shot that pulls enemies towards you. It works similarly to Thresh’s Q, but you need to channel it for longer.

Once you pull an enemy champion with Pyke, you can dash through them in order to stun them. This combo is very satisfying to do, no matter how many times you do it.

But the most fun part when playing Pyke is definitely his R – Death from Below. This is an execute ability that allows you to win team fights even when you’re on the losing side. All you need to do is execute an opponent to reset your R and use it again on another.

Pyke is the perfect champion for all support players that like aggressive and assassin-like playstyle.

And the ADCs that fit this idea are Sivir, Draven, and Twitch.

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1. Thresh


And the absolute most fun support champion that you can ever play in LoL is Thresh. Many players regard Thresh as the ideal support in the game and I couldn’t agree more!

What makes Thresh such an amazing champion is the brilliant design. First of all, he has a lot of crowd control on his Q, E, and R. But Thresh can also give mobility to an immobile enemy champion thanks to his lantern (W).

When Thresh is in the right hands, he’s the most feared supports to face in the bot lane. Experienced Thresh players know how to position and predict hooks which usually results in a champion takedown and bonus gold for their teams.

But besides the control that Thresh has over the bot lane, he’s also one of the most powerful gankers in the game. If he connects his Q, he can give enough time to his teammates to score a kill. They can also dive under the turret and safely get out with Thresh’s W.

That’s why if you become a good Thresh player you’ll be the most useful champion on your team.

Additionally, Thresh’s character, voice lines, and skins are one of the best ones in the whole League of Legends, so you can enjoy playing him even more.

And that’s why Thresh is the most fun support in LoL!

The ADCs that match Thresh in the bot lane the most are Twitch, Jhin, and Draven.

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I hope you enjoyed my list of the most fun and most interesting support picks in League of Legends. All champions you see on this list can give you a lot of fun, especially if you match their playstyle.

I’d also recommend you to browse Runteraium for your favorite support champion and look up a guide. I’m sure you’ll find something worth your time!

Good luck and have fun!

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