No one can deny that the mid lane role in League of Legends is pretty diverse. From the traditional mid champions to the crazy off-meta mid builds, you can play almost anything there! But which LoL mid laners are actually the most fun ones to play even in 2022? And why?

Even though the answer is “it depends”, some mid lane champions are universally accepted as “fun to play”. These champions usually have high pick, ban, and play rates in all elos of the game which speaks about their popularity within the League of Legends community.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the champions you see on this list will definitely be fun for you. After all, you might have a totally different playstyle and preference than me, so you might not agree with this post.

However, I designed this list of fun mid lane champions in such a way that you’ll find at least one interesting pick. I’ve included everything from control mages and burst mages to AP and AD assassins.

So, if you aren’t sure which champion to try out or main next, take a look at the most fun mid laners to play in League of Legends!

The 10 Most Fun & Interesting Mid Laners in LoL

10. Orianna


When League players talk about the mid lane, Orianna is one of the first champions that pops in their heads. She’s one of the oldest and the most played champions in the role to this day. And she’s still powerful enough to carry games on her own!

The reason why I first fell in love with Orianna is her unique design. Unlike most mages in LoL, Orianna operates through her ball. 

This is a very interesting way to play the game because not only do you need to keep track of your own champion but also keep up with the position of the ball. 

For example, Ori’s W and R only deal damage to enemies around the ball. So, you always need to send out your ball near your enemies first and only then activate your damaging spells. 

This is a very different way of dealing damage than most champions in the game. It definitely requires a bit of getting used to if you aren’t an Orianna player, but the time you put into practicing her is totally worth it!

Since her release, Orianna has never received massive changes in her design. All of her abilities work the same way as they did back in the day. And Riot Games have only altered her numbers and ratios according to the current meta.

That said, I really believe Orianna is one of the most fun champions you can play in the mid lane. She’s an incredibly good control mage and if you like playing ranged AP champions in LoL, you’re definitely going to love Ori too!

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9. Zoe

Star Guardian Zoe splash art

Zoe isn’t the most popular champion in League of Legends. In fact, Zoe is among the most annoying champions in LoL and many players regard her as “unfair to play against”. 

But as a Zoe main myself, I promise you that she can give you an unlimited amount of fun on Summoner’s Rift!

First of all, I’d like to make something clear here – Zoe is recommended for players that enjoy AP mages and the long-range playstyle. This doesn’t mean that assassin players won’t find Zoe interesting, but she was designed for the first type of players initially.

What makes Zoe a unique champion is that she’s all about one-shotting and nothing else. Her kit was created so immobilizing a target and blasting them with one hard-hitting ability is all you need to do to slay your opponent.

So, here’s how Zoe works in League of Legends.

First, you usually use your E – Sleepy Trouble Bubble to CC your target. Then, you cast your Q – Paddle Star behind you. And then, you cast your Q again towards your target. 

Paddle Star can also be combined with Zoe’s R – Portal Jump or Flash for more range. And the more distance the Q travels the more damage it deals! 

But besides the ridiculous amount of damage this champion has, Zoe is also fun because she can steal other players’ Summoner’s Spells and active items.

Thanks to her W – Spell Thief, Zoe can Flash up to 6 times in a team fight and use all the Ignites, Exhausts, Hextech Rockebelts, and Zhonya’s that she picks up! This allows you to outplay your opponents even if you miss your skill shots.

And if you really want to learn how to play Zoe, here are my top Zoe tips for climbing in LoL. Make sure to check them out!

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8. Qiyana


When Qiyana first came out, I wasn’t a huge fan of her. I actually hated playing against Qiyana in the mid lane simply because she seemed too powerful and “too dashy”.

However, once I tried out Qiyana she quickly became one of the most interesting champions I’ve ever played. And to do this, I love playing Qiyana.

What makes Qiyana such an interesting pick is that she has many different ways of fighting. This is due to the fact that Qiyana can choose one of three elements with her W and use it with her Q.

So, the fact that Qiyana can choose to enter invisibility, freeze her target, or simply do a lot of damage is very appealing. As a player, you get all the freedom to choose which element you’re going to use in each fight, so you can never repeat the same move twice.

On top of that, Qiyana’s ultimate is one of the most fun abilities to use in League of Legends. Not only does this spell knocks back and stuns all targets in your chosen direction, but it also spreads through the whole terrain.

So, Qiyana can stun all five enemy champions in a team fight even if they aren’t standing close to each other.

On the other hand, Qiyana has two dashes – W and E. This makes her playstyle very dynamic and quick. And combined with her burst damage, Qiyana is an explosive assassin that definitely deserves more play rate in LoL.

And if still aren’t sure about her, here are my top 3 reasons why you should main Qiyana!

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7. LeBlanc


LeBlanc is another “old” mid lane pick that’s still relevant to this day. In fact, LeBlanc is one of the most played champions in the Esports LoL scene which really speaks about her power and potential.

LeBlanc’s playstyle is a mix between an assassin and a mage. Yes, her damage is burst and he can one-shot an enemy champion in less than a second. But LB is also a ranged champion that can control the mid lane and the flow of the laning phase.

But the reason why most players fall in love with LeBlanc is her ability to outplay opponents in almost all situations. And if you’ve never played LeBlanc before, let me explain why this is true.

You see, LB’s ultimate allows her to recast her last used ability (Q, W, or E). So, this can be a point-click mark, a dash, or a chain. 

Now, based on what you need to do at a given moment, you can use LB’s abilities to execute plays in different ways and be very creative. 

For example, you can cast chains two times in a row to keep your target rooted for several seconds. But you can also use two dashes to either assassinate your target or run away from the enemy team.

SivHD was one of the first LeBlanc players to use her kit for trolling people and just having fun. Here’s an old video of SivHD juking people with LeBlanc. However, I dare you to watch it!

And if for nothing else, make sure to try LeBlanc just so you make yourself laugh!

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6. Lux


Speaking of older mid laners in League of Legends, Lux is another champion that makes this list. For many players, Lux is the one-shot mage in this game and they have no need for another. And they’re kinda right!

What I really like about Lux is that she is a very well-designed LoL champion. All of her abilities are long-ranged and they synergize with each other.

For example, Lux’s most popular combo is Q > E > R > E. In-game, this is rooting a target, placing the E on top of them, casting the ultimate, and finally activating the E. These are three abilities that are dealing damage at the same time, giving you a huge burst potential.

True, Lux can’t clear waves as fast as Orianna and she doesn’t have the same safety as LeBlanc. And maybe that’s why she’s more of a support than a mid laner nowadays.

However, Lux can be one of the hardest AP carries in the game if played correctly. She will definitely fit your playstyle if you already play mages in the mid lane. And if not, Lux isn’t really a difficult champion to learn so you won’t have too much of a problem adapting.

Yes, she has only skill shots and it can be tough to carry if you keep missing your abilities. But if you’re good in that aspect, Lux is a great champion to main!

On the other hand, Lux is simply a fun character. Her voice is lovely and she has tons of funny quotes that make you like her. She also has tons of unique and cool skins, so definitely try her out!

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5. Katarina


There’s always been a link between a “fun champion” and “mobility spells”. And while everyone can admit to this, it’s also evident from the fact that Riot Games nowadays only create champions that have one or more dashes!

Well, Katarina is one of the champions with the highest level of mobility in League of Legends. She’s also one of the first assassins with resets on her abilities, including the jump!

So, Katarina is a fun champion to play simply because of how mobile she is. And even if you take away all of her damage, she’ll still be an interesting champion to many people. She can jump in and out of battle in less than a second and that’s very enticing for many players.

But the fact that Katarina can reposition multiple times during a fight also makes her very powerful. Experienced Kata mains know how to take advantage of the situation and dodge everything that the enemy team is throwing at them!

Katarina requires skill and knowledge in order to perform at the highest level. And that’s why she seems very “odd” when you first try to play her. But if you give her time, you’ll quickly realize that Katarina is one of the best mid lane champions for climbing in LoL!

Besides the mobility, Katarina also has a lot of damage! It doesn’t matter which build you go for, Kata always has enough damage to one-shot the enemy ADC!

Moreover, Katarina works on resets that she gets from champion takedowns. This means that she can reset her abilities multiple times in the same team fight.

What this means is that you get to use Kata’s spells nearly all the time. You’re constantly pressing one button or another which is definitely a component that generates fun.

So, Katarina is one of the most interesting champions in the mid lane!

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4. Sylas


When we first saw the gameplay trailer for Sylas, we all knew that this champion is going to be ridiculously fun to play. And not only did that become true once Sylas was released, but it’s still true to this day!

As a mid laner, Sylas has a couple of things that make him a truly unique pick.

First of all, Sylas is one of the few AP bruisers in League of Legends. His playstyle is similar to that of an AD fighter despite having only AP ratios. So he builds the same ability power items as a ranged AP mage but he also enters danger and fights in melee range.

Second, Sylas isn’t an assassin champion but can become one with the right ultimate. For example, Sona’s R can only help Sylas immobilize his target. But stealing Vegiar’s ultimate increases his all-in power ten times and he can one-shot his target.

And third, Sylas’ ultimate is one of the most fun concepts in LoL! Stealing your opponent’s most important ability and using it against them is honestly funny and kind of broken.

But Sylas’ success sometimes depends on the enemy picks. Because if you can’t steal “useful” ultimate spells, you can’t take full advantage of Sylas as champion.

Luckily, Sylas has an awesome ability kit that works just fine without the ultimate. Sylas has a lot of damage on his passive, Q, and W, self-heal on every three seconds, and a dash/stun for fights.

All in all, I don’t believe that Sylas can ever become a boring champion to play because you can always change his playstyle according to the ultimate you steal.

So, I recommend Sylas to all mid laners out there!

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3. Zed


In the third place, I have Zed. However, he can easily be number one on this list and most mid laners would agree with me because Zed is really one of the most fun champions you could ever play.

What makes Zed an exceptional champion in LoL is the fact that he’s brilliantly designed. Despite being AD, Zed uses his spells to assassinate enemies and he depends on his shurikens for the damage. That’s why you need to be accurate with your skill shots 

So, you must be very good in order to put a good performance on Zed. The champion requires a lot of skill, especially when it comes to executing the right combo at the right time.

And what this does is that it forces you to think about how you need to play each minute with Zed. You’re constantly looking out for opportunities to jump on a squishy target but also thinking about how you’ll get out of the situation.

Fortunately, Zed has the right tools for the job.

First, he can double the power of his shuriken with his W – Living Shadow. But he can also use that spell to reposition and come closer to his target. On top of that, he can use his ulti to mark his target and press the button again to go back to his initial position.

In other words, Zed is the perfect assassin in League of Legends. He has a smart playstyle that requires both thinking and skill. And because of that, he’s quite rewarding because you can easily climb with him in solo queue if you put in enough practice!

That said, I really recommend you give Zed a shot, especially if you aren’t an assassin player and you’re looking to try a new fun champion in LoL. I’m sure you’ll want to thank me!

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2. Ahri


I’m sure that most mid laners have a story about how they started playing Ahri. And it’s very unlikely for a mid laner to not play Ahri, even a bit.

The first reason why we love Ahri is her appearance and character. Honestly speaking, she’s one of the hottest females in League of Legends and she knows it. Ahri has provocative skins and quotes, so we all like her.

However, Ahri is also one of the most played champions in LoL because she is so damn fun to play! 

Like LeBlanc, Ahri is an excellent mix of a mage and an assassin. She’s a ranged AP mage but she also has dashes to go in and out of fights as well as high burst damage.

Playing Ahri is all about landing charms and assassinating squishy enemies. You have a couple of different ways to do this, but the idea is to surprise your enemies either with Flash + Charm or Spirit Rush (R) – Charm.

On top of this, Ahri’s mobility can be used in such a way that you control the whole team fight. The changes on her Spirit Rush reset on champion takedowns, so you can dash many times in the same team fight!

And with all this mobility and damage you actually get a lot of outplay potential. And if you build your skill on Ahri, you’ll be able to outplay your opponents no matter the champions they are playing.

This is also a huge reason why Ahri works so well in the pro LoL scene as well as solo queue.

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1. Yasuo


And in the first place, we have Yasuo. Yasuo doesn’t have the best reputation within the League of Legends community and many people actually hate him. However, no one can deny that Yasuo is one of the most fun champions in the whole League of Legends.

The first reason why so many players like Yasuo is that he’s a samurai. In fact, he’s a very well-designed samurai that delivers the “feeling” of playing a real samurai on Summoner’s Rift.

An example of this would be the way Yasuo dashes around the battlefield and summons the wind to overpower his enemies. And if you’ve seen even a single samurai anime you’ve also recognized the similarities here.

When you play Yasuo, you’re always doing something fun. One moment you’re stacking Q, the next you’re dashing to collect a minion, and the next you’re casting out a big tornado.

This is even more true when you get to level 6. Then, your whole mission is to combo your abilities in a way to knock up your target and then slash them wholly.

On the other hand, Yasuo is a relatively complex champion. And even if it doesn’t seem like it, there are tons of different ability combos that you can do on Yasuo. Each requires skill and quick fingers, so playing Yasuo on a top-level isn’t an easy thing to achieve.

However, mastering Yasuo can be very beneficial for your rank. I know, there are tons of low-elo Yasuo mains with over 1 million mastery points. But there are also high-skilled players that climb solo queue only by playing Yasuo because this champion can carry games 1v9!

So, if you like the idea of playing a proper samurai in League, I’d advise you to try out Yasuo. Playing him is a total blast!

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Bonus Pick – Akali


I really wasn’t sure where to put Akali on this list. Personally, I love Akali and she’s in my top 5 most fun mid laners to play in League of Legends. And because of that, I singled her out as a bonus pick.

What’s most fun about Akali is that she’s a tactful assassin. Each of her abilities is there for a reason and you need to synchronize each cast to unleash Akali’s full potential.

So, Akali isn’t the most aggressive laner. Instead, she offers a “laid-back” laning phase and immense power once you reach level 6.

With her R – Perfect Execution, Akali can make plays around the map and assassinate most champions in the game. She’s also pretty good at dodging damage thanks to her W – Twilight Shroud. And all of her dashes allow her to run away if she needs to.

All in all, I really like Akali and she’s definitely a super-fun mid lane pick!

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