Playing jungle in League of Legends is a unique experience. The role has a slightly high barrier of entry, but it is arguably one of the most fun roles in the game. It allows you to express your creativity and develop a unique playstyle. 

An excellent way to make it even more fun and enjoyable is to pick the correct champions.

So here are the top 10 most fun junglers in LoL, which will improve your gaming experience:

1.  Kha’zix


There are multiple reasons for Kha’Zix being on top of this list. This is a champion who has dominated Jungle ever since he was released in 2012. He has a unique playstyle that allows him to completely take over a game and single-handedly carry his team.

An easy way to take advantage of Kha’s power is to invade and kill an enemy jungler as soon as you hit level 3. Then you can keep track of the buffs they killed and repeat this process over and over. Once you have tilted the hell out of the enemy jungler (and made him useless), you can wreak havoc on the other enemies.

To further extend your leads, you can always use his ability to kill neutral objectives fast. You can start solo killing dragon and herald as soon as you hit LVL 6 and you have around 900 gold worth of items.

In the late game, you can completely control the state of the game by picking off carries. This can be done in multiple ways depending on the game:

  • You can swiftly kill enemies in team fights and escape with evolved E. 
  • You can ward enemy territories and wait for an opportunity to take someone out.
  • You can have someone in your team split push to bait the enemy, while you are near and ready to turn the fight in your favor.

If all this was not enough, in the rare games where you are not the carry, you can play Kha’Zix as a bruiser. This is yet another testament to his versatility. 

Considering his agency, versatility, consistency, and one-shot gameplay, it is hard not to find him the most fun jungler in the game.

2. Viego


Viego was recently introduced to the game and he is a champion many of us have looked forward to for a long time. His main appeal lies in his passive which allows him to possess the spirit of slain enemies.

After consuming enemies with his passive, he takes their form and becomes able to use all their abilities with the exception of their ultimates. This gives him an added layer of difficulty that can not be found in other champions.

Despite being difficult, he is still one of the most fun champions to play. Every game will have a new combination of enemy champions, which will allow you to make the most creative and interesting plays.

While it is true that his ultimate defines his identity the most, there is much more to Viego. His other spells tie into the gameplay really well. The first two skills are skill shots, and to make the most of them, they need to be used carefully. They can be used as gap closers and auto-attack resets. 

The third spell which makes you invisible has a great degree of skill expression too, you can use it to sneak up on enemies, or to confuse them about your whereabouts.

His kit is in line with multiple playstyles, the most popular ones being on-hit and bruiser. When you play the on-hit build you will feel like shapeshifting Master Yi, while playing the bruiser build will make you feel like Sylas on steroids.

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3. Lee Sin

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is an OG jungler who has the highest skill cap out of all jungle champions in the game and he is one of my favorite champions to play. It is hard to explain what makes him so interesting, but I will do my best to give you an idea.

Each spell, except R, that Lee uses can be double cast. Casting Q will mark your enemy and allow you to dash to their location. The W gives you the ability to dash to ally champions and wards, while E marks your enemies, giving you a vision on them and slowing them upon the second cast. 

The R is a kick that throws an enemy in whichever direction you like, the thrown enemy can then collide with his allies which will deal damage to them.

All these spells are notoriously hard to hit, but once you do hit them, it makes for a really satisfying feeling. This feeling gets even better when you start learning combos, which there are many for Lee Sin.

For example, you can learn to do the Lee Sin InSec kick and have lots of fun doing it.

But there are players all the way up to Challenger who have invested thousands of hours in Lee Sin, and even they struggle to make full use of his potential.

Other than having enjoyable mechanics, Lee Sin also allows you to develop multiple playstyles. You can play him as a carry, or you can support your carries with him. There are also plenty of build paths. You can play as a bruiser, assassin, or tank.

The amount of skill expression with this champion is amazing, which makes him one of the most fun champions to play.

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4. Lillia


Lillia is one of the most unique League of Legends champions, and she is mainly known for her movement speed and distinctive AP bruiser playstyle.

The movement speed is part of her Q’s passive, which can be stacked up to 5 times. You can stack it up by hitting neutral objectives, enemies, and their minions. Playing with a fully stacked passive feels like cheating. It will help you dodge skill shots and CC effortlessly.

You can start making use of Lillia’s passive as soon as the game starts. With efficient pathing and spacing between camps, you will be able to speed through your jungle and hit really high CS numbers.

Some might find the early part of her game boring, but I think it is quite the opposite. The main reason people find it boring is that they feel there is not much to do, but this is far from the truth. A good Lillia will always find it interesting to come up with ways to protect herself in the early game and to optimize clear speed.

Mid game is the time when Lillia really starts picking up the steam. At level 11, she hits a nice power spike after leveling up her R for the second time. This will allow you to have more presence on the map and make more plays.

The late game is the best part of the experience when it comes to playing Lillia. If you have done everything correctly, and your team has not fed like crazy, it will be easy to close out the game. You can stomp every fight by flashing into enemies, ulting their entire team, and then using an hourglass to remove their focus from you.

There are two main ways to play Lillia; as an AP Mage and as an AP Bruiser. The AP build is the most fun to play as it dishes out the most damage to enemies. You can play AP bruiser when your team has other carries who are doing good and need someone to support them.

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5. Master Yi

Master Yi Splash Art

Putting Master Yi on this list might sound controversial since he has a reputation for being a “noob champion”, but he is actually really fun and requires more skill than you would expect.

Early game with Master Yi is easy and you can do pretty much everything you want. It will be hard for the enemy jungler to invade you since you have many tools to keep yourself alive until your allies arrive. 

You can choose to chill and fully clear your jungle, or you plan out some level 3 ganks. If you take Ignite instead of Flash, you will also be able to invade and kill almost any enemy jungler.

The mid game is where things get fun. Assuming nothing spectacularly bad has happened, you will have two points in your R, which will enable you to 1v9 the enemy team. But to do this, you will need to know how to properly team fight with Yi.

Many people will get carried away by the power, and they will attempt to solo the whole enemy team, only to be CC-ed and erased like a fly. To avoid this, you can plan out the fights strategically. You should either flank the enemy from a point where they have no vision or stay behind your allies until the enemy team wastes their spells on them.

In the late game, everything that I already said will apply, the only difference is that you will be even stronger. The only thing that needs to be added is that you should be more careful. You will most likely be the highest threat in the game and making reckless play can easily lose you the game.

The two most fun builds for Yi are on-hit and lethality.

The on-hit build is played with the rune Lethal Tempo, and this build will melt tanks and everyone else on the map. 

The lethality build is played with the rune Hail of Blades and the build starts with Duskblade. The build is a little hard to play but feels great when you pull it off. It allows you to one-shot any carry within a few seconds, disappear with Duskblade’s passive then reappear just to kill someone again.

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6. Nasus

Nasus Splash Art

Nasus jungle is definitely a thing you should try. He might not be consistently fun, but a couple of games you play with him will be a blast for sure.

This pick was pioneered by a player that goes by the name of “Ze Nicest Guy,” and it was popularized by HappyChimeNoises who made a video about it.

With Nasus jungle, you will gain stacks much faster than you would by playing top lane. This means you will hit your power spike much faster too.

The playstyle revolves around pretty much AFK farming the jungle until level 12. But once you hit this point, you can do whatever you like.

The greatest way to develop a lead using this pick is to take the towers when an enemy team goes for objectives. With your R you can pretty much annihilate towers and collect all the plating gold. You will be able to do this at least 2 times per game.

Later on, you should help your team win the team fights with the lead you have accumulated.

To make full use of this strategy you will have to max R>Q>W>E. Then take Ghost and Smite as Summoner’s. As for the runes you will want Phase Rush, Nimbus Cloak, Transcendence, Waterwalking, Triumph, and Legend: Tenacity.

This combination will give you all the movement speed and CC resistance you need. Having these will allow you to W enemy carries and run them down in a matter of seconds.

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7. Morgana


Morgana jungle is one of the most versatile and enjoyable picks for the role. It was trending for a while in the past season but never gained consistent popularity. I still think it is one of the greatest and most fun picks you can play.

Morgana’s clear is still healthy and fast. It is also great because it allows you to utilize multiple options depending on the game state. You can go and full clear the jungle, or you can change your course and gank at any time you want if you are above lvl 1.

My favorite way of playing Morgana jungle is as an AP Assassin. I will often build Dark Seal on my first back and upgrade it to Mejais as soon as possible. I will then amplify all the damage I have gained through these by purchasing Rabadon’s Deathcap and Void Stuff.

If you manage to get these items along with a stopwatch, you will most certainly be the biggest threat to the enemy team. To get to this point you will need to have a lot of experience with the champion. You have to be great at hitting Q and knowing your limits in fights.

This kind of build will ensure that I can solo carry most of my games. If you want to make it successful the most important thing is knowledge of your limits and consistently hitting Q. 

Morgana scales really great into the late game, and you can singlehandedly control the outcome of a match. You are a great threat to every type of champion and you can also take objectives extremely fast.

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8. Zed


Ever since his release, Zed has been one of the champions with the highest play and ban rate. This is not a coincidence, since he is really fun to play with and kinda annoying to play against.

He is traditionally a mid-lane champion, but in patch 11.18 his passive was updated, which allowed him to become a great jungle pick.

The passive makes his attacks deal double damage to all neutral objectives under 50% health. This makes his clear insanely healthy, fast, and satisfying. It also means he can take objectives such as dragon, herald, and baron much more efficiently than other junglers.

Another great thing about playing Zed jungle is that it is somewhat easier and less frustrating than playing mid. 

When playing mid-lane, there are too many things you need to do to keep up with the enemy. You need to track enemy JG, land skillshots well, and time everything perfectly. All the enemy has to do is build up the wave and go roam.

But playing jungle will allow you to constantly pressure the map, have high CS numbers, and dish out tons of damage without putting yourself at risk.

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9. Nidalee


Nidalee is a staple of the jungle, and she has a reputation for being the hardest jungler in the game. Despite being so hard she is also one of the most rewarding and fun champions to pilot.

To play Nidalee well, you need to have strong foundational skills. This means that you will have to perfect your clear times and game knowledge. Once you have a strong grasp on these skills you can dominate every game.

The most fun thing about this champion is that she is really fast-paced. She allows you to maximize every second in order to win. This means that there is a lot of room for success but also, a lot of room for making mistakes.

You need to put pressure on the enemy as soon as the game starts. You can do this by invading their jungle lvl 1 or lvl 3, or clearing faster than an enemy and showing on the lanes early.

The pressure never ends because you will also need to keep track of all the objectives and contest them with your team. If you fail to keep up you lose the game. This makes Nidalee very hard to play for all those who are not expert junglers.

Other than being hard to play in terms of tempo, she is also one of the most challenging mechanical champs. You need to hit a big percentage of yours Q’s to be useful. This is not easy but it is what makes her fun to play.

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10. Olaf


Olaf is one of a kind. He has a kit that is designed to allow you to chase down enemy carries and chop them to pieces.

He is versatile and he can run with many team compositions. He does true damage which means that he counters every type of defense the enemy team can have. When it comes to his defenses, he has a variety of options. Every defensive item you build will synergize well with his core stats.

When it comes to building the mythic item, you have two major options – Stridebraker and Goredrinker. Stridebreaker is good for chasing down enemies, while Goredrinker will help you with survivability.

The core for playing Olaf well is hitting Q consistently. Once you learn to predict enemy movement this will make him incredibly good to play. Other than that you really need to learn to kite. Not only do these skills look cool, but they are also incredibly satisfying to use when you learn them.

As Olaf, your goal can always be feeding yourself. This way you will be able to control all the objectives and fights. In fights, your main objective will be to run down the carries. To make this easier you should run ghost instead of flash as a summoner.

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League has over 160 champions, and it might feel hard to find the most fun ones to play. Luckily there are nerds like myself who have played every champion and can tell you which ones are the most fun. 

The 10 mentioned here are only a part of the fun ones. To find more fun ones you should look at the core aspects of the game that you find interesting. Do you like one-shotting enemies, do you like landing skill shots, or perhaps you like being an unkillable tank?

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