As an ADC player you have the most boring job in League of Legends.

Not only do you have to play focused, farming in your lane for 20 minutes while your teammates run around the map securing objectives, but you also need to be extremely careful because almost everyone else can one-shot you at any point in time.

And because of this, you want to have fun with your champion whenever you’re locked in bot lane. For some, this may mean champs they’ve been playing since season 1, like Ashe or Sivir. And for others, it can be even the AP bot lane carries.

But in this post, I’ll focus on the 10 most fun marksmen since the bot lane role mostly expects you to play an ADC champion that builds attack damage items.

And remember a “fun champions list” is always a subjective matter. Whether you enjoy a certain champion depends totally on you, so it’s okay to not find every pick on this list fun.

So, let’s get on with it.

10. Xayah


Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Build Variation: AD, Lethality

To say that Xayah has a unique playstyle is an understatement. She has a very fun toolkit to use and her spell-weaving gameplay can give you all the adrenaline you need.

Xayah’s the type of champion that rewards patient, strategic and smart players, while also being capable of explosive damage. Playing Xayah is all about carefully placing your feathers so you can do lots of AoE damage and root multiple enemies when you need to.

So when you play Xayah, you basically play around your passive, Clean Cuts. And in every situation you need to keep track of how many feathers you have on the ground, in your “deck”, and so on.

The cherry on top is, of course, Xayah’s R, Featherstorm. Not only does it do damage to all enemies in front of you, but it also lets you become untrargetable for a second. It lets you dodge an important ability, such as Zed’s ult, and completely outplay the enemy.

There’s an amazing feeling when you scatter your feathers with Featherstorm and then pull them to root and damage the entire enemy team. This feeling can only be replicated when you play champions like Orianna and do a 5-men Shockwave.

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9. Varus


Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ 

Build Variation: AD, Lethality, AP

Who doesn’t love popping a full-powered Q from the fog of war and taking down fleeing low-HP enemies? It’s a feeling of pure joy when you watch your arrow pierce the enemy from max range. So with Varus, sniping is the name of the game!

Seriously though, Varus provides a mix of long-range skill shots, crowded control, and a mini-stacking mechanic with Blight that you can exploit. This is a high-risk but high-reward champion with a toolkit that’s extremely satisfying to execute when you do it right.

Varus has no dashes and no safety option besides Flash. However, he’s got his ultimate, an AoE root that provides the perfect setup for the rest of his damage. Once it lands, you can shower your target with Varus’ E and W+Q combo for the ultimate damage output.

This way of utilizing Varus’ abilities is even deadlier when you go full AP since his W and R scale with ability power. You can literally one-shot people every minute or so with that build.

But even when you go AD or lethality Varus, the long-range poke playstyle is still there besides the bonus on-hit damage as well as attack speed. And if you’re good at kiting already, Varus will feel very rewarded for your skill input.

8. Lucian

AP Lucian Build Guide

Skill Level: ★ ★

Build Variation: AD

Lucian is all about quick action, burstiness, and spell-weaving that feels more than satisfying. After each ability, you get a double shot on your auto-attack, making Lucian a very dynamic and interesting champion to pilot.

With his Q, Piercing Light, Lucian can poke enemy champions through minions. This is a powerful way to take advantage during the early levels so that you can score a quick double kill. Lucian rewards aggression, so it’s kind of like playing LB but on AD.

The quick but fun combo you can do on Lucian on level 2 is a dash with his E and double attack, then Q the primary target and auto-attack. Thanks to the Press the Attack keystone, you’ll do an insane amount of damage or likely take down the target.

Once you unlock Lucian’s R, The Culling, the fun doubles. This ability unleashes a barrage of bullets that scale with your attack speed. In other words, the more attack speed you have, the more bullets you’ll fire and therefore you’ll do more damage.

Lining Lucian’s ulti successfully takes a bit of skill. Most enemies know how to get away from it. But if you wait until they waste Flash, for instance, a single cast of The Culling can absolutely decimate them.

If you’re into the “gunslinger” type of playstyle in games in general, then you’ll love Lucian.

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7. Aphelios

Nightbringer Aphelios

Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ ★

Build Variation: AD

Although playing Aphelios won’t be for everyone, no one can deny that he’s damn fun to pilot. He offers a beautiful and complex set of abilities that require strategic decision-making. And his playstyle changes depending on the weapon he’s using at the moment.

But honestly, even if you aren’t the most skilled and knowledgeable Aphelios player, the champion is strong enough to carry fights 1v5. His “200 years” design is more than what most of us can handle when playing against him.

With Aphelios you can do things like this – poke enemies with Calibrum, the rifle, from a safe distance, then swap to Crescendum, the chakram, when the enemies get close to you. Or you can use Gravitum, the cannon, to slow down your enemies and then switch to Infernum, the flamethrower, for unleashing lots of AoE damage.

You have to stay versatile with Aphelios and swap the weapons depending on what you need to do at any given moment. You’ll find success and satisfaction when you adapt well to the fight and make the right decision.

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6. Kai’Sa


Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ ★

Build Variation: AD, AP, Hybrid

Kai’Sa is another super versatile champion with a mix of burst damage, mobility, and the most fun of all – evolving abilities. Her gameplay can feel like a roller coaster ride, with high adrenaline (She’s close-range ADC) and rapid descents into danger (her R).

With Kai’Sa, you get to dive the enemy back line which isn’t the job of any other marksman. Her ultimate, Killer Instinct, is a long-range dash that also grants her a shield. It’s often used to get to the squishy enemies and assassinate them before they can do damage.

But before Kai’Sa can use her ultimate, she needs to mark the enemy either with her Q or W. Her Q, Icathian Rain unloads a burst of missiles that do extreme amounts of physical damage. And her W is a long-range missile that can do some pretty heavy magic damage.

Kai’Sa’s evolving mechanic feels super satisfying. Each ability can be evolved by getting enough of a certain stat. And you can monitor the progress right on the ability’s icon.

For instance, Kai’Sa’s Q can be evolved by building enough AD, so it’s crucial to have a successful early game. Her W can be evolved by getting 100 AP. And her E evolves with attack speed.

All in all, this is one of the most fun champions in League of Legends overall.

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5. Vayne


Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Build Variation: AD

I can summarize Vayne’s gameplay in a single way – outplaying opponents with Tumble, pinning them against the wall with Condemn, and activating Final Hour to become the shadow-dancing nightmare every League player fears.

Vayne’s Q, Tumble, is the most important ability in her kit. It allows her to gives her the mobility to dodge skillshots and position herself perfectly for her E, Condemn, which can knock enemies back and stun them if they hit a wall. The gratification of seeing your foe stunned at the wall is a feeling few other champions can give you.

Vayne’s R, Final Hour, gives her bonus AD, tripled Tumble damage, and invisibility on Tumble, making her extremely deadly during a teamfight. Using invisibility to dodge your enemy’s attacks is exhilarating and it’s bound to give you a blood rush.

The downside here is that Vayne isn’t an easy champion to pilot. On the contrary, you’ll need to spend some time practicing her before you can take full advantage of her kit.

But when you reach that point, the satisfaction and the reward are beyond words. That’s why Vayne is one of the most fun ADCs you can play in League of Legends.

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4. Zeri

AP Zeri Build Guide

Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Build Variation: AD, AP

Zeri is more than a unique marksman in LoL. She completely changes the way you play ADCs by swapping your typical right-clicking with Q casts. Zeri’s Q is a spray of bullets that you should use instead of auto-attacking, which is both weird but also satisfying.

Many say that Zeri is one of the most broken champions in the game and they aren’t far from the truth. Zeri can build items like Titanic Hydra to become super tanky while having endless damage coming from her Q.

Zeri is also a super-fast champion. She gets lots of movement speed during combat so you can easily dodge skill shots and chase enemies when they run away. With her E, you can also tumble over walls and escape any sticky situation you might find yourself in.

But besides the regular AD Zeri, you can also play full AP Zeri. This build offers a more explosive playstyle that revolves around poking enemies through walls with W and assassinating them with R. And it’s tons of fun!

3. Samira


Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ 

Build Variation: AD

Samira is the closest thing an ADC player can get to a mid-laner’s experience of playing Katarina. This champion is obnoxiously strong and so ridiculously overpowered that you can’t help but smile each time you play her.

Seriously, Samira’s a mix of Katarina, Yasuo, and other similar champions. She combines ranged and melee combat seamlessly. She can attack from range or get in melee range where her auto-attack and ability transform. And top of all, her abilities can crit the same way her basic attacks can.

With Samira, you’ll get to spin around in the middle of the teamfight and look for E resets. Her R, Inferno Trigger, is a whirlwind of bullets you can fire upon achieving max style rank.

And to get max style rank, you must attack enemy champions with abilities and auto-attacks interchangeably. This keeps Samira’s playstyle very dynamic and interesting. It engages you by giving you a task that results in a very satisfying damage output with Inferno Trigger.

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2. Ezreal


Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Build Variation: AD, AP, Hybrid

Ezreal is perhaps the most skill-demanding ADC in LoL but that’s precisely what makes him one of the most fun ones to play as well.

With Ezreal, it’s all about landing skill shots. His Q, Mystic Shot, is a long-range spell that lowers his other ability cooldowns. You usually use it to poke or to burst down an enemy in combination with his W, Spell Flux. Ezreal’s E, Arcane Shift, is a built-in Flash that allows you to blink across walls and dodge incoming abilities.

And Ezreal’s R, Trueshot Barrage, is a global range laser, capable of dealing massive damage. The anticipation of firing your ultimate and then waiting to see whether you’ll snipe the enemy top laner across the map is what Ezreal players, including myself, live for.

The great thing about Ezreal is that each game offers new opportunities to learn and improve. Because your skill is always tested, you never feel bored of the champions. And when you make a play, for example, you get extreme levels of satisfaction.

1. Jhin


Skill Level: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Build Variation: AD

Jhin is all about stylish outplays. Every shot, every kill, is a performance for a Jhin player. And when you pilot him, you aren’t just playing League – you’re creating a masterpiece.

Seriously though, Jhin is perhaps the most fun champion in League of Legends overall, not only among the ADCs. He’s a Virtuoso that uses both abilities and auto-attacks in a precise and calculated manner to unleash crazy amounts of damage.

With Jhin, you get to set up traps with E and then snare them with W. You can throw your Q grenades and poke all game long. And when it’s time to score a kill, you’ll get to fire a 4-bullets sniper rifle.

Jhin’s R, Curtain Call, zooms out the camera and allows you to take four super long-range shots, ending in a massive crit. It’s your encore, the climactic finish to your performance here.

Jhin’s gameplay isn’t just strategic – it’s really theatrical. Even the sounds Riot Games have put in the game make you feel engaged with the champion and excited to use his abilities.

Those were the 10 most fun ADCs / marksmen champions in League of Legends!

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