Morgana’s popularity in League of Legends has always been high. She’s been one of the most played champions since the start of the game and most players love her.

However, if you’re new to playing Morgana in LoL, you might have a few confusing questions on your mind.

Don’t worry!

In this post, I’ll go over all the key things you should know about Morgana and answer the most important questions about her.

And by the end of this guide, you’ll know everything you need to play this champion on another level.

That said, let’s jump into the answers!

10 Common Questions About Morgana – Answered

1. What Lane/Role is Morgana in League of Legends?

Morgana is a support champion in League of Legends and she usually goes on the bot lane. She’s a mage type of champion that deals magic damages and protects her allies with crowd control and shields.

However, Morgana can also be played in the mid lane or the jungle role.

If you’re a new player, you might not remember the glorious past of League of Legends where Morgana was actually a mid laner. In fact, she was designed to be a mid lane AP carry and she was a go-to pick for the role for years.

However, when new and stronger mid laners were added to the game, Morgana’s role changed to support. And in the bot lane, she’s exceptionally strong.

As for her jungle off-role, Morgana’s pretty good at it. Her W offers her a lot of AoE damage and self-healing so she can combat the jungle camps.

And Morgana’s ganks are infamous due to the long duration of her Q snare (up to 3 seconds).

In any case, Morgana’s best role is support and she dominates the bot lane.

2. Is Morgana a Good Champion in LoL?

Is Morgana good for beginners?

Morgana is one of the best beginner-friendly champions in League of Legends. Her abilities are easy to understand and they’re useful in all situations.

Morgana is pretty good at controlling the enemy team with stuns and roots, she deals good damage, and she can protect her allies with shields too.

On the surface, Morgana doesn’t seem to have a weak spot. This champion has one of the highest ban rates in League of Legends, even after more than a decade after her creation.

The reason why so many players fear Morgana is because she’s really obnoxious when piloted by experienced hands.

When a good Morgana player enters Summoner’s Rift, he’s able to hard-carry the match through consistent ganks, CC, damage, and shields that make you untouchable.

Morgana allows you to control not only the laning phase in bot, but the entire game. She’s pretty good at winning the lane early, but also at roaming with her jungler and setting up ganks. 

I already explained how dangerous can Morgana’s ganks be, so believe me when I say that this champion is perhaps the best one when it comes to locking down enemies in one place.

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3. Who is Morgana Good with in Bot? (The Best ADCs for Morgana)

What ADCs go well with Morgana?

Here are the best ADC champions that synergize with Morgana in LoL:

  • Caitlyn
  • Jhin
  • Varus
  • Ezreal
  • Jinx
  • Miss Fortune
  • Samira
  • Tristana

When Caitlyn is paired with Morgana, she can play super aggressively early on. Morgana’s Q allows her to set up her traps and deal more damage overall.

Jhin and Morgana is another popular duo that often seems too strong. Morgana can always use her W to mark the enemy champion so Jhin can root them with his own W.

After that, Morgana can simply use her Q to lock down the target in lane.

Depending on the build you’re running on Varus, Morgana can be the thing that allows you to carry.

For example, if you’re playing AP Varus or lethality Varus, Morgana can root one enemy so you can one-shot the enemy quickly, even tanks.

Ezreal is another skill shot-based champion that simply deals more damage when Morgana’s around him. Since her Q can last up to 3 seconds, this gives Ezreal enough time to perform his ability combo and assassinate one enemy.

With Jinx, Morgana doesn’t have to play too aggressively. Jinx is a hard-carry ADC, so casting Black Shield on her is often all that’s needed for Jinx to win team fights.

Miss Fortune has explosive damage through her R, but most enemies can walk away from it. With Morgana’s stuns and roots, using MF’s ultimate is a piece of cake.

Samira benefits a lot from Morgana’s CC because it allows her to use her passive much more frequently. Samira is an obnoxious champion herself, but she becomes really broken with Black Shield too.

And Tristana is an all-in ADC that can get a kill every time Morgana uses her Q successfully on an enemy champion.

4. What Supports Can Beat Morgana? (Morgana Support Counters)

Playing Morgana support isn’t always easy. Some champions can be really problematic to face in the bot lane, so you must be aware of the biggest Morgana support counters. Here they are.

  • Senna
  • Renata Glasc
  • Yuumi
  • Xerath
  • Brand
  • Pyke

Senna is the most obvious counter for Morgana. First of all, she is an AD champion and Morgana’s E can’t do too much against her. But Morgana also struggles to lock down Senna because of her shroud.

Renata Glasc causes another problem for Morgana. Morgana’s strength has always been to lock one enemy down and slay them together with her ADC.

Well, Renata Glasc can prolong her ally’s death, allowing them to turn the fight around. Also, Renata’s R is an AoE crowd control and Morgana’s E only affects one target.

Because Yuumi is untargetable most of the time, Morgana has a hard time locking her down too. Yuumi also grants movement speed to her ADC so they can easily dodge Morgana’s Q or R.

Xerath is a full AP mage that counters Morana because of his range. His damage is so high that he can easily break Morgana’s Black Shield with one spell.

Brand may not be the worst enemy to Morgana, but his abilities can also break her Black Shield pretty quickly. Brand also deals a lot of max-health damage, so Morgana can’t protect her allies from that.

And Pyke is an AD assassin that can cause a lot of trouble for Morgana. He has invisibility and an insane amount of mobility. Pyke can also execute targets with his ultimate and Morgana can’t do anything about it.

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5. Can Morgana Be Played Mid?

Is Morgana mid viable?

Morgana is one of the safest AP mid lane picks in League of Legends. She’s very good at countering other mages such as Ahri or Twisted Fate.

She can block their Charm/Stun with her E and lock them down with Q and R. Morgana’s damage is pretty decent and she can farm minions easily with W.

If you’re looking for a mid laner that’s useful throughout the game and it’s pretty easy to play, I can’t help but recommend Morgana. I have over 500k masteries on Morgana, most of them gained on the mid lane.

Nowadays Morgana mid doesn’t have the highest damage and her W is more suited for farming the jungle camps than the minion waves.

However, this champion allows you to play a safe laning phase and scale for the mid/late game.

Morgana’s shield is one of the key thigns why this champion works well in the mid lane. First of all, Black Shield can help you outplay and win so many 1v1 duels.

But it also gives you the freedom to play aggressively because the enemy jungler can’t CC you even if they come to gank.

Morgana can struggle a lot against champions like Yasuo, Yone, or Zed. And although her Black Shield is helpful, it can’t block the damage because these champions are all AD.

They also have a lot of mobility, so be careful about using your Q.

6. Can Morgana Go Top Lane?

Morgana can be a very useful top lane pocket pick. She can counter many champions from the top lane role such as Mordekaiser and Malphite because her E blocks their most important abilities – their ultimate.

Morgana can also build anti-tank items and deal a lot of max-HP damage.

Let me briefly explain the advantages of playing Morgana top.

First of all, if you lock in Morgana top in champion select, your enemy won’t counter you because they won’t know where the enemy Morgana is going.

Second, Morgana can destroy some champions in the top lane and make them completely useless. I mentioned Mordekaiser and Malphite because you can counter their ultimate.

But champions like Urgot and Singed can’t use their knock-up against Morgana, so they can’t damage her too much.

And third, Morgana has the advantage of building a lot of items that counter tanks in LoL. For example, her build path can always be Liandry’s Anguish, Demonic Embrace, and Morellonomicon.

These items are very valuable against tanky and self-healing champions you see in the top lane.

True, Morgana isn’t the best laner and she can’t be your team’s tank. However, she has useful abilities there’s no harm in having her as a pocket pick for the top lane.

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7. What can Morgana’s E – Black Shield Block?

When activated, Morgana’s shield blocks 80 / 135 / 190 / 245 / 300 (+ 70% AP) magic damage and all the disables while it lasts (5 seconds).

This crowd-control immunity includes stuns, slow, charm, airborne, suppression, fear, sleep, polymorph, blind, stasis, silence, and other CC types in LoL.

When Morgana uses her Black Shield on an ally, it grants them freedom of movement and action for 5 seconds. And they can’t be stopped unless the Black Shield is broken before it expires.

To break Morgana’s Black Shield, you have to deal the amount of damage that the shield absorbs.

However, Morgana’s E only works for magic damage, so AD-based champions such as Pyke can’t ever break Morgana’s shield before it expires.

Morgana’s E is one of the best abilities ever created in League of Legends. Since it’s only a basic ability (available from level 1) but is actually stronger than many ultimates, Morgana is a super-valuable champion in your team.

Morgana’s Black Shield can even block ultimates like Mlazahar’s R, completely stopping the effect of the spell.

8. How Does Morgana Heal?

What is Morgana’s passive?

Morgana heals herself for 20% of the damage she’s dealing to enemy champions, cannon minions, medium monsters such as the Krug, large monsters such as Red and Blue Buff, and epic monsters such as Dragon or Baron.

Each unique ability cast onto these targets heals Morgana for 20% of the damage.

Many players are confused about Morgana’s passive and Riot Games hasn’t made it too clear for everyone.

In the past, Morgana’s passive was much simpler. It used to give Morgana Spell Vamp which meant that she could heal while dealing damage, no matter who she was actually damaging with her abilities.

However, nowadays Morgana can only heal while fighting champions or large monsters. She can’t heal from regular minion waves which often confuses new Morgana players.

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9. How Does Morgana’s Ultimate Work?

Morgana’s ultimate – Soul Shackles becomes available when one or more enemies are near Morgana. When you activate this ability, Morgana binds all nearby enemy champions, dealing magic damage and causing slow.

And after 3 seconds, the Soul Shackles explode, stunning all enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Aside from all these effects, Morgana’s ultimate also reveals the affected enemies. This simply means that you and your team can see even the invisible enemy champions like Shaco or Kha’Zix if you catch them with Morgana’s R.

Another thing to remember is that Soul Shackles deals damage immediately when you press the button. And after 3 seconds, the stun effect is cast with additional damage.

To activate Soul Shackles Morgana needs to be in a 575 range to an enemy. However, once the spell is activated, the maximum range of the tether is 625 units.

So, it’s a bit easier for Morgana to keep the bind once she’s activated her ultimate. 

And lastly, once you bind Morgana’s R with an enemy, you get an increased movement speed. This also helps you keep the tether and successfully stun your enemy.

That’s how Morgana’s ult works in League of Legends!

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10. Why is Morgana so Popular?

Morgana’s popularity is due to her being one of the best-designed champions in League of Legends. She has a useful ability kit and she’s powerful enough to carry games, even as a support.

Morgana also counters a lot of champions in the game, so many people want to play her.

Morgana is also one of the oldest champions in the game. And by now she has become a comfort pick for many veteran LoL players, including myself.

On top of that, Morgana is an easy champion to play, despite her Q skill shot. She has no entry barrier and everybody can pick her up, including new players. 

And considering her power in League of Legends, it’s no surprise why she’s one of the most popular champions in the game.

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Despite her weaknesses, Morgana is still a great champion to main in LoL. She’s a strong pick for all roles, especially support.

And if you had any confusion about how her abilities work, I hope my answers cleared it up.

Morgana was my first main in League of Legends and I used to play her endlessly in the mid lane. So, I recommend you to try her too!

Good luck!

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