For over ten years now, Miss Fortune has been one of the strongest marksmen in League of Legends.

She’s an explosive champion with tons of AoE damage and a huge potential to carry games from the bot lane. 

But can Miss Fortune be played as a mid lane carry?

Some players believe it so while others do not so much. I can tell it from my own experience that I’ve played MF mid lane successfully in Diamond elo, so the pick is not at all bad.

I’ll also tell you the startregies I’ve used to win games on her, so make sure to read until the end. 

Can Miss Fortune Play Mid?

Here’s the answer.

Miss Fortune can be a useful pocket pick for mid lane. She works effectively as a counter to a few mages as well as some assassins.

MF’s early game power allows her to poke enemies out of lane and she always has damage in late game team fights.

However, she’s a squishy champion and lacks safety.

Since you won’t be playing with a support next to you, being careful about your positioning in the mid lane is something you have to do. This means not overextending without vision and definitely not pushing the minion waves 24/7.

Playing Miss Fortune in the mid lane requires patience and an awareness of the opponent’s strengths.

For example, let’s say that you’re up against Zed in the mid lane. Level 2 or 3 is when Zed can combo his abilities and take over 50% of your health. So, try to bait his abilities or dodge them when they come. 

Additionally, level 6 is when Zed players look to all-in you, so try to play defensively or call your jungler for help. Here’s my guide on how to play against assassins like Zed as an ADC.

If you manage to make up for MF’s lack of safety, you’re going to have good time in the mid lane. This champion actually does an insane amount of damage at all stages of the game.

And if you’re looking to carry for your team, you can definitely become one.

Now let’s talk about the type of damage Miss Fortune deals and the different ways you can build her as a mid lane.

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AP or AD Miss Fortune in the Mid Lane?

AP Miss Fortune Dealing Damage

AD Miss Fortune Mid

As an ADC champion, most of the recommended builds for Miss Fortune are AD-based. The main stats include attack damage, attack speed, and critical strike, with armor penetration and ability haste here and there.

So, you have two main ways of playing Miss Fortune AD – with a traditional ADC/crit build or the lethality Miss Fortune build.

Both builds are viable and offer a lot of damage. The difference is that the AD crit build is more well-rounded and suitable for all types of situations while the lethality build is more for a poke damage playstyle.

However, the lethality Miss Fortune build is a better fit for mid lane specifically. This is because assassins won’t let you auto-attack for too long and you’ll rely more on your abilities for dealing damage.

Lethality MF is a bit more explosive and is a menace in team fights.

I have an extended guide on lethality Miss Fortune here, so make sure to check it out. There you’ll find the recommended runes, items, and everything else you need to know.

AP Miss Fortune Mid

If you’d like to take things to a whole new level, AP Miss Fortune is also a viable option for you. Notably, the AP MF build doesn’t have the same damage output as the AD-based ones but has an amazing poke potential.

That said, it’s important to mention that this build revolves around getting burn effects items and runes that synergize with Miss Fortune’s E which is a magic damage ability that scales with ability power.

So, things like Liandry’s Anguish, Demonic Embrace, and Scorch are necessary here, as well as Dark Harvest or Arcane Comet.

Because of these combinations, Miss Fortune’s E actually drains a lot of HP from the enemy team both in the early game and in the late game.

Not to mention that it can help you clear waves faster in the mid lane which is definitely what you want.

Additionally, MF’s R has a small AP ratio too. So building AP items is always beneficial for Miss Fortune.

If you’re interested, here’s my in-depth guide on how to play AP Miss Fortune in League, including all the runes, items, and the rest of my tips.

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Difficult Matchups (Priority Bans)

Miss Fortune Double Kill

Generally speaking, Miss Fortune works well against most mages in League of Legends.

Given that you’re careful about the potential kill setups (for example, Syndra’s stun), you can actually crush many different mid lane opponents. 

However, as I mentioned above, Miss Fortune really struggles to keep up with assassins after level 6. Early on, she can effectively poke them out of lane. But once they can combo her, she doesn’t have any way to block their damage.

So, here are the most important bans you need to make in each game as Miss Fortune, no matter which build you’re running.

  • Zed – has a scary damage from level 3 and it’s important to dodge his shurikens early on. Don’t move too close to him after level 6 and definitely build Zhonya’s Hourglass if you’re going AP MF.
  • Fizz – is on a similar power level to Zed and an equally scary combo on level 3. Make sure to poke him when he tries to farm but stay away from him once he unlocks level 6.
  • Sylas – is probably the strongest mid laner and there’s no way to beat him 1v1. The slow from your E can help you dodge his chains but you should definitely keep your distance. And he can steal your ultimate.
  • Yasuo – is generally one of the biggest counters to Miss Fortune. Not only can he move around the minions and destroy you early on, but he can also block the entire damage of Miss Fortune’s ultimate with his Wind Wall.
  • Katarina – has insane mobility and can jump away from every E you cast. Her damage can be pretty overwhelming too, especially to a squishy ADC such as MF.

Because you can ban only one champion each game, you have to make your ban really count.

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Miss Fortune is a super fun champion no matter which role she is in.

Her way of dealing damage always has a potential to carry a game, especially when she gets ahead as a mid laner.

I hope my post here served you as an introductory guide on how MF works in the mid lane in League of Legends. And I hope you’ll find success in your own games!

Last Update: March 2, 2024