When I play normal games with my friends, I almost always buy Elixir of Iron. It doesn’t matter which champion I’m playing, it’s simply fun to see someone like Ahri grow to the size of Cho’Gath.

And honestly, I wish there were ten more LoL items that increase the size of my champion!

Because aside from skins, League doesn’t have too many ways for us to modify our champions. Size is one of those things that we can control, but only to some extent.

And while most size modifiers come from champions’ abilities, some can be activated through items. 

But which items exactly increase the size of your character in LoL? And is there a limit to using them? Could you stack them indefinitely?

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All LoL Items That Increase The Size of Your Champion

Size items in League of Legends

There are 3 LoL items that increase the size of your champion:

  • Elixir of Iron – Grants +15% size (costs 500 gold).
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate – Grants +25 size upon activation (costs 3300 gold).
  • Heartsteel – Grants +6 size per Legendary Item for a maximum of +30 size (costs 3200 gold).

But do these items stack with each other? Can you use them all at once?

Yes! Elixir of Iron, Gargoyle Stoneplate, and Heartsteel, will always add their flat size percentage to your champion, no matter if they are under other size modifiers. This also includes spells and not only items.

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What Does Champion Size Mean in League of Legends?

Malphite with LoL items that increase size
Malphite with Gargoyle Stoneplate

Size in LoL is the actual gameplay radius of the champions and other units, such as minions, monsters, and turrets. This “gameplay radius” is also called hitbox, and it refers to how large something appears in the game.

Size is also an indicator of how likely it is for a champion to get hit by an ability. Because the bigger the champion is, the bigger the hitbox is.

Now, different units in League of Legends have different sizes. However, there are three main size categories that most champions fall into.

  • 55 Gameplay Radius – Yordle champions such as Teemo, Veigar, Heimerdinger, etc.
  • 65 Gameplay Radius – Most humanoid champions in LoL, such as Garen, Malzahar, Lux, and Katarina.
  • 80 Gameplay Radius – Tank champions like Alistar, Braum, Sejuani, or Volibear.

But since there are abilities and items that modify the champion’s size, these categories aren’t always the best indicators of the actual size.

For example, Cho’Gath starts the game with a base gameplay radius of 80. But thanks to his ultimate – Feast, Cho can reach a hitbox of 160.

And if he adds an Elixir of Iron, for example, his gameplay radius becomes 172.

This makes Cho’Gath the biggest champion in League of Legends!

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Does Size Affect the Gameplay in LoL?

Cho'Gath with LoL items that increase size
Cho’Gath’s E can hit more enemies when his size is increased


The bigger the champion is, the bigger the hitbox is too, remember? So the LoL items that increase the size of your champion will also make you more vulnerable to skill shots.

It’s much easier to hit someone like Ornn than someone like Ezreal, right? However, this can also be an advantage because you can body-block certain abilities to protect your teammates.

But to some champions, size grants many more benefits.

The most popular example here is Cho’Gath and his E – Vorpal Spikes. Since Cho grows gradually as the game progresses, the width of his Vorpal Spikes grows too.

And it’s not an illusion you see in the late game – the ability is really bigger!

But wait a minute, does size increase Malphite’s ult too?

Not really. If you look at the in-game spell indicators, you’ll notice no changes as Malphite grows in size.

However, it becomes significantly easier to hit this ability if Malphite is bigger. So the ultimate’s radius remains the same, but the gameplay improves.

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And that’s about it! You have 3 different items to increase your size in League of Legends on top of the various abilities.

And the best part about these items is that you can purchase them on any champion in the game. They can be very fun and very helpful, especially to champions like Cho’Gath and Malphite.

So let’s hope Riot creates more of them!

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