League of Legends has never had many auto-attack modifiers. And increasing the range of your basic attacks with items is nearly impossible in LoL unless you’re playing a specific type of champions.

Auto-attack modifiers do exist in League, but they’re mostly tied to the champion’s abilities. For example, when Ashe activates her Q, she fires a flurry of arrows with her basic attack rather than a single arrow.

Also, items like Runaan’s Hurricane allow you to fire multiple basic attacks at once, but they don’t increase your range.

The only LoL item that increases your auto-attack range is Rapid Firecannon. Rapid Firecannon grants you a 35% bonus range, but the maximum is 150 range on your auto-attack (capped at 150).

This is only when the item is at 100 stacks, so the bonus range is not permanent.

Rapidfire Cannon – Explained

Rapid Firecannon tooltip in-game.
Rapid Firecannon in-game

When you complete the Rapid Firecannon item, your champion will immediately start generating Energize stacks. These stacks accumulate passive as you move around the map and the max number is 100. 

And when you reach 100 stacks, the range of your next basic attack is increased by 35% and it also deals 120 bonus magic damage. 

Unfortunately, Rapid Firecannon is the only item in LoL that directly increases your range. Riot Games haven’t experimented too much on range modifiers in LoL.

There are champions that do this naturally with their abilities (Caitlyn with her W and E), but not items.

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Who Has the Longest Basic Attack Range in LoL?

Without Rapid Firecannon, not too many champions in the game can achieve a really great auto-attack range.

On Level 1, Caitlyn has the highest basic attack range – 650 range. This number is static and doesn’t change with levels. However, if Caitlyn uses her W or E on an enemy champion, then her auto-attack is 1300 range.

If Aphelios’s main weapon is Calibrum, he is the only champion besides Caitlyn with a 650 range on level 1.

His basic attack range is 550, but against marked champions, Aphelios can reach the 1800 auto-attack range.

Tristana, on level 18, has a 661 auto-attack range. Although she starts the game with a 525 range, her passive increases this number with each level.

Senna is the only champion in LoL that can increase her auto-attack range up to infinity. Senna starts the game with 600 range. But for every 20 stacks she collects, she gains a 20 bonus range.

And since there’s no limit to how many stacks she can get, her auto-attack range can grow indefinitely.

Senna's stacks in-game
Senna’s stacks in-game

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Are There Items in LoL That Increase Ability Range?

Sadly, no. There aren’t any items in League of Legends that increase the range of your champion’s abilities.

And the only case where an ability range is extended with an item is Twisted Fate’s W with Rapid Firecannon. 

Twisted Fate’s W – Pick a Card allows him to select one of three cards. And upon selection, Twisted Fate’s next basic attack will also throw that card.

With Rapid Firecannon, Twisted Fate can pick a card then throw it from a 35% bonus range.

Keep in mind that Rapid Firecannon doesn’t work for other auto-attack/ability mix in the game.

For example, Ezreal can’t extend the range of his Q with Rapid Firecannon, even though the ability procs all other on-hit/on-attack effects in the game.

On the other hand, Dota 2 has an item that increases targeted spell and item cast range by 225. This item is called Ather Lens, and it’s often purchased by mages and supports.

It allows them to cast their abilities and items from afar, making their playstyle safer overall.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with League of Legends.

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You don’t have too many options when it comes to increasing your range in League of Legends. Rapid Firecannon is the only item in this category, and it’s only recommended for marksmen.

It doesn’t work on melee champions, and mages (other than Twisted Fate) could never sacrifice an item slot for Firecannon. 

Hopefully, Riot Games will introduce more items that modify our attacks and abilities range in the future. 

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