The world of Runeterra is full of adorable creatures. And cute animals and humanoid races are present in every region.

But when it comes to League of Legends specifically, one race takes the crown of cuteness – YORDLES! Yordles are the smallest, most ambitious, and most huggable characters we have in League, and that’s a fact.

However, there are also a few non-yordle champions that are so freaking adorable that I had to put them on this list. You’ll spot them as soon as you scroll down.

A side note: if you want to see absolutely cute characters that might potentially become LoL champions in the future, I heavily recommend you play a bit of Legends of Runeterra and shuffle the cards there. That’s where the real cuteness overload is!

That said, let’s get on with our list!

These Are the Cutest Champions in League of Legends:

10. Corki

AP Corki Build Guide LoL

Corki’s cuteness is evident to anyone who’s ever played a single game of League of Legends. He might not be the most huggable creature in existence but his fascination with bombarding his enemies is more than appealing to us.

Corki has long mustaches, a cute lil copter, and a big delivery package for his enemies. He’s a small wackadoo that protects his fellow yordles from harm and yells out loud amusing lines while you play him. In an insanely high-pitched voice if I might add.

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9. Milio

Milio splash art

When I first informed my wife that a new “child support from Ixtal” is coming to League, her reaction was neutral. But when she first saw him on a splash art, she lost her freaking mind!

Milio is one of the few non-adult humans on Summoner’s Rift. But unlike Annie, for instance, Milio is much more cheerful and joyous. He often says ambitious stuff, like how his family will be proud of him when he comes back, which makes it hard to hate him.

I guess Milio reminds us of the innocence we all possessed as children, as well as the belief that anything is possible. And that makes him a nice companion to have as you fight your enemies.

8. Veigar

Bad Santa Veigar splash art

If you’ve never read Veigar’s story, let me summarize his lore for you in a very simple way – he’s a yordle sorcerer that wants to be seen as an evil overlord but through his actions, intentionally or unintentionally, he’s always viewed as a nice and helpful mage.

Veigar has a “short-guy complex” and constantly boasts about the fact that even though he’s small, he can completely obliterate you! We’ll know this is not untrue but it does remind me of golden retriever puppies when they bare their teeth while playing with you.

7. Fizz

Cottontail Fizz splash art

Most League players have a negative perception of Fizz because he can be really annoying to play against. But if they strip away their prejudice, no one can say that Fiozz isn’t one of the cutest fantasy creatures ever!

Fizz has a huge ol’ smile and is constantly dressing in ridiculous customs. Cottontail Fizz is one of them, where he’s in a bunny rabbit costume, but we also love his Fuzz Fizz skin where he appears as a doggy. And he’s got fish for friends!

It may be surprising to know that Fizz is voiced by a female voice actor. And her delivery is just perfect for all the playful lines Fizz says whenever you play him.

6. Bard

Cafe Cuties Bard splash art

Bard is the only champion in League of Legends that manages to be absolutely adorable while not saying a single word. He looks like a big goofball that wanders around the battlefield, collecting chimes, and carrying his little meep friends (which are really delightful too).

Almost all of Bard’s skins are cute in one way or another. But this cuteness reaches an overload point with Snow Day Bard where his W allows him to put a hot cup of coffee for his allies, with a big sugar cub on top of it.

And what about Cafe Cuties Bard where his head is literally a smiling teapot and he pours tea for all of his friends throughout the game? Yep, he’s on another level!

5. Teemo

Beemo splash art

One of Teemo’s nicknames is “The Devil”. That’s understandably so because there’s nothing worse than being slain by a small raccoon that uses a whistle as a weapon and runs giggling while he’s draining your HP.


Teemo’s also kinda cute. He’s a scout yordle that constantly smiles and takes his job very seriously. There’s literally not a single Teemo skin where he doesn’t look adorable. Just take a look at Beemo or Firecracker Teemo – you can’t not like him!

And by the way, Teemo has one of the sweetest voiceovers in the entire Runeterra universe!

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4. Amumu

Heartache Amumu splash art

All League of Legends players have a sweet spot in their hearts for Amumu. A human child or a yordle, Amumu is the loneliest character in Runeterra and wanders around looking for friends but he can’t find anyone to hang around with.

Amumu is actually cursed to spend an eternity alone and his story is best showcased in this music video. On all of his skins Amumu is sad and all he ever talks about in-game is about you becoming his friend.

Amumu’s voice is also sweet and you can’t ignore his cuteness for too long.

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3. Yuumi

Yuumi splash art

Yuumi is in the number one spot of the most hated and most annoying champions in League, right above Yasuo. But Yuumi is also a cat. And if there’s only one cute thing in the world, that’s cats!

Yuumi’s in-game characters are actually pretty fun. She behaves like a cat by searching for human friends so she can purr in peace and talking about chasing a red dot. She can even spread the zoomies to her allies and the idea of it is simply ridiculous.

The cutest of her skins are Youbee and Shiba Yuumi.

2. Gnar

Gnar splash art

I have a theory that if you show a picture of Gnar to any toddler or a small kid, they’d sure ask for a teddy bear version of it. And why not? Who wouldn’t want to hug Gnar, this tiny monster that hops around and plays with his boomerang all day long.

Admittedly, Gnar may not be the cutest LoL champion when he’s in MEGA GNAR! But his normal form always makes up for it. And if that’s not enough for you, you have a variety of skins to make Gnar look adorable. 

For instance, Gentleman Gnar is amongst the cutest skins Riot Games has ever created. Astronaut Gnar is something straight out of a cartoon. And Dino Gnar is who I want to keep me company when I’m lounging on my couch.

1. Lulu


Lulu is one of the few champions that almost no one hates. Sure, some of us get annoyed when Lulu polymorphs us, but as soon as we hear her unbelievably joyous voice, we end up loving her even more.

All jokes aside, Lulu is the apex of cuteness in LoL. She has it all – tiny and lovable frame, charming personality, overly lovely voice, and appealing skins. And anyone who’s ever taken a look into the yordle lore knows how funny and cute Lulu’ story is.

She’s the yordle that no one invites to a party but she’s a party herself. She’s a free-spirited creature that wanders whenever her whim and Pix take her, and all she wants to do in life is help other yordles.

This not only makes her one of the best supports in the game but the cutest champion we have as well.

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Constructing a top 10 list of the cutest and most adorable champions in LoL isn’t an easy task, regardless of how it may seem. Once we put the gameplay aside, there are dozens of champions that are delightful to just watch!

For instance, both Lillia and Neeko should make this list. Poppy’s character is also fantastically cute. And if I ever expand this list, I’ll make sure to add them too.

For now, these are the champions that can (and will) induce a cuteness overload if you stare at them long enough!

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